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Police Union Poops On Gray’s Ethics Pledge

Just how bad as the Fraternal Order of Police union soured on Mayor Vince Gray, whom they once endorsed over former Mayor Adrian Fenty?

Take a look at the letter they sent to Hizzoner today dismissing as little more than a tawdry P.R. stunt the recent ethics pledge he's requiring all city employees to sign.

Their letter:

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  • DJ Ren

    Ha - my favorite questions are 1 and 7. One City!

  • cbr


  • Holdadice

    Have these people ever questioned The US Constitution or the irony of our (the) esteemed fore-fathers going to war with Britain and fighting for freedom while enslaving other human beings for over 300 years??????

  • truth hurts

    So, is the mayor to respond by February 27 (Monday), or does the 3 day deadline exclude weekends, giving him until February 29 (Wednesday)?

    To H.A.D., great analogies. Next time, consider thinking before you post.

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  • Holdadice

    @th: Confused by your duplicitous comment. If the analogy is "great", what's there to consider thinking about? Or are you just trying to be funny?

    On one hand citizens are correctly clammoring for an ethics stand; and on the other, you have the Fraternal Order of Police (of which Lou Cannon was probably a member), "pooping" (LL's term) on an attempt to address the matter.

    Do you or the FOP have a better solution? If so, why not state the better solution as opposed to attempting to mock the Mayor in such a disrespectful manner? Again, what is it with the citizens of DC who seem to enjoy attempting to make their elected leaders look like idiots?

    A better question is: Who are these idiots attempting to make their elected officials look like them? Do they even reside in Washington, DC?

    And yes, th, I am always thinking about the duplicity of our (the) forefathers of this country. Have you ever questioned the irony?

  • DJ Ren

    @Holdadice: Again, what is it with the citizens of DC who seem to enjoy attempting to make their elected leaders look like idiots?

    Problem is, Holdadice, that the elected officials are the ones making themselves look like idiots, over and over again.

  • JoAnn

    The DC police union is horrible -- they dont really care they have their own agenda they pick and choose which cases/issues to really fight. One day we can all hope it will come to light

  • GJ

    OK the Ethics Pledge is an attempt to appease the public. I don't always agree with Bauman but he's on point on this one. The questions are legitmate. MPDC has its own ethics code which is more restrictive. What kind of ethics pledge uses terms like "shall avoid". How about "will not" and "shall not". I think folks should read the pledge before they comment. I have worked for MPD for 22 years. I cannot for the life of me why there is a ethic pledge in the first place. All of the behavior described in the pledge should be common sence. The people in government that engage in criminal or unethical acts are not going to care about an ethics pledge anyway. This pledge is as worthless as a swimsuit at the north pole

  • signthadamnpledge

    Uhhh the MPD should be running towards this issue not from it.

    As it was this department that got caught double dipping, officers buying stolen goods, officers swindling old folks outta money, charlie sheen, etc.

    @GJ-Not everyone have common sense. This is just another level awareness that if you get caught doing some illegal shit you are going to get fried by the DOJ!

    @DJRen-Your comment #6 is stupid.

  • iPhone user

    Please reconsider posting source material in a format that requires Flash to read it.

  • Holdadice

    @GJ: First of all, let me thank you for your 22 years of service whether you were a civilian or in uniform. Secondly, what is wrong with addressing one's concerns with someone who can do something about it instead of sitting in front of a keyboard belittling elected officials. I don't know for sure, but I would imagine the administration would have welcomed input on the ethics pledge at the Summit a couple of weeks ago.

    @DJ Ren: If you live in the city, whether or not you voted for the elected officials, they are our 'idiots' until the are no longer in office for what ever reason.
    Constantly harping about what you consider their short comings is useless. Complain by way of the ballot box. Some of the commenters sound like idiots on a broken record, CD, or whatever. Like a bunch of gossipy old hens on the phone or crochety old men who have nothing else to do.

    Everybody has a right to his/her opinion. The issue is a matter of respect/disrespect. What would those commenters do without the Loose Lips outlet?

  • GJ

    Holdadice, thanks and I agree about berating the mayor, it does not help the relationship. I guess the point I wanted to make is that if you are going to have an ethics pledge why not make it an ethics clause in employment contracts. I all for it but give is some teeth.

  • LOL

    Of all the battles to pick, why did the union pick this one?

  • Drez

    Calling out BS window dressing isn't exactly the same as picking a battle.

  • DJ Ren

    @Holdadice, respect is earned, not given. The One City crew has done little to earn respect.

    Oh, and btw, I am a district native.

    Re: Constantly harping - were HTJ's last opponent to not "constantly harp" on team thomas, HTJ would still be stealing from the District. Were commenters here, and elsewhere not to harp on Fully Loaded's rides, we would still be paying for those ridiculous Navigators. Seems as though that "harping" proved useful, no?

    Just because you want to accept the status quo does not mean others do.

  • Holdadice

    @DJ Ren: The office cannot earn respect.
    And that is my point. By electing the officials, we are just as much to blame for whatever they end up doing while in office as they are. Not one of them just walked into the Convention to be sworn in. Hate the player, not the game, I think the saying goes.(Yeah th, that may be a poor analogy, but I don't have time to use a lot of brain power trying to figure out "street slang.")

