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Grand Jury Empaneled on Kwame Case, Witness Says

Federal prosecutors have empaneled a grand jury to hear testimony about the murky 2008 re-election campaign of Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown, according to one source who has already testified before the panel.

Brown's lawyer, Fred Cooke Jr., says he's not aware of any grand jury actions and says his client has not been called to testify.

The U.S. Attorney's Office indicated last year that it had began investigating the finances of Brown's 2008 campaign. In July, the Board of Elections and Ethics referred Brown's case to federal prosecutors after an audit by the Office of Campaign Finance found all sorts of accounting irregularities, including $240,00o in payments to Brown's brother, Che. After referring the case to the feds, then-BOEE Chairman Togo West told reporters that the board believed there had been "criminal" activity in the campaign. Kwame Brown has denied any wrongdoing.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office declined comment, citing the agency's ongoing investigation of Brown's campaign. When the feds empanel grand juries, it's often a step that precedes an  indictment. But grand juries can also be used in highly publicized cases, like Brown's, to close out investigations without filing charges.

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  • skinsfan83

    Its going to get uglier than a Master P sneaker

  • NE John

    I was hoping Michael Brown was next, but Kwame will do

  • Al Frankin

    Why do you continue to refer to add "Fully Loaded" to Kwame Brown's name? IT makes you look as if you have some sort of agenda and you should just let it go.

  • Amazing

    Let it go? NO!

    Expand the practice to include: Jim "Stop Calling It a Bribe" Graham.

  • EnoughAlready

    @AL Frankin- We will let it go when "Fully Loaded" actually makes good on his obligation to reimburse the city for the cost of his vanity. We are still bearing the costs of his foolishness...

  • NE John

    Looks like I need to amend my post:

    I was hoping Michael Brown was next, but Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown will do

  • NE John

    The agenda is to get rid of everybody except Mendo, Wells and maybe Bowser

  • TM

    Isn't it illegal for a grand jury witness to disclose that they were a witness on a grand jury?

  • Drez

    Brown's lawyer, Fred Cooke Jr., says he's not aware of any grand jury actions...
    Weasel words!

  • Drez

    So the mayor and the council chair are both targets of separate grand jury investigations. Awesome*
    * Not really

  • Jes sayin’

    @TM: There is NO grand jury secrecy rule for witnesses. Only for grand jurors, court officials and employees (such as court reporters), and the prosecution team.

    If you are called to testify before a grand jury, you are NOT sworn to secrecy. You can tell the world what you were asked and what you replied, if you choose to do so.

  • Sally

    So when do we get to find out how much Fred Cooke is charging Kwame and how Kwame "Bankrupt" Brown is paying for the legal services?

  • Truth hurts

    When the council passes real ethics reforms. Or not

  • sinclair skinner
  • American Rogue

    @Sinclair Skinner:

    Shut the fuck up you foo-foo candy kane poodle boy! You and your week-kneed sissy-boys can take a flying leap! Can you fly! (Two squeeze-handshake)

  • Simply The Truth

    I second that!

    @SInclair Skinner Shut your fat troll looking A$$ up!

    You are the biggest crook along with Moten, Omar Karim...And of course Adrian "I'm gonna retire to the Caribbean to spend some of the money I stole and moved to off shore accounts" Fenty!

    Unless you want to account for the money Adrian Fenty "MADE SURE YOU GOT" getting construction contracts with NO ENGINEERING LICENSE. Pays to be to be Fenty's FAT FLUNKEE - Got you driving a $160,000.00 Porsche and moved you into a million dollar home no less than 2-years from being flat broke running a ghetto dry cleaners on Georgia Ave.

    I guess it pays to know to know all the secrets in Adrian Fenty's Closet.

    Again let me reiterate.... @SinclairSkinner Shut the F*ck UP!

  • Green Eyeshade

    LL said: "But grand juries can also be used in highly publicized cases, like Brown's, to close out investigations without filing charges."

    LL's sources are either (a) lying to LL (like that Hawkins guy who claimed he had not heard from "law enforcement" since last summer or (b) giving LL complicated legalese that LL failed to check out with another legal source. Or else, LL just did not understand the meaning of "highly publicized cases."

