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Ward 8 Dems Boss on Catania: “We’re Going to Take Him Into the Back Room and Kick His Tail”

At-large Councilmember David Catania should be getting several angry letters from supporters of Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry in the near future.

That, at least, was the promise of the Rev. R. Joyce Scott, president of the Ward 8 Democrats on Saturday at Barry's re-election campaign kick-off.

Scott told the crowd of 70 or so gathered at Thurgood Marshall Academy's gymnasium that she was writing a letter to Catania, and encouraged others to do the same, seeking an apology for how he'd recently treated Barry. Last week at a council retreat at the convention center, Catania and Barry blew off some steam by yelling at each other, with Catania calling Barry a "despicable human being," among other not-so-nice  things.

Scott says she'd been prodded into some sort of action by former Councilmember H.R. Crawford, who told her: "you're supposed to be the so-called head of the party, how do you let that man talk about your leadership like that?"

Scott assured the crowd that she's on it, and she will be sending Catania a note shortly on her official Ward 8 letterhead that will be released to the media.

"We're going to take him into the back room and kick his tail," says Scott.  "And we're going to do that in public."*

The kerfuffle with Catania came up a couple of other times during Barry's rally. Campaign Chairwoman Phomika Palmer spun Barry's response to Catania's verbal tirade (Barry told the Post he almost came to blows with Catania) as an  illustration of the 75-year-old former mayor's toughness, a trait she indicated his current challengers lack.

"When I saw on the news what had happened at the convention center, I thought to myself, 'Who on earth could have stood up to David Catania?'" says Palmer. "Would he have punked the rest of them? He sure didn't punk my man here.

*Scott says this comment was actually in reference to Barry, not Catania. See this post for an explanation.

  • NE John

    Barry has that stone face ready for his eternally displayed bust at the District Building. Better yet, mummify him at the appropriate time so that citizens of our future state have something to gawk and laugh at.

  • http://randomduck.com randomduck

    Thing is: Catania wasn't far off the mark. Those who still see Barry as doing "wonderful things" for his Ward and for DC must be wearing "X-ray spex" when they survey Ward 8 and the District.

    Barry's glory days are now over 20 years past. It's too bad that he has leveraged that glory into denying Ward 8 (and, in many respects, Ward 7) any chance at improving its situation and moving out of the 1980s. Barry claims that he'll fix everything for his charges, yet succeeds because these improvements don't happen - after that, he can blame it on "the Man," or the Myopic Twit Brigade. It's truly a house of cards that his supporters have bought into hook, line and sinker.

    And it is this very behavior that Catania rightly called out. Sure, he may have been overly blunt, but it's high time that Barry (and others in the Council) were called out this on a regular basis, if only to possibly get the electorate to open their eyes.

    Ward 8 would be better served by a new Councilman, without a doubt.

  • http://Wow,IamsurprisedPhoisBa Political Observer

    rry's campaign chair. Politics does make for strange coalitions.

  • Political Observer

    Wow, I am surprised Pho is Barry's campaign chair. Politics does make for strange coalitions.

  • Typical DC BS

    Catania needs to be taken down a notch or two as well. His umbrage regarding oversight of the former DC General Hospital is typical Catania. Wildly inappropriate to ask questions regarding the hospital? Why is that such a sensitive topic to Catania? Maybe because it's a continuing drain on the city's finances, with no end in sight?

  • NE John

    start the embalming process now, a little in his tea every day

  • HogWash

    Randomduck, stay outta W8 please.

    You must be one of Catania's boyfans.

    To think that he was "on the mark" for immediately attacking one of his CM's shows that you drink from his penaid a bit too often.

  • StrangeFruit

    Catania needs an AA intervention!

  • a change gon’ come

    Ward 8 needs to profusely thank and retire CM Barry. It's time. There are too many candidates to shake a stick at right now, but maybe they can figure out who to put in the primary come April.

    Ward 8 needs a good hospital. Who feels it knows it.

    Far as I'm concerned, DC needs a whole new Council. Tired of hearing the names up there now, a few of whom don't seem to know the meaning of "conflict of interest." They could use a pay cut, too.

  • Seniors of DC

    This means nothing. Only Cassandra Hardison looks out for the seniors.

  • Grace Jones

    Councilmember Catania should be very mindful and careful of his vulgar outburst because many blacks and some whites see his behavior as being disrespectful. We all know, Marion Barry is an old fart and she have retired a long time ago. However, Catania was off mark with his foul mouth. The guy is highly intelligent, but one would think, he was raised in a saloon or by wolves.

  • Grace Jones


    We all know, Councilmember Marion Barry is an old fart and he should have retired years ago.

  • Drez

    Must be campaign season.
    Psst- Hey, David. Can you play a straw man for me?