    Re status quo:(this particular state of affairs), must be accepted by me, you (a native of the district), and any other citizens who voted these officials into office unless they resign, die, get recalled, or HTJ'd.

    So yes, harping (to dwell on something excessively is futile). Big difference between investigating and harping. You just don't want to see the forest for the trees. I'm trying not to judge you, but your rhetoric (expressive/persuasive use of language) is sorely lacking.

    And by no means do I think I know it all. It's just that I can tell by your postings that I've lived in Washington, DC for many more years than most of you whipper snappers and I have earned the right to express myself as long as I do so in a respectful manner; not only regarding our elected officials, but also in responding to you negative ridden posters.

    Use your collective time offering solutions, not HARPING!!

  • InIt2WinIt

    It is silly for residents to pick an ethics pledge for government employees to berate the executive over their city. It makes them appear asanine and ridiculous. Questioning the Mayors motives adds nothing. I support all employees being asked to sign the pledge. If nothing else it reinforces the expectation of ethical behavior of public employees. You really have to question the motives of someone who is against this.

  • DCFD8

    @InIt2WinIt-I don't think that many employees are against it, at least in the sense that they already hold themselves to these high standards, at least as far as MPD & DCFD are concerned. Remember I am speaking in general, you can find examples of individuals within these organizations that do not live up to the standard, as in any large organization, but they are exceptions to the rule and not the norm.

    Now as far as the pledge, many employees are frustrated with the leadership of the City, from the Mayor, to the Council, and on down to their Department heads (especially with MPD & DCFD). There is a Significant LACK of Leadership in the City! The whole 'Do as I say and not as I do' approach doesn't hold water, when your asking your employees to live up to a higher standard than you as the elected officials and leaders of the organizations are not even living up to. In other words why should we sign something that you as a leader with the District of Columbia couldn't even sign in good conscience?

    That is where the frustration from the City employees is coming from. We'll sign it, heck many have to pass more stringent background checks than these elected officials do anyway. If the City leadership lead by example: 1) You wouldn't even need this pledge 2) Employees wouldn't have a problem signing it because their leadership would be holding themselves to that same high standard they are asking of the City's employees.

  • Keith B.

    Could your head get any bigger, holdadice? Quit your harping! Don't go all SEKen on us, no one cares to know the name of every street you lived on, each school you attended, and the GPS to your future burial plot! Everyone's got the right to give their opinion here (until they get banned), you didn't earn shit.

  • Holdadice

    KB: Don't hate me because I'm Black AND an egghead. Make up you mind: "No one cares to know...;" "Everyone's got the right to give their opinion here." Seems to me you're more than a little confused: If "EVERYONE has the right to their opinion here" am I not also entitled to offer my own? You're a poor excuse for manhood (with probably no education), and you may have run SEKen away, but my big black as tar hide is much too tough to be cowered (or should I say bullied) by you. Obviously, you know nothing about me. So let me share:

    My neighborhood,(been in the same house all of my long life), attended the neighborhood public schools and WORKED MY WAY through for a degree or two or three, none of which has ever been divulged until now. I share it now to let you know that FIRST, you have to live as long as I have, and then we can discuss whether or not unpopular (on this blog) opinions are earned.

    By the way, did you know you can go a long way toward riding yourself of that inferiority complex with very easy to obtain grants and loans to attend UDC? Last I heard all you need to gain admission is a high school diploma. They'll even accept a GED.

    Normally I don't engage or suffer fools; but every now and then 'sumpin gits a holt on me and I cain't hep ma sef'.

    One more tidbit: I have willed my wizzened old black behind to Howard University's College of Medicine if they want it. I said my family members are buried at Mt Olivet. Now that you know quite a bit about me, do a little bit of research and find out who I am. Believe me, you will be very surprised.

  • Keith B.

    Well, now you're just making ASSumption after ASSumption about me, aren't you Holdadice? Keep talking yourself up -- I'll just make this assumption about you: you've got an inferiority complex, and need to keep puffing yourself up or be consumed by self-doubt and loathing.

    As for those qualifications you've listed or made up: my point is, it's not relevant to your (or anyone else's) ability to post here. You act like you've earned something no one else has, and that you're entitled to something here on the WCP comments that other people aren't. Guess what, you're wrong. The internet's a great equalizer. Ain't that a bitch?

  • Keith B.

    Actually, let me make a second assumption: judging by how much you enjoy talking about yourself, and how you've earned something that makes your opinion more weighty than anyone else's:

    You're a politician! (or, one of those radio DJs that never shuts up and plays the damn music)

  • Holdadice

    @KB: As I said, I don't usually engage or suffer fools unless "sumpin' git a holt on me", and I don't have that inclination today. Try me some other time since you enjoy my comments enough to read them. I was watching for your response.

    But can't resist saying: Old Age, Wisdom and Treachery will outdo Youth, Ignorance and Brawn anytime.

  • Itouchuser

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