    Grand juries "can also be used" in dozens of ways, and there is never a guarantee that a grand jury will indict. But the reference to "highly publicized cases" does NOT mean "criminal allegations against prominent officials that receive wide publicity." What the word "cases" means in that phrase is "highly publicized investigations of widespread wrongdoing in official institutions or government agencies."

    Another way to explain what LL's sources probably told him is, "grand juries can be used to investigate systematic corruption in major organizations without indicting single individuals." Those kinds of grand juries are known as "reporting grand juries" as contrasted with "indicting grand juries."

    That's not what's going to happen here. This grand jury is under the supervision of the Public Corruption Section (either of Main Justice or the DC U.S. Attorney's Office). That Section doesn't convene "reporting grand juries." The Public Corruption Section is going to use this grand jury to indict some additional elected officials and root them out of the government, then indict their co-conspirators (including family members).

    Like I said recently, the U.S. Attorneys Manual warns prosecutors not to indict too close to elections, so this grand jury is going to wrap up its indictments well before the April 3 primaries, or else it will wait until well after the April 3 elections. My bet is the former.

  • Anonymous, Too

    "Like I said recently, the U.S. Attorneys Manual warns prosecutors not to indict too close to elections, so this grand jury is going to wrap up its indictments well before the April 3 primaries, or else it will wait until well after the April 3 elections. My bet is the former."

    @Green Eyeshade: Neither Kwame nor Vince is up for election on April 3, so what's the rush???

  • American Rogue

    @Anonymous, Too:

    Nothing Green Eyeshade wrote indicates that the election has to involve a person being indicted (or who could be indicted: "Not to indict too close to elections."

  • DcNative

    @ Al Frankin,

    I agree, why does this rag continuously refer to Chairman Kwame Brown as "fully load", and it's always in bold letters? How come other councilmembers aren't called out of their name?

    What about Jim "end of life" Graham? Didn't he pay for Ted Loza's mistress' abortion?

  • DcNative

    correction: "fully loaded"

  • sinclair skinner

    Only cowards attack using fake names. You guys must of stole money with kwame. Too late to name call and hide now the feds are gonna catch you. They are gonna catch corrupt graham too.

  • cminus

    @DcNative, you must be new here, or you would have seen references to "Councilmartyr" Tommy Wells. It's just a thing LL does to make fun of Councilmembers who have become sufficiently associated with a particular event or quote.

  • NE John

    "full load" is better, because he is full of shit

  • Holdadice

    Et Vous, ss?

  • Wrack

    Fred Cooke has no credibility after insisting that Harry Thomas was innocent.

  • http://artofward8.blogspot.com/ Charles Wilson

    Dear City Paper,

    I'm disappointment that you decided to use a picture that has our Ward Eight Democrat banner as the backdrop. This investigation has nothing to do with Ward 8 politics or our organization. Please use another picture.

  • drez

    So now we know why Kwame was so out of sorts with reporters Seavgraves and Plotkin. Their questions hit a little too close to home.


    hold on everybody,this is only his 2008 reporting. when are we gonna get into his 2010 election fund. thats were the real dirt lies...almost $900,000.

  • Glenda

    DC Residents ''keep electing'' the Corrupt politicians.

  • SaveWard7

    The entire council and mayor needs to be fired by the Citizens of DC and a new body elected/hired. Extensive background checks are conducted on "potential" employees prior to being hired in the District and Federal Governments. We (the Citizens) of DC MUST INSIST on the same clearance process. If the hired employee's performance is lacking, lied on their application/forms, or is "UNETHICAL" in their work and/or behavior, we need to FIRE THEIR ASSESS and Bar them from holding office in DC FOREVER!!!!!

  • Typical DC BS

    @Glenda: That's the real problem! Dopey DC residents continue to vote in the same crooks year after year. The Dem party's stranglehold on this city is a disgrace.

  • susan boyd

    @sinclair skinner--You a terrible human being!
    We should recall you from the city!

    Jonetta Rose Barras: The sins of Sinclair Skinner


  • Skinned

    Sinclair Skinner is a racist and a crook.

    Kwame Brown is going to jail.

    Sinclair Skinner will never again swindle another dime from District government. He is toxic (and bitter).

    Kwame Brown is going to jail.

    Hey Sinclair Skinner, how much money have you raised for your racist SuperPAC?

    Kwame Brown is going to jail.

