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Sources: Office of Jeff Thompson Raided by Law Enforcement (Updated)

One or more offices of one of D.C. politics' biggest political contributors, Jeff Thompson, was raided by law enforcement today, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

A spokeswoman for the FBI would only say that there was "law enforcement action" today but declined to elaborate.

Thompson, an accountant who owns a managed care organization that handles one of the District's largest contracts, is one of the biggest political donors and fundraisers in city politics.

So yeah, this could be a pretty big deal.

You can read up on some Thompson's background here. LL will have more updates as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office, Bill Miller, sends along this statement:

Law enforcement activities were conducted today as part of an ongoing investigation.
We can confirm that there were no arrests today and that no charges have been filed as of this time. Due to the ongoing nature of our inquiry, we are unable to comment any further about today's developments.

Saturday Morning Update:

WJLA reported last night that the FBI raided Thompson's home, as well as the home and/or office of Thompson's long-time spokeswoman, Jeanne Harris, were also raided. The Post follows up with information that the IRS was involved in the raid. No one seems to know exactly why the feds are all up in Thompson's business, but the Post suggests the raid could be connected to the ongoing probe of Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign. Per the Post: "According to one person with knowledge of the Gray campaign, the mayor was reluctant in 2010 to use Thompson to help bankroll his campaign. But Gray softened after a meeting that was brokered by Reuben O. Charles II, who had a key role in Gray’s fundraising."

Fun facts: Mayoral accuser Sulaimon Brown used to work for Thompson's accounting firm. And Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells is the only sitting councilmember who hasn't received a dime in political contributions from anyone connected to Thompson (at least according to LL's research).

  • NE John


  • tformation

    Uh-oh! The other shoe is about to drop.

  • McGruff

    Kwame Time

  • Truth hurts

    Certain DC pols are gonna be doing early, thorough spring cleaning this weekend.

  • downwithdclibs

    Gray and Brown are going to be arrested soon. DC is full of liars cheats and liberals...now how much do you miss fenty. He was an aloof POL but he was honest unlike these devils we have now.

  • RealDC

    @downwithd..... Honest? Really? NO! Fenty was far from clean. He got money from Thompson as well. All of these guys are tied together.

  • DC Guy

    (With broom in hand)

    It is time. To Clean. House.

  • Bloomingdalian

    This is amazing news. And prop that our city will one day finally work a little better!!
    @downwithd -despite being a HUGE Fenty fan, he was no saint. And the mere fact that you're calling the politicians liberals is a very dated argument.

  • Joan

    We need not forget Mr. Thompson bundled and bank rolled Vincent Orange's Campaign last year for the Special Election for the At-Large Council Race! Such a Reformer Orange claims to be. What a Joke!

  • http://nbcwashington.com Tom Sherwood

    Note one poster says "the other shoe is about to drop." Folks, this is a Centipede. Look for many more shoes to drop.

  • NE John

    I just tore down all the Vincent Orange signs at my intersection. If he confronts me, I will punch him squarely in is big nose. He's my neighbor too, VO, hear that asshole!

  • Holdadice

    @NE John: Slow ya roll, dude. Thought you said the only thing your were throwing was snowballs. LOL

    Where do Allen Lew, Dave Catania, and a few other Fenty cohorts figure in this?

    @Tom Sherwood: Hmmmmm!!! Wonder if you're the real thing or a fake posting under that name.

    @dwdcl re#5: Please remove those blinders and ear plugs. Surely you can't be that naive.

    Always wondered where Reuben O. Charles has been hiding.
    Is he a member of the DC Bar yet? Has he become a U.S. citizen yet? Has he paid off that humongous debt yet?
    More importantly, does this mean he has thrown his close friends under the Acela yet? Cause I thought it was just a matter of time before he would be forced to do just that. Many others also figured it would eventually come to that.

  • McGruff

    Vincent Orange, Kwame Brown, Vince Gray were all just spotted in a footrace heading toward the FBI. First one to get there will turn make an immunity deal and then turn in the others.

    Meanwhile, Adrian Fenty is on a beach in Trinidad counting cash, double-checking extradition laws and showing off his abs.