  • truth hurts

    Agree with comments 5 and 11.

  • Honest Abe

    It truly amazes me how David Catania can continue to direspect people and get away with it. His behavior is notorious. How he continues to get re-elected is beyond me. He's the least active councilmember, you never see him in the community at all. It seems the only issues he cares about are those that personally effect him and his base and that's same sex marriage. Maybe recalling him won't be such a bad idea.

  • Ben

    "We're going to take him in the back room and kick his tail...in public!"

    Where is this magical public back room of which you speak?

  • Ward-8

    What it boils down too is David need to makup with some sweatty man ass and have his spank,maybe then he will need a reduce session on anger management, He is one of many Council members robbing the citizens with his salary without a gun and any one who vote to keep the useless Barry in office based on the past good he has maybe taken credit for,are ignorant or delusional.

  • Genty

    I guess I have no problem discriminating against black people who discriminate against gays.

    Hey Ward 8, HogWaste, etc: can't wait to bulldoze your grandma's home and your section 8 housing and turn them into coffee shops, bike lanes and dog parks. How's that for a plan?

    Enjoy your fixed income pension retirement when inflation hits 7% per year. You might have to take a "maths" class to understand the comment.

  • DJ Ren

    @Honest Abe, it truly amazes me how Marion Barry can continue to disrespect people (and the city) and get away with it. How hard is it to pay your taxes, for example - leaving aside the continual drug issues. He's an inactive councilmember, who granstands instead of proposing legislation and it seems as though the only issues he cares about are those who personally effect him, like staying a step ahead of the feds, avoiding another censure, and complying with the terms of his probation.

    Maybe recalling him wouldn't be such a bad idea.

    See what I did there?

  • K

    I really don't understand why "disrespect" and "foul language" are considered worse crimes in DC politics than "embezzlement", "illegal drug use", and "tax evasion." Someone with more subtle understanding of morality than me, please explain!

  • SEis4ME

    @Genty, yes, and maybe you'll be standing alongside the bulldozer with a white halter top, go-go boots and the pre-60's era matching white hood?

  • Ward 1 Voter

    I'm not a Barry fan, but Catania's making me like him a little more. What was Barry's biggest offense? Asking questions about the money pit that is the United Medical Center?

  • Axel

    I assume that the "Rev." R. Joyce Scott is a self-ordained minister of the Discount House of Worship. It's pretty unusual for a member of the clergy to talk like that in public.

    Whatever the adjective applied to the ex-Mayor-for-Life, it's decades past time for him to go.

  • Anon2

    @Ward1Voter - how about doing nothing for his ward (Barry wasn't even present at today's Council meeting) while keeping girlfriends on his payroll, failing to pay his income taxes, and using the same illegal drugs that ruined many lives in his ward? Catania may be a loudmouth, but he's much more effective at moving DC forward than Barry can ever dream of being.

  • tony

    All of Barry's haters can take some comfort in the fact that this is Barry's last election. Surely, when he decides to retire he will quickly be remembered as a staunch defender of the poor and a conduit for tons of black folk’s ascension to the middle class. I predict that the current ward 8 school boardmember Trayon White, who Barry is grooming, will succeed him. And you think Barry was tough. Brother Trayon and his crowd. Whew!!LOL!

  • deborah

    David Catania is a racist dog, who is getting ready to start a race war. I can't believe that we as citizens have put up with David Catania's behavior this long. I personally think that he is mental and need to take a trip to Mental Illness clinic that he ha purview over.

  • RealDC

    LOL, lets go Barry!! Catania is an idiot, he has sparked Barry's campaign. 4 more years of Marion....thanks Catania!

    With that filthy mouth of Catania, it makes wonder about the work culture at MC Dean? Sounds like a fun place to work, when don't agree with something, just swear at the top of lungs..... F*** MC Dean!! F*** the street lights!! F*** Bill Dean, oops, he signs my checks!! LOL!

  • Honest Abe

    @ DJ Ren AKA David Catania, I see you want to reverse my comments which is cool. Everything you mentioned about Barry has personally effected Barry. Barry is his own worst enemy, but you can't name one harmful thing he has done to anyone or anybody! Like it or not, Marion Barry is a historic and important figure in this city. Sadly, many people (notably white citizens) will never really truly understand this man and his important contributions to this city. Only thing they see is a drug user. All I see in Catania, is a sad, evil man who uses his position to manipulate and bully to get his way. It's funny how he cusses and screams at people inside the walls of city hall. I dare him to take that attitude outside city hall. I don't think it will be tolerated much.

