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Jack Evans to Redskins Haters: Chillax

Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans was on The Kojo Nnamdi Show today to try and calm the simmering sturm und drang over the idea that the District is recklessly going to shell over some primo land by RFK Stadium to Dan Snyder's Redskins for a new training facility/corporate office.

Evans was at pains throughout his time on the show to stress that the city's talks with the 'Skins are just talks, and there's nothing even close to resembling a deal between the District and the team.

"There's no new news to report," Evans said in reference to today's A1 story in the Post on the city's efforts to lure the team to northern third of the 67-acre Res 13 in Hill East. Evans also emphasized that the city wouldn't be spending a dime on building any proposed training facility (though there would probably be some not-so-insignificant costs associating with clearing the land and making it ready to build on).

That said, Evans asked the chorus of voices opposing any effort to lure the  team to relax for a second and consider the possibilities. His pitch: a training facility and the mixed-use development, which the anti-'Skins crowd like Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells want for Res 13,  aren't mutually exclusive ideas. A Redskins development, says Evans, might even be the "jump start or the catalyst" the languishing mixed-use plans need.

LL pities the poor architect tasked with trying to design an overall concept that appeases both the Redskins, who will have pretty specific needs in terms of parking, practice fields, weight rooms, etc., and the smart growth set, who want to see a mix of businesses, homes, and green space in on of the city's most valuable tracts of real estate.  But hey, LL's willing to keep on open mind, unlike some people.

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  • danmac

    CM Evans is ridiculous . The city should be talking to investors interested in the already planned use of reservation 13. He knows full well no investor is going to consider the property if the city is about to gift as much of it as Snyder deems necessary for a training facility , museum or whatever else the Redskins deign to place in DC. The Council and the Mayor are irresponsible and on some sort of an ego trip in this escapade.

  • dc2richmond

    What about the old Coliseum structure? They are looking to redevelop that and it would be big enough for an indoor facility. Would preserve a nice piece of history as well (Beatles, etc.)


  • watchingtoo

    Can anyone say the Trail Of Tears. Or, have all forgotten.

  • Hill E

    Walking to the game from Hill East was awesome. Friends from Maryland and Virginia would take metro, walk to my place, and we'd grill-out and go to the game. It built tri-state goodwill for the team that stood for decades, even when the team sucked. I can think of no better way to rescue our football team from yet another year of the cheap, six-flags-esque atmosphere of the Exit #16 Stadium in Landover.

    And who cares if the new stadium is used only 8 or 9 times a year for football? That doesn't seem to hurt Chicago, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh, which put their stadiums to good use in the summers with festivals and concerts.

    A stadium also doesn't prevent mixed use development on the rest of the waterfront. Clearly, such development is still frozen on Reservation 13; perhaps a stadium deal would kick-start it.

  • Holdadice

    @watching too: Oh most of these posters don't even KNOW about the Trail of Tears; or the deleterious effect of slavery either; even though that effect is so indelibly stamped onto our culture after all those centuries.

  • H Street Landlord

    @DC Richmond - Uline is way too valuable for that ish. No thank you! We want offices or shopping or residences there.