Loose Lips

Barry Money Machine Has Been Activated

Big wigs: Mark your calender for March 13th, when developer Herb Miller and his wife host a fundraiser at their house for Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's reelection campaign.

The co-hosts include real estate mogul Chip Akridge, lobbyist David Carmen, and Linda Greene, Barry's old staffer and Mayor Vince Gray's girlfriend.

Barry says Miller's shindig is but one of several he's having in recent weeks as his fundraising efforts have now taken full flight. He says a fundraiser held for him Friday night (an event dubbed the "Businesses for Barry Fundraising Reception") raised $26,000.

He certainly could use the money. His first campaign report showed only a paltry $12,000 raised as of January 31. When asked, Barry wouldn't offer a target goal he's trying to raise for this campaign, but assured LL he would raise enough.

Photo By Darrow Montgomery

  • Ward-8

    The usual hanger on and butt kissers, Barry continous occupation as Councilman for Ward 8, serves no useful purpose nor is he, Time for him to retire. Wake up Ward-8 don't fall for the smoke and mirrors just like a lot of folks fell for the Republican Dog and Pony show during the last election and now the majority of them realize they were had. Dang!! happens everytime you cut off your nose to spite your face!!

  • skinsfan83

    He's a career politician, not much you can do to put him out especially if the challenger has not given out summer jobs to those vintage Ward 8 supporters

  • Dr. T

    Does no one see this yet??? Barry always has a war chest. It's NOT from his Ward 8 constituents! It's from the DEVELOPERS and other wealthy white folks in DC!

  • NE John

    Hopefully the devil will visit Marion soon and take him to his new home.

  • Anna Costia

    Very true, Dr. T. Many of the people who sneer at Ward 8 for electing this man are actually his financial muscle. They need to be called out for their role in this foolery.