  • Hattie

    Catania, go look for your boy friend, maybe hecan make you happy. stop being mad at Barry because he did not vote for you to marry your boy friend get over it. what you need to be doing is working on changeing your life around and live like the man you were born as not some sissiy acting person or so call gay. Your are manipulating bully, a loud mouth fool, a mentaly disturbed person and a person that really need some help. We all know there is something wrong with you when you cann't tell rather you are a man or woman, If you look in the mirror in the morning and watch your self when you go to the bathroom in the morning you would have no doubt as what you are, it is there for you and all and start living let the man GOD meant for you to be, you are not a woman, you cann't have babies, no period, breast feeding and you will never beable to make love like a woman, give it up and not to a man, Please.

  • Cat Like

    Catania made a greater fool of himself posturing in front of the camera and refusing to apologize. Yes, that is an acceptable protest of ethics complaints throwing a tantrum. And where is Catania's moral high ground.

    didn't Catania vote on the council on bills his law firm had an interest the outcome. In Congress he would be up for censorship but DC does not have such laws.

    Didn't Catania also use his position to personally go after people he did not like even if they worked for private nonprofits and even when they were doing a good job?

    The FBI should read all their emails twice.

  • i. j.

    Screw the City Paper and Catania

  • M Matthews

    D.C. is a divide and segregated city. Why not have a race war between black and white D.C. residents and see the outcome? I have read some of the most vile racist comments about black D.C. residents on this blog, WTOP, Washington Post, and Washington Times. Whites can come on this blog and say how they truly feel about blacks in their hearts. Most whites still think, they are superior and blacks are inferior. I am not defending Marion Barry and I wish he would disappear. However, David Catania started this argument with his vulgar mouth by cussing out a 74 year old black man. Marion Barry is old enough for David Catania's father. What kind of parents raised Catania to not show respect for his elders? Many blacks in D.C. don't like David Catania because they see that he's a white gay racist male and he treats and thinks blacks are beneath him. One day David is going to tick the wrong person off and he's going to get a beat down. However, many of Catania supporters are white gay males who themselves practice racism and hate black gay men

  • M Matthews

    For the record, I am an educated black gay male.

  • DJ Ren

    New alias, SE Ken?

  • M Matthews

    Sorry, I am not SE Ken, DJ Ren. How about a call you David Catania? I don't recall SE Ken stating, he's an educated gay black man. David Catania is a white gay male and he has no respect for black men, gay or straight.

    So the next time DJ Ren, please don't assume you know people on the Internet because you would be wrong. The same applied to the late Whitney Houston. Whites made such hateful comments after her death on blogs because they knew they could hide behide a computer screen. Next you might be calling me Al SEDCDude.

  • Columbia Heights

    How disrespectful on David Catania part, Marion Berry was not talking to him initially, he simply ask a question to the Financial officer. Catania felt he could disrespect and curse at Mr. Barry simply because he was an older Black man who the Whites' in the city hate. Did he actual think that Mr. Barry was going to cow down to him, what nerve, give respect to get respect. I'm sick and tired of White people saying Black people are playing the race card, when they keep dealing from the deck put away the deck and we won’t have to play that card okay.

    One day Catania is going to curse or insult the wrong person and get an old fashion ass whipping. He should watch his back in Ward 8. However, David Catania would never go there because it's too black. He's made no friend in the black community.

  • Grace Jones

    I was sadden to read some of the comments on here. We need to have a serious dialogue on race relations between blacks and whites living in the District and America. DJ Ren, how do you feel about this? I am a black woman married to a white European man. We live in Adams Morgan. One of our children looks very Caucasian with blond hair like his father. There have been times, I was out in public and whites approached me by saying, that's a beautiful looking child you are taking care of. They assumed, I was the black nanny. This happened to me recently in the Georgetown Safeway on Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Marion Barry is an idiot and he does play the race card sometimes like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. In this case, David Catania was wrong for starting this mess by verberally attacking Marion Barry with profanity. He need to control his temper and attend anger management classes. Yes racism is alive in this city and this country. Some whites do have the mind sat of keeping blacks in their place or maybe wish segregation and Jim Crow still exist. Would they admit to this publicly, no they would not. D.C. is still a southern city with a Jim Crow mentality.

  • Black Omega

    DJ Ren, are you David Catania? You see, people can assume others identity without any real proof. Are you white, gay, and racist? This was just an hypothetical question. I don't know what your race and sexual orientation. I can assume many things and most couldn't be true without proof. This is what has happen in the last week and a half with the late Whitney Houston. The media and others have speculated about her death without any evidence. People need to mind their business and live their on life. David Catania is an asshole and yes I think he has no respect for black men. Marion Barry isn't a Saint. However, Marion Barry has done more to help blacks and to create a black middle class than David Catania. David Catania fan base is mostly white gay men and the gay marriage legislation. I read in some local publication, Catania's ex-lover left him. The man come across as being bitter and angry. No one can live with this guy.