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Feds Dropping Mad Subpoenas All Over D.C. Pols

NBC4's Tom Sherwood has the big scoop that U.S. Attorney's Office is issuing "a flurry of new subpoenas" to D.C. politicians, even some who are out of office, for copies of documents related to Jeff Thompson. (Does LL even need to remind you that Thompson is a generous campaign contributor/owner of a $322 million-a-year Medicaid contract whose home and offices were raided by federal agents recently?)

The feds want all records dating back to 2003 "referring or relating to" to Thompson, his accounting firm, and his medicaid managed-care organization. They also want records related to Thompson's business partners, including Jeanne Harris, whose home was also raided by the feds. The feds specifically asked for fundraising and campaign records, including "communications with or about any persons or entities that gave the maximum legal contribution" to campaigns.

A picture of the subpoena, obtained by LL from a D.C. Council source, is after the jump.


  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Looks like that was pulled out of the garbage can after an angry council staffer crumpled it up, realizing that they would be unemployed soon. :)

  • NE John

    Dear god, although I don't believe in you, thanks anyway

  • NE John

    With Vincent Orange neutralized, where will most of his vote be directed? To Reverend Hunter or Kenyan McDuffie?

  • NE John

    I mean Sekou Biddle or the other guy?

  • NE John

    Did Reverend Hunter get any money orders from Thompson in the last election cycle?

  • NE John

    Time for a DC Statehood Tour!

  • Derek

    I'm voting for Peter Shapiro. Check his stance on issues at http://shapiro2012.com/home/?page_id=13

  • RealDC

    Orange is slimey! Biddle is a loser! Shapiro is a quitter! Holness..... I'm passing on the At-Large race.

  • gitchafaxstr8

    NE John: Always figured you were weird. U no: talking to yourself and all? Why should anyone take what you say seriously?

    You pray to a God you don't believe in, so you must be talking to yourself. You complain about elected officials, but you say you won't vote in elections that determine who will be elected to office.

    WTF is with you, Guy?

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Victoria

    Notice the date of of the requested documents: from Jan 2003 to present. Isn't their a statue of limitation for how long one should store those type of documents?

    WOW!! Uh Oh Kwame Brown is a walking dead man... Make room Harry!!

  • Non Liberal Democrat

    Amen to your comment, RealDC. I am not voting for any Ward 4 candidate or At-Large member on April 3rd. I will write in NONE OF THE ABOVE.

  • DConfidential

    @Non Liberal Democrat

    At least you would go to the polls to cast your vote for non of the above, that's more than Shapiro did and he's running for office now. What goes on in PG County should stay in PG County

  • OllieSeymore

    WOW! ALL THESE FOOLS ARE GOING TO JAIL! I KEEP TELLING PEOPLE IN WARD 7....PLEASE NOT VOTE FOR yvette "pig feet" alexander! We can NOT give Ms. Piggy a total of 10 years in Ward 7. DC wake up.....nonE of the incumbents DO NOT deserve another term! Please VOTE for change in the April 3 primary! Fresh Faces and New Ideas!

  • Non Liberal Democrat

    Ward 2 D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans definitely need to go along with Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser. What the hell, they all need to go!

  • cutthecrap

    @OllieSeymore: you know you had some pigfeet for breakfast this morning. Didn't I see you walking down Pennsylvania Ave, SE with a pigfeet and some vinegar in your hand. None of the Ward 7 candidates are worth voting for. Chavous:pervert, Brown:Carpetbagger(he's just as bad as Shapiro), Bennett:jack leg preacher, Moten:thug, Folden:Doesn't have a clue...can't buy a vowel, Douglas: the black Minnie Pearl. Alexander: clueless on Vince Gray's coattails.

  • http://letschange.org Respected Citizens

    AMEN to Non Liberal Demoncrat, starting w/ Vincent Gray.

  • NE John

    Let's throw fat-note orange peel from New Orleans out on his ass too!

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