  • councilworker

    they should get rid of everyone except mendo & wells...bowser has done dirt, was in on the dirt and has some dirt going on right now but during fenty's time she was covered

  • sinclair skinner

    Susan boyd I can't believe that you still believe the lies that harry thomas spread about me and my friends. He's going to jail for a reason and I'm free because his frame job didn't work on the feds but it did work on you. no matter if someone supported gray fenty or any other politician if they break the law or abuse the public trust they deserve to pay the price. The hypocrisy of it all is that corrupt harry thomas made accusations and had the power to call hearings based on his allegations to frame me to attack fenty. these corrupt politicians used this sham hearing to interrogate my friends and family, issued subpoenas, went through my business and personal bank records. used a special prosecutor whose law firm partner coincidently received a dc judgeship after the hearings. All this happened to a private citizen who was a friend of the mayor. A small local Black business man with no police record. And never charged with a crime. I would be outraged with this abuse of power no matter who it happened to. If someone does a crime prosecute them. But don’t create political theatre by wasting tax payer money on hearings used to fish for a “gotcha moment” while city councilmembers are stealing from us. You can some of the people some of the time but these corrupt folks can't fool all of us. Susan boyd I respectfully disagree with you.

  • sinclair skinner

    Skinned grow up race has nothing to do with corruption its color blinds.

  • sinclair skinner

    Back on topic, Kwame is a corrupt politician

  • http://letschange.org Respected Citizens

    As it relates to Sinclair Skinner the problem is not him, nor his company. The investigation should have been on the Fenty's administration "PERIOD."

    Adrian Fenty made the decision to give millions away w/o any competitive bidding. At least, Skinner is educated, can communicate and professionally articulate, as well as evidence his fiscal outcome.

    Regretfully, Moten is totally the opposite, who pimps our youth (as some will never work with him again), and somehow mesimize certain business DC woman who lack the strength to challenge their own issues strategically.

    What's up with Jim Graham, the man hired a GREEN CARD Chief of Staff, who do not obtains his citizenship in the US. So, he robbed tax-payers.

    Then, Graham took trips to Ethiopia with Ted Loza, what was that all about. Where did they sleep -- together -- or in separate rooms.

    Let's be fair, please keep the truth across the board. Why would anyone what Wells, a KKK.

  • Veronica Washington


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  • NE John


    The sinclair skinner responses always amuse me

  • sinclair skinner

    The only thing worst than not using your real name when attacking someone is using someone elses real name. you are no veronica washington. You are someone paid by kwame brown to make comments. Who even uses the word troll only someone hired by kwame.
    And to all the "porsche 911 turbo S" haters I also own an american car.

  • Homar Carim

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  • Homar Carim

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  • sinclair skinner

    Kwame if u send one more comment about me I'm taking your valentines gift back. This article is about you going to jail. Not my love life, gee wiz.

  • Lorna Gold

    Sinclair is a great Washingtonian and man. All of you insulting him are cowards.

  • Marian Berry

    SC- don't pay attention to these haters. You are spending way too much time defending yourself. Remember what you told us during the campaign.

  • sinclair skinner

    It can be addictive

  • Simply The Truth

    @Sinclair Skinner ..Troll man I'm shocked that you apparently have no idea how many people in DC are disgusted by you . You and your closet boy Josh Lopez, along with Moten can take full responsibility for Queen Fenty taking the L he deserved! Guess b/c you're not from here COUNTRY BOY you still don't know how small this town is. WE ALL KNOW ABOUT YOUR BLATANT SHAKEDOWN OF CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES who wanted work with the city. LOL... You f*cked with the wrong person when you tried it with Don Peebles a$$hole! That's why you got exposed. Everyone in this city knows you negotiating that firetruck to the Dominican Republic was anything but a humanitarian act, but more so to get in good with the DR Government Brass, which in turn you were hoping to get you more PROSTITUTES to sleep with on your weekly trips there. That's definitely your M.O., especially because no woman in her right mind would give you the time of day TROLL BOY... "Porsche 911 Turbo S" or not. Stay out of HOWARD U. DORMS you CHESTER!

  • sinclair trollman skinner

    Gooood morning beautiful DC folks, I just thank God that the feds are smarter than the reporters and commenters of the citypaper. Kwame brown won't fool them with the childish lies