Loose Lips

The Top Five Candidates for Ward 5?

LL currently counts 16 candidates for the open Ward 5 seat. But at a debate scheduled for early next month will only feature five of those candidates, a deliberate omission that's causing a little heartburn.

The debate was organized by the Brookland Heartbeat, WTOP, and the League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia, and the Heartbeat's Don Padou says the small number of invitees was done on purpose.

"We wanted to have a debate, not a forum," he says.

The invited debaters are Republican Tim Day, and Democrats Kathy Henderson, Delano Hunter (pictured), Kenyan McDuffie and Frank Wilds.

LL's already gotten one anonymous call complaining that the other candidates are being unfairly shut out. Padou says he's gotten plenty of not-anonymous calls from candidates saying the same thing. But, he says, the invitees were selected based on criteria that the debate organizers determined before anyone's candidacies were even official. Padou says points were awarded based an past performances in elections, and other tangibles, like fundraising totals and whether the candidate has a functioning campaign website.

Padou says he understands the frustration of those candidates who didn't make the cut, but also added that he's pretty sure that next Ward 5 councilmember got an invitation to the debate.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • RealDC

    Sounds pretty dysfunctional. The first candidate to get 50 votes, wins.

  • NE John

    Tin Day. Period.

    Although I did meet Frank Wilds, and he seems like a good guy who wouldn't rip us off.

  • NE John

    I mean Tim. And I don't trust any of the "reverends" like Delano Hunter.

  • skinsfan83

    Tim Day is a republican.....thanks for coming out GUY!

  • Tom

    The fact that "Reverend" Delano Hunter accepted funding from the National Organization for Marriage in his 2010 run for Council is frightening. He is obviously a homophobic opportunist, and certainly does not represent the views of progressives in (and moving to) Ward 5.

    Frank Wilds is 67 years old; how much energy would he have to tackle the ward's significant challenges?

    Carolyn Steptoe is a bigoted racist who resents the "newcomers" to Brookland and Michigan Park; thank God she's withdrawn.

    Tim Day is intriguing, and deserves our appreciation for uncovering Harry Thomas' appalling criminal stealing. Alas, I can't help but shudder that he's got an "R" after his name. Likewise, both Kenyan McDuffie and Ron Magnus deserve a chance, but I don't know much about them.

    The invitation-only debate on March 3rd at CUA looks to turn into yet another Ward 5 sh*tshow, particularly if uninvited candidates show up. Let's hope there is a level of civility that allows us to learn about each of the candidates.

    Tom in Michigan Park

  • Barrie Daneker

    LL I think you should re title this to the top 3. i don't know where your sources are for top 5. But Henderson and Wilds have no chance what so ever! Delano is anti-gay which will place him in 2nd or 3rd. It's really a race between Day and McDuffie. With HTJ head to the pokie in May two weeks before the election, it will give Day a boost at the last hour among voters no matter that he is a Republican. McDuffie is a strong candidate raising funds and has a good image with no opposition to potions he has held. Also the field is getting smaller I count 15!

  • Old man

    Extremely viable candidates like Drew Hubbard were left of the list. He is the only candidate with years of directly relevant experience having held senior positions in both the legislative and executive branches of DC Gov't over the last 7 plus years.

  • NE John

    Hey skinsfan83, I did not vote for that scumbag Harry Thomas. I was one of about 5 in the ward who voted Day on election day. I was right, and just about everyone else in my retarded ward was wrong.

  • Tom

    Loose Lips: I understand that the Ward 5 Democrats' have scheduled a candidate's forum for this coming Monday evening. Can you confirm and publicize this?

    We need participation from as many sane and smart residents of Ward 5 as possible, thereby offsetting the loonies that typically take over these meetings!

    Ward 5 Democrats
    February meeting: 2/27/12 7:00 pm
    Michigan Park Church
    1600 Taylor St NE (at South Dakota NE)
    Michigan Park

  • twothangsrenuf

    Ms. Day aint gotta chance!

    The gay brigade can not will that confused dude into the seat. He barely cracked a thousand votes less than two years ago.

  • Ward 5

    It is wrong to have a forum and/or debate and use certain criteria to invite candidates. If you recall years ago, John Ray was suppose to have won an election but Marion Barry who had been to jail and had other issues beat him. John had all the money and support but Marion beat him.

    Once the media starts bringing out the skeletons in these candidates closet, thats see who is left. Why would anyone want this job? In fact, do we really need a city council?

