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Correction: Ward 8 Dem Boss Will Take Barry to Back Room For Tail Kicking

The Rev. R. Joyce Scott, president of the Ward 8 Democrats, just called LL to clarify a comment she made at Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's re-election campaign kick off (allegedly) about kicking the tail of At-Large Councilmember David Catania.

Turns out that when Scott said: "We're going to take him into the back room and kick his tail," she was referring to Barry, not Catania. (LL listened to the speech again and concedes that it's not 100 percent clear who Scott was talking about when it comes to talk kicking. LL should have followed up with Scott prior to publishing her comments and apologizes for the mix up.)

The point Scott says she wanted to make was that it's the job of Ward 8 residents, not Catania's, to police Barry.

To that end, Scott says that a couple of months ago she and some other long-time Ward 8 residents had an intervention of sorts with Barry where they expressed their concerns about his inattentiveness to the community's needs.

“We felt like he had taken our support for granted," says Scott.

The message to Barry: “We love you, but we’re concerned about the way you’ve handled the community the last four years, or the lack thereof," says Scott.  “We felt like there was a disconnect.”

Scott said Barry appreciated the meeting and "admitted" that he could do better. Barry wasn't immediately available for comment.

  • Sally

    Uh oh! Scott will now be on Barry's enemies list. Look for him to start bashing Scott shortly.

  • Amazing

    So...basically, she confirms Catania's accusation that Barry isn't doing anything for Ward 8 constituents?

  • watchingtoo

    If the blacks on the council don't start protecting each other and the rest of the blacks that are left in DC the council will soon be all white.

  • Cat Like

    The point Scott says she wanted to make was that it's the job of Ward 8 residents, not Catania's, to police Barry

    That is the dumbest thing I have heard in a while. As an at-large councilmember they voted for Catania as well. But these hookie little organizations and slapped together politics--had to say something.

  • Conservemoral

    Problem in Ward 8 are soley contagious serious,delerious,malarious,fictious,blasphemus,obnoxious and one day my people will be set free not by the jews,whites or gentiles but by our own Blacks, as noted by the good reverend lady of the flowing (whatever fits) cloth.
    *Please do not hold your breath you could pass out and I do not want that burden on my black hands.

  • tony

    Who knows what Rev. R. Joyce Scott is trying to say. She is best friend to Marion Barry campaign manager- Sandy Allen. And she sat right next to Marion Barry at his re-election event. She supports Barry along with her long time friend and boss- H.R. Crawford.

  • SEis4ME

    I think Scott's point about Barry and Catania's response to Barry are two different, wholly unrelated, things.

  • i. j.

    These house negroes like Rev. Rice are a disgrace to the black race and always want to be validated by whites. Rice,you are not a Rev. that's a man job. Read your Bible there are no female prophets and no Rev.

  • Keith B.

    i. j., re-read your Luke, before you act all Charlie Church. (St) Anna was a prophet. Why in the hell am I even correcting your ass?

  • Wrack

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