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Loose Lips Daily: Freak Accident Edition

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Good morning sweet readers! Catch LL on The Kojo Nnamdi Show at noon today. LL will be asking Councilmember David Catania about his recent Mr. Congeniality award, and Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe about the fires burning in his own department. News time:

Like a Freak Accident: The Post's Mike DeBonis publishes more of his interview with Ward 7 Council candidate Kevin Chavous, who recently copped a deal with prosecutors after he was arrested on a charge of trying to buy a $20 blow job from an undercover police officer. Says Chavous: "I did nothing wrong or illegal, that it was a misunderstanding that took place. ... If it happened to me, it can happen to you. A lot of people have had misunderstandings with law enforcement, but you move on and move forward. ... If this were enough to break me, then I wouldn’t be ready for office." Also, Chavous shared his thoughts on Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander's recent push for permanent "prostitution-free zones": "I just think it’s very interesting that the councilmember who hasn’t sponsored one major bill now wants to take up this issue when this is not an issue on the radar of people in Ward 7."

AFTER THE JUMP: Street Legal; Parking News; Mayor's Tweets Back...

Street Legal: The would-be ballot initiative seeking to ban corporate donations to D.C. politicos cleared a hurdle yesterday when Attorney General Irv Nathan's office signed off on it it. Nathan says the proposal passes "constitutional muster," the Post reports. Now comes the hard part: getting the 22,000 signatures needed. In related news: Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells announced via Twitter that he's closing his constituent service fund in an effort to restore the public's trust in local government and end pay to play politics.

In Other News:

  • D.C. DMV doesn't require parallel parking test.
  • Mayor Vince Gray's Twitter writer lets complainer have it.
  • Approving these streets signs almost constitutes a fireable offense.
  • Harry Jaffe on the District's demographics: "Market forces are shaping Vince Gray's "One City" so quickly that we risk losing the shred of identity that once defined local Washington. Money, rather than race, is driving the changes, but that seems to be pushing blacks out. There is not much a mayor can do about those changes, with or without slogans."
  • District's share of massive mortgage settlement is $40 million.
  • Erasure probe narrowed to 35 class rooms.
  • District to truants: "The more you learn, the more you earn."

Gray sked: 10:30 a.m. – 11:55 a.m.: Metropolitan Police Crime Response Press