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Watch: Cartoon Fenty Goes to College

Somewhere on a beach in the Caribbean right now, former Mayor Adrian Fenty is likely very embarrassed. At least he should be, since his longtime pal Sinclair Skinner has created this cheesy cartoon video about a young Fenty defending the District's image from rude upperclassmen while rushing the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity at Oberlin College.

Take a look:

LL does not know where to even begin. The Washington Post, the once-proud media organization that published this gem yesterday on its The Root DC page, says the video is first in a 12-part series Skinner created to "preserve his friend’s legacy." Since that legacy includes allowing Skinner to do permanent damage to the Fenty brand, then LL would say this first video nailed it.

  • Tom


  • SEis4ME

    Say it ain't so. Please say it ain't so.

    What kind of shiggity is this!

  • DiggsKrew

    I fail to see the humor here. I'm sure Mr. Skinner knows better, at least thats my hope....Yo!

  • DJ Ren

    Wow...what a mess.

  • M Matthews

    This video is stupid!

  • seDCdude

    Bullshit, I just saw TURTLEBOY off M street near the papermill in georgetown yesterday in a BLACK tahoe, the kind the CITY leases!!!!

    Looking rather pale and corny I must say!!!!

  • Obie123

    There are no fraternities at Oberlin College. Clearly this video is fictional.

  • Tformation

    Speechless. All I can say is Thank you Skinner.

  • what the fuck???

    this shit is gay and not even funny.

  • LastStop


  • Best.Video.Ever

    Damien Smith is a GENIUS!!! :) Hire him STAT for something, anything, OMG, get him. That video made my day. Was it directed on a budget version of SIMS?? Can not stop laughing. However, sadly, the points made were accurate. Mind Blown.

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Lifetime Movie

    Adrian was the absolute dumbest Mayor the District has ever had.... He was a dumb Councilmember and worse of a Mayor.

    Mayor Barry was the absolute best Mayor in this town and Tony Williams is second to him.

    Sorry Skinner a cartoon will never change those fact... and you prolly will receive more creativity in jail.... thats where you belong