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Evans and Barry Really Want to Be Delegates to Dem Convention

Councilmembers Marion Barry and Jack Evans aren't leaving much to chance in their efforts to try and secure spots as delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte later this year.

On Saturday, District Democrats will vote to fill 14 delegate slots (for the full details of the complicated way the District's 44 delegates get chosen, see here). Barry and Evans have teamed up to form the "DC’s Official Obama 2012 Slate," which also includes Mayor Vince Gray's deputy chief of staff, Sheila Bunn, and Councilmember Michael Brown's spokesman David Meadows.

The slate is paying for two buses to drive Barry and Evans supporters to the University of the District of Columbia, where Saturday's voting will take place, Evans says.

"Get on the bus and VOTE ," wrote Barry's constituent services staffer Jackie Ward to community listservs in Ward 8. (No, she didn't use her official D.C. government email account.)

Evans says another bus will be leaving from Ward 2. He says the slate will be doing some fundraising to pay for the buses.

Keep in mind that councilmembers can compete amongst themselves for three delegate spots reserved for elected officials in May, a fact that's upset some activists who don't think Barry and Evans should be competing with the regular folk.

But Evans says this is what democracy looks like, baby.

"I want to win," he says. "At every step I'm going to try and be a delegate."

Evans has been a delegate at every convention since 1992, save for 2004 when he backed Howard Dean and things fell apart.

"Being a delegate is great," Evans says. "In practical terms it gives you a badge and you can go anywhere, anywhere."

Well, maybe not everywhere.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Ward One Resident

    What are the reporting rules for this fundraising? It seems fishy to me.

  • Political Observer

    Problem is Jackie signed the email as Barry's constituent services representative. Barry's "staff" in the ward never use and never have DC government emails; a slickster move that comes in handy right about now.

    Evans wants to keep up the streak, eh? Why not use the campaign funds; this is a totally plausible use of the money. Instead, he's hiding under cover of "democracy." Pshaw, it's more like boss politics. Playin' the city like suckas.

    Don't be fooled by "DC’s Official Obama 2012 Slate." Chicago and Obama For America DC & VA have bigger fish to fry. I know people vetted by Chicago & they are getting no help.

    Take a stand DC Democrats & vote anybody but this crew! SMH

  • leftout

    who cares? these guys are residents like everybody else? im telling you, the tommy wells crowd will find something to bitch about at every turn.

    getting to be a little annoying!

  • Long Time Dem

    Jack Evans has always ran as a District Level Delegate nothing new here.

    Just hope Barry does not do what he did in 2008 by putting that girl out of his room cause she did'nt "please" him.
    He was not a Delegate then.

    Nothing prevents other candidates from bringing their supporters to the election.These super progressive types love to complain and cause a ruckus but are truly just a vocal minority. Their progressives issues neither match the policies of Obama or average DC residents!

  • Ward 6 Resident

    Having gone once, its a big eat, drink, act important, get all possible free items, complain about the room/hotel, and try to look like you're interested in what is happening. And when you return to DC talk up how tired and exhausted you are from doing the work of the city.

  • NE John

    goddam, is that Marion's twin brother?

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