Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Fire Chief Ken Ellerbe accused of sexual harassment at old gig in Florida, a charge that he denies. "I haven't seen anything in this department I would want to undress with my eyes anyway," he allegedly said. [Times]

Good teacher fired because someone else cheated on test scores? [Post]

Mayor Vince Gray breaks silence on Friday's raid, says he campaigned with "utmost of integrity" [NBC4]

More on Jeff Thompson and money orders [LL]

C-Span video of Thompson [Post]

Councilmembers Mary Cheh and Tommy Wells want to essentially make it impossible to raise big money for campaigns  [DCist]

Vote Tom Brown in Ward 7, says Jonetta Rose Barras [Examiner]

Occupiers feel targeted by D.C. Council [Examiner]

District shivering with scandal, says Tom Sherwood [NBC4]

"A politically ascendant group of urban development advocates" don't like the Redskins [Post]

Ron Moten accuses debate opponent of being dropped from UFO [Post]

Budget story [Times]

Council votes on gun law changes [Fox5]

Hackers publish paper on DC Internet voting hack [Post]

Behavioral health improvement for troubled youth bill passes [Post]


  • I. J.

    Ellerbe is being attached because he is black and those racist white boy's who live in West Virginia and Ohio might loose their DC jobs if the city passes a residency law.

  • H Street Landlord

    I do agree the firefighters are out of line and shouldn't be allowed to work those ridiculously long shifts.

    That being said, Gray has made an art of not vetting new hires. Could anyone be more inept?

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Victoria

    Ellerbe is an idiot and disgrace to all. I am so tired of DC saying this is a race issue!! Come on everyone knows he dated Lorraine Green and thats how he was placed in that position.

  • seDCdude

    uuuhh Victoria, you're sure it's not Victor, Val or Vitaly....can't imgine a woman named Victoria posting anything that dumb!

    You are corny and "touched" to think RACE ain't an issue and that this man's work history, experience and EDUCATION had no bearing on him becoming CHIEF!

    What an idiot you are!

  • Inside looking in

    For anyone who works for DCFEMS and says there is not a race issue within the dept is either lying to themselves or their time on the job is too short to make a competent assessment. The chief is a political appointee. Political appointees have relationships with politicians...duh! If everybody who has gotten employment through relationships they had with politicians had to be let go, Washington, D.C. would become a ghost town.

  • Keith B.

    I wouldn't even be talking seDCdude, what with all the rides you've done in the back seat of a Crown Vic!

  • seDCdude

    Ayy Keith B, what, K street on lock yesterday???


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