  • Ward 5 resident

    I think that's a good idea. First off, if you wait until election time to become active and or get your name out in your ward then we can pretty much bet you are in it for personal gain and will dismiss you. Start participating to better your neighborhood WITHOUT the goal of being elected and that will show your true colors.

    Second, this large number of candidates is what put Harry Thomas in the first AND second go around. Stop thinking about yourselves and put the ward first and maybe we can actually get a Councilmember who works to make Ward 5 better instead of working to line their pockets. Add up all the votes that went to Thomas and then add up the ones that didn't. If the ones that didn't had t split their vote by 20 candidates, he would have been out of there!

    Third, all of you that scream out everyone is an idiot but you, needs to seriously think, is everyone else crazy, or are you? Let's stop all the bickering for personal gain and all work together to make ward 5 a better place and stop all of the trash stations, strip clubs, group homes and halfway houses that are getting dumped here while we argue over petty issues.

  • SEis4ME

    Nobody should even want to attend or see a debate between 16 people. Give me a break.

    What does Delano's stance on gay marriage have to do with the city's established law granting gay marriage? He can't change it so what's the issue?

  • Ward 1 Voter

    For what it's worth, Hunter told The Blade back in January that he no longer opposed marriage equality. That's a dead issue in DC now.

  • DC5

    It is not a dead issue because it implicates home rule. Hunter's expensive glossy fliers in 2010 attacked OUTSIDE INTERESTS in the marriage equality debate (read: San Francisco gay mafia). Hunter attacked these OUTSIDERS for interfering in D.C. affairs, contributing money, and swaying our public policy from afar. But Hunter was shameless and hypocritical in promoting and accepting funding from OUTSIDE INTERESTS (read: National Organization for Marriage, a K Street lobby group with little or no indigenous support in Ward 5 or D.C. as a whole (Maryland ministers & bishops are not indigenous).

  • DC4Life

    NOM made a campaign contribution to Delano Hunter..at will. Should he have given the money back, maybe. But if you look on those "fancy fliers" that you are referring to, it was paid for by NOM and not Delano Hunter. He came to my door and I asked him these very questions, and I would speaking with him instead of chastising him in the comments section.

    He obviously has done some good for the community. He is the president of his civic association over in gateway

  • Sh*tShow

    Delano Hunter is running around telling seniors he supports a moratorium on strip clubs while taking cash from Stadium and it's owner. The dude is shady and so is his home boy Bob King. He has no experience and no real plan to move the ward forward. Listen to his corny ass speeches that have no substance.

    Tim Day wouldn't have a shot in a republican primary.

    Ron Magnus. Is. A. Fucking. Joke. Have a seat sir.

    Drew Hubbard is a great guy with no chance of winning. Besides anyone who's worked with the council members he has, for as long as he has is tainted.

  • SEis4ME

    DC5, gays can marry in DC..legally. Yes, it IS is D E A D issue.

  • Ward 5

    Does anyone know who is hosting the forum next Monday? Are questions being submitted during the forum or prior to this.

  • http://www.amanda4ward5.com Amanda Broadnax

    I was one of the candidates that was not invited but I harbor no bad feelings. I view the participation eligibility requirements of the Brookland Heartbeat and League of Women Voters as an indicator that the are solely interested in the 2010 election candidates. From an unknown candidate's perspective, all this means is that you must work harder and smarter. I'm confident that at the end of the day, the voters can decide for themselves. Win or lose, I am committed to being a public servant. Come May 15, 2013 and see how many candidates are still serving in the community. If history from the 2010 election repeats itself, the same cast of candidates will magically reinsert themselves in the community come 2013. Even if you don’t cast a ballot for me, although you should, please remember to vote.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Tom

    This is only 1 debate hosted by 3 entities using their criteria. Ward 5 is full of complainers and trouble makers, thats why Ward 5 is going nowhere!

    There are over 60,000 registered voters in Ward 5 and only about 6,000 of them will vote in the special election, yet everyone is complaining about 1 debate? Where is the Ward 5 Dems Debate? Ward 5 Repbulican debate? Joint debate from the 3 parties? People are complaining about this because thats all Ward 5 does is complain and never solve anything. 1 debate populated by campaign supportes and the "usual suspects" is not going to sway anyone!

