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Navigatorgate Likely Headed to Court, AG Spox Says

The gift that keeps on giving

The saga of D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown's love affair with taxpayer-funded luxury SUVs is likely headed to court. That, at least, is the word from Ted Gest, spokesman for Attorney General Irv Nathan.

Yesterday LL provided an update on the long-running Navigatorgate affair, which blew up exactly one year and four days ago after the Washington Post published internal city emails showing that Brown put the city on the hook for not one, but two pricey Lincoln Navigators because he was particular about the vehicle's color scheme.

After the public uproar caused by the Post article, Brown returned the Navigator he was driving and the attorney general set about extricating the District from the leases it had for both vehicles. The District has already settled with one of the leasing companies that provided the Navigator Brown actually drove. But the city is still apparently at odds with the leasing company that provided the other Navigator that Brown rejected.

Brown has pledged to pay the city back for his use of the nearly $2,000-a-month Navigator that he drove for a short period, but so far hasn't done so.

As for the contract dispute, Gest writes in an email to LL: "I’m told this will likely end up in court, timing uncertain."

Rest assured that LL will keep you posted if/when this drama winds up in the legal system.

  • Ward5Dude

    Screw Kwame - two things must be up. 1) he thinks it is going to go away after a period of time and people will forget about it or 2) Nathan and he can't agree on the amount of money. If this is the case then Kwame's sorry a$$ needs to just pony up the money. His ego is ridiculous and I am frankly tired of him

  • Bubba


  • John

    Calculate the amount owed and start subtracting it from his pay check. End of story!


    D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown is an idiot. I attended a Ward 4 candidate forum last night in Crestwood. The question of recall came up. All canidates supported a recall on Kwame. I don't think Muriel Bowser say anything on this subject. However, the Ward 4 voters at this meeting last night displayed their displeasure with the D.C. council.

  • RealDC

    Its time to turn the page on Kwame.

    Also,I was at the Ward 4 forum last night, and was not impressed by the incumbent. She lost her temper there for a moment on a question that another candidate mention something about her "legacy". Wow, very unimpressive. I think she finished 4th at best.

  • Honest Abe

    Right on Ward5Dude & WARD4NDC. Muriel Bowser is a puppet of King Fenty's. She's never had an opinion of her own. One of these media outlets need to approach Kwame and ask him specifically when he will re-pay.

  • truth hurts

    Let's get this straight. Kwame promised to reimburse DC approx 2k per month for the period of time he drove the fully loaded mobile (before he returned it). He made that promise early in 2010, right?

    And it's easy to determine the amount of time he used the Navigator, right? Couple or few months maybe?

    But he's paid back NOTHING a year after his promise?

    Wassup with that? One city needs to text his buddy Kwame: "Pay up, dude."

    Or not.

  • Holdadice

    @th: Do you live in Washington, DC? If so, like it or not, that makes you a member of "One City". If you are a citizen and don't like it, then why not consider moving elsewhere? I'm sure your 'thoughtless' comments would be allowed and just as unappreciated in some other city.

    Either way, as a member of "One City," why don't you do the texting?

  • Holdadice

    Clarification on comment #8: Either way, if you do, or do not like being a member of "One City," you do the texting.

  • Holdadice

    @LL or MM: Please look at Comments 9, 10 and 11.

  • slowthafuckdown

    no fully loaded apogigist here but I think he has yet to pay up because as the AG spokesman stated they are going to court over the lease of Navi that fully loaded turned down. He should pay for both vehicles as the email trail leads to his office ordering both.

    So once that is resolved then we can hold the council chair feet to the fire on the final tally.

  • Native

    At the time, saying he would pay helped mitigate the damage and let time go by for people to forget. This is all just a sideshow because he should get indicted for funneling campaign funds. Look for an indictment within the next few months.

  • Holdadice

    @stfd & Native: Both valid comments.

  • DJ Ren

    @Native: We can only hope. One City, more indictments?

  • H Street Landlord

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for someone who has been repeatedly sued for non payment to pay back the city.

  • Drez

    Playing for time seems like DC's favorite sport.

  • BillyBob

    When will the voters in DC wake up and realize they are being raped and pillaged by the punk/crook politicians?

    Mayor Grey was the best thing to happen to DC and so was Michelle Rhee.