  • Keith Jarrell

    This is amazing and totally predicted. Now the saga turns toward those that are not only already in office, but some that are also involved in a re-election campaign.
    Can it be the other shoe? One really has to wonder and contemplate how many sitting councilmembers this could involve. It was reported last year that Muriel Bowser had received contributions from Thompson so there is a likelihood that her campaign is also under some type of entry level investigation.
    Just recently she went on record for standing up for her large amount of corporate contributions. At a time that she could say no more she says she'll continue to accept them.

  • please help us

    bowser get's funding from him too

  • Scandalotica

    In the words of the immortal pundit G. Pyle (USMC): "Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

  • city blues

    Stay tuned......

  • DC Guy

    Murial needs to go. She is at the top of the list, right after the Browns, Orange, Gray and Graham.

  • Honest Abe

    Somehow I believe HTJ is right thick in the middle of all of this. The dominoes will continue to fall.

  • Holdadice

    Honest Abe #19: Don't forget Reuben Charles. He was probably waiting all night outside the FBI door the minute he left the Wilson Building after testifying before Cheh's committee.

  • RealDC

    Its time to clean house, DC!

  • DJ Ren


    I can hear Vince now: "I have no knowledge of anything pertaining to Mr.Thompson. My staff handled those matters, however I take full responsibility - unless of course by responsibility you mean anything more than empty rhetoric".

  • sb

    chartered and thompson are super crooked. remember this? http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/looselips/2011/06/01/medicaid-malpractice/

    Also, if I recall correctly, in last year's budget, the council made a plan as to how to spend any extra money that came in, and then at the last minute more money to Chartered got bumped up on that list and was one of the few things funded. Looks pretty shady.

  • sb

    yep, I found what I was looking for, http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post/11179/kwame-brown-pushing-tax-cuts-over-his-prior-promises/.

    Right at the last minute, Gray learned there were 32 MILLION in "spending pressures" to DC's Medicaid and Alliance providers. http://www.dcfpi.org/fy-2011-and-2012-budget-update


    Hello, do anyone hear a federal appointed 'Control Board' standing in the background? It's time for all the current D.C. Councilmembers and Mayor to go. Muriel is full of shit too. I don't like any of the current Ward 4 candidates and I will not be voting for any of them. I will write in, NONE OF THE ABOVE.

    @NE John; good for you. I can stand Vincent Orange. He's a former pimp for Pepco and he can stand to lose a few pounds.


    Correction: I can't stand Vincent Orange.

  • InIt2WinIt

    At the end of the day, nobody knows anything surrounding the underlying purpose of the raids and if there is any connection to any local politician.

    And, because LL has proven time and time again to operate with a double standard and agenda, taking suppositions written in this column seriously is difficult at best.

    When the U.S. Attorney releases factual information surrounding the raids, then, and only then, will anyone know the truth.

    Until then...it is pure innuendo.

  • skinsfan83

    I completely agree with @InIt2WinIt, especially since it will take some time for all the investigation to go completely through.

  • samantha

    The Hand of Catania and Rice to cover up inbred deals at HCF . The word on the street is that Thompson would not Play or Pay with CATANIA .

  • Terry Miller

    Very interesting....

  • city blues

    PDF] Year in Review Edition! January 2011 Jan 6, 2011 … This past year was busy for DC Democrats. .... one of the many successful events put together by the DC Democratic State Committee in 2010. … Jeffrey Thompson , Financier and Major Democratic … http://www.dcdsc.org/docs/newsletter/d... - Options

  • city blues

    Board of Directors

    The UDC Foundation, Inc. is governed by eleven directors who are selected on the basis of recognized community leadership and service to the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, and the Ex-officio Director is the University President, and the University Director of Development. The Foundation is an embodiment of the partnership between the community and the University.

    The UDC Foundation Inc. Board of Directors

    President Rosemary Cribben
    *Vice President Jeffrey E. Thompson Ex-Officio Director Dr. William L. Pollard Director Lester S. Hyman Director Derryl McKissack Greene

  • city blues


    Jeffrey Thompson *sole* owner of charter health. Incredible.

  • city blues

    Thompson a trustee on Federal City Council...
    Their website highlights their capability in addressing the current Medicaid billing issue.


  • city blues


    Here's a shocker. New charted health big shot also a trustee on the Federal City Council. Den of thieves. The 1%.