  • Pat Wheeler

    Let's sto it with the ageism. I usually don't comment on these type of forums,but we need to dismiss this age issue. I went out campaining with Frank Wilds as we walked a neighborhood and I am a much younger person and couldn't keep up. I am amzaed that in this day and time and when people are living longer, working way into their 80s and beyond (not because they have to but because they want to) that this is even an issue. I had an aunt who lived to be a 104 and at her 100th birthday party she outdancing everyone else. She only slowed down when she turned 102. Her mind was sharp and she could discuss any issue and challenge you when she disagreed ithy ou.

    Let's stop the ageism, it belongs right along there with sexism and racism;we should not even allow this type of thinking into our thinking in ward 5. If you don't want to support the man, that's your right, but stop acting like once you turn 55 you beocme a feeble-mined,old geezer.

    Frank is energetic, sharp, and has the the maturity to asses sitations and make sound decisions. He normally works 12 hours day (seriously) and can keep up with the best of them. We need to respect the wisdom and knowledge that comes with maturtiy. So let's drop the ageism and move on. I sure we would not discuss a persons race or sex as an issue (or maybe some small minded people would) so let's put the ageism issue where it belongs.

  • NE John

    Heads up Ward 5:


    I will no longer remove the "We Tow Your Car-Truck-Van ..." signs from the public areas. Over the years I must have removed thousands, if not tens of thousands of these signs and no one helped me. Did it on my own time. No longer have the time.

    As the fukking DC Police will not enforce the law regarding these illegal commercial signs, and the former Ward 5 councilman HTJ would not help and is going to jail, prepare to notice the proliferation of these signs over the coming days and months. Have fun with the trash.

    Same for you guys in Ward 4 NE and NW, up South Dakota Ave, Eastern Ave, Military Road, Riggs Road etc. etc etc. Not carrying the weight for you people any more either.

    Trashy Ward 5 (and parts of Ward 4).

    Amanda, maybe you can step up to the plate?

  • Ward 5

    Now that I've heard quite a number of opinions on other candidates, does anyone have anything to say about Ray Zapatta. She has been pretty active in the community and the Ward Five Council on Education.

  • Ne Mayor 4life

    I have seen Mr Hunter in community related meeitings since the last election,I've heard f/several of my neighbors that they have seen him visiting thier churches .I've watched from the sideline having the funny feeling that Tommies dirt was gonna surface. I do know Mr Hunter serves as the President of his civic association.Do anyone know of any community organization that Mr McDUFFY belong to ? I have attended several public events & meetings since the last elections & haven't seen him anywhere,not that hr hasn't,but I find it funny when people come out of woodworks when there is something in it for them. I only mentioned the 2 candidates that were in the 2010 race that's who I believe have the best chances of winning,they had the courage to take on a no win situation against the NAME HARRY THOMAS so I applaud Mr Hunter & Mr McDUFFY,but I would ask Mr McDUFFY where have u been ?

  • EJJ

    Since for some reason my response from yesterday didn't post, I will start over.

    First off this is a sad example of how folks are still trying to control Ward 5. The fact of the matter is that we have plenty of folks in this race and many issues which need to be discussed. A debacle (I mean debate) which excludes 2/3rds of the candidates while bothersome doesn't surprise me especially coming from the Brookland Heartache.

    Now as to the candidates, I can honestly say that I know or have known probably half of the candidates and can tell you that this race is important to our ward and our ward will only prosper when we stand up and demand better. I would hope that the candidates invited demand that the rules are changed for this debate and moving forward would hope that candidates would all pledge to not be exclusionary.

    We are in this situation because we had folks playing inside baseball and not being open, honest and inclusive of all in the ward. Now we are launching the official kick off of our campaign season for this race with an exclusive event.

    Doing the same thing twice and expecting different results is insanity and supporting events such as this is simply insane.

    To all my Ward 5 Neighbors I ask you to truly look at all of the candidates and give them a chance to bring their ideas to the table. Don't go with the popular person, go with who you feel. Just think about it, Marie Johns ran for Mayor and several of her ideas were put in place by Mayor Fenty and Chairman Gray.

    Lastly, to those who talk about taking on a candidate, it takes courage to put your name on the ballot at anytime and put your self out there. Folks gave up easy jobs, have put their family lives on hold and worked hard to collect signatures to get on the ballot. They deserve a fair chance for that type of hard work.

  • Tom

    NE John,

    I am PLEADING with you to continue removing the "Tow Your Car..." postings from whatever neighborhood in Ward 5 you reside. Please don't give up. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

    During my almost daily rounds of picking up trash and recyclables from the six blocks surrounding my house in Michigan Park, I remove these postings IMMEDIATELY. In fact, I remove them so quickly that I have begun to notice a decline in their number. I also call the telephone numbers listed on the post, telling whomever answers not to waste their time or money posting these fliers in my neighborhood. It's against the law, and I politely but firmly tell them that the fine is $35 for the first post and $75 thereafter.

    I will NOT give up. It's all about our quality-of-life. Our neighborhoods are not dumping grounds, as frustrating as it may be to have to clean up after the inconsiderate boobs who litter them.

  • DConfidential

    Just curious, who is the owner of the Staduim? and how much has he given Mr. Hunter?

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Ne Mayor 4life: His last name is spelled McDuffie, and there's biographical information available here. As for community organizations he has belonged to, I believe he's been a member of the Stronghold Civic Association and the McMillan Advisory Group at one point or another.

  • bloomingdalian

    I couldn't care less that Tim Day is a Republican. Apparently being an outsider is exactly what it takes to actually take a stand AGAINST corruption and cronyism in this town. He's the only person in the entire city who uncovered Harry Thomas' theft and actually did something (forced the U.S. Attorney to do something) about it. Where were the Democrats then, to defend the city and the ward?

    As long as Washingtonians think being a Democrat is more important than being competent and ethical, this entire city won't deserve home rule.

  • Really?

    Aint' nobody worth 2 cents on the list! And please no more cutting and pasting of resumes. It's a turn off. I don't give a flying toot what AG office folks worked for (frankly we have enough lawyers on the counsel). What have they done for the commumity? What are their stance on let's say education?

    For the very first time I"m thinking of not voting and I'm a super voter.

    Realdc has it right! It's going to come down to who can bring the most folks to the polls.

  • tony

    See this is what you get Ward 5 when you create a political void. I told you people that this would happen. I warned Mr. Hunter months ago that the attacks would be coming concerning his stance of gay issues. Tim Day sadly could very well win this election. It is sad that the 3rd largest black ward in this city could be represented by a Republican.

  • LOL

    It isn't Hunter's stance on gay issues that is an isolated problem. The donations can create the perception that he is for sale. It makes sense to me to limit the number of strip clubs. But i question his motivation, if the largest and most lucrative strip club [that the city paper questioned their connection to city dollars] is throwing money behind Hunter and that position.

    I think that DC Confidential is on to something. " Who is the owner of the Stadium? and how much has he given Mr. Hunter?" The donation from Stadium could be nothing. But it could be something.

    IMGoph answered a very good question raised about Mr. McDuffie's involvement in civic organizations. But it leads me to a question of McDuffie, Hunter and the other candidates. What have they been doing since the last election? Where have they been working etc? I am not as sold by appearances at meetings and community events. We've had enough of those kinds of politicians in DC.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    LOL: Going back to that link I posted, there is information about McDuffie's work history there as well (as for what he's done since the last election - he "worked as a policy advisor to the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice," according to his bio).

  • LOL

    Point taken. Now I will have to find out what the other's have been doing/working etc.

  • http://ronmagnus4ward5.com/wordpress1/ Ron Magnus

    Greetings Ward 5 Citizens:

    Offensive! Disrespectful! We cannot allow the BROOKLAND HEARTBEAT NEWSLETTER and the DC LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS to dictate who voters should consider as valid candidates for Ward 5? Well, they seem to think so. A Ward 5 candidate forum was scheduled but only 5 candidates have been invited to participate. All viable candidates deserve a fair chance to wage their campaign and let the voters decide who should represent them in office. This forum is an opportunity for Ward 5 residents and candidates to engage in meaningfull dialogue about our community and their qualifications for office. Sadly, that conversation has been chosen for you. Arbitrarily selecting participants creates a biased electorate and it is fundamentally unfair to the candidates and the voters. In effect, the Padou's, publishers of the Brookland Hearbeat, have said to the voter, don't bother evaluating all the candidates, we have done that for you.

    Only inviting five candidates to participate in this forum is a grievous error in judgment. Actual governmental experience and professional acumen should matter in this Council race. I am proud of my 25 year track record as a former Assistant Attorney General for DC; a DC Democratic party activist, including campaigning for President Obama and President Clinton; my work for the Democratic National Committee; and my 7 years of experience in the administration of former DC Mayor Anthony Williams. My track record in the community includes raising over $200,000 for student scholarships over the last 10 years, teaching at Georgetown Law Center and Prince Geoge's Community College, serving as Chair of the Dr. Martin Luther King DC Support Group, and working for DC Adoptive and Foster children. My experience makes me the candidate with the strongest record of legal, legislative, community and political experience. I do not doubt all the candidates have worked to benefit the community, but when you add it all up, my record speaks for itself.

    Moreover, at this very early phase of the campaign a strong indicator of strong leadership and organization is the number of petition signatures candidates have turned in. My team turned in close to 1,200 signatures--the third highest total. In fact, the candidate with the most signatures was not invited to participate in the forum either. It takes a strong organization and a lot of community support to turn in that many signatures and to win this election, and to limit the discussion to a few select candidates does the voters of Ward 5 a disservice.

    As for the League of Women Voters (League), it is a shame when nonpartisan organizations choose the candidates for voters. The League boasts on its website that it, "encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government," and yet it has limited the debate and voter's choice. The League of Women Voters should return to its roots and facilitate ways voters can meet all the candidates and make an informed decision on election day.

    So, for myself, my supporters, and all the other excluded candidates who have been judged unworthy by this small community newsletter and the League of Women Voters, I ask you and your supporters to join me in protesting this decision. Call the Padou's newsletter office to register your complaint at 202/832-4038 and the DC League of Women Voters at 202/222-0710 and ask for League President Kathryn Ray. The voters of Ward 5 should be offended at this attempt to filter the candidtes for them. I certainly am. We cannot allow a few self-appointed media bosses to dictate our election nor allow a few to rule over the majority in Ward 5. Let's stand up and be heard. Our DEMOCRATIC process is at stake!

  • LOL

    I can imagine how frustrating it must be when you work so hard and are excluded. LL said that the invitees were selected from criteria determined before candidacies declared. Did you meet those conditions when invitations were extended? Have you met them now?

  • councilworker

    this guy hunter is looking to get his name out there and wanting the women to follow...he will be a jr. marion barry when it comes to women. he know nothing about running a ward so he will run the ward into the ground from issues problems and mistakes

  • Friend of the East

    The partial owner of the stadium club is some dude name Keith Forney or something like that and he gave Mr. Hunter $1500 through three different checks according to Mr. Hunters OCF report. Further, Mr. Hunter is running around with Bob "I pay off Seniors with Chicken Dinners to get on the bus and Vote" King who was paid by Vincent B. Orange to have seniors in t-shirts come down to protest the strip clubs a few weeks ago. How can one of his campaign field folks be so anti strip clubs while his candidate is taking much money from the crooked dude who has screwed up city contracts and helps to run a horrible business of ill repute in the ward?

    As for the candidates I have noticed that Drew Hubbard and Shelly Gardner have placed signs all over the ward in addition to Mr. Magnus which means they must have some money unlike Mr. Wilds who loaned him self all of the money he raised.

  • Steve

    I'm a DC Pepublican who voted for Obama. The least you Democrats can do is vote for Tim Day during the special election becasue his agenda should be your agenda. Clean up the DC government and quit playing crony politics. Besides, it's good to have politcal diversity. All Dems and all Reps is not a good thing. Mix it up. VOTE FOR TIM DAY

  • HulkInDC

    Kenyan McDuffie is the only viable candidate in this race anymore that can actually represent all of Ward 5.

    Drew Hubbard is a nice guy and smart but he just hasn't been able to raise the money.

    Frank Wilds is honestly too old, he's completely out of touch with anyone under the age of 55.

    Kathy Henderson has a long track record on crime and nothing else.

    Tim Day is a guy I would love to have a beer with and would love to be in charge of some of the money, but he's a Republican, he just won't win.

    And Delano Hunter is a bigoted homophobic child who hangs out with shady people and does shady things. He's been caught lying about strip club campaign contributions ($5,00 to date). And he's been sued 4 times over various debts he owes, and lost every time. DC has had its fill of deadbeats on the city council. Marion "Tax evading" Barry is plenty.

  • Marie

    Brookland Heartbeat was totally wrong limiting the debate in February to only 5 candidates, but the recent article on the top 3 contenders was outstanding. It shed a lot of light on Kenyan McDuffie, Frank Wilde and Delano Hunter - compared their records in district roots, district lawsuits, education & work history and campaign contributions. You can also find the article here: http://bloomingdaleneighborhood.blogspot.com/2012/03/meaty-ward-5-heartbeat-article-on.html.
    As for the other candidates, some have websites with information and some may have media coverage, but without an all out debate where EVERY candidate is invited to explain their mission and goals, how can we make a fair judgement? There is still time for another debate with all the candidates and please, make it be known so all of Ward 5 residents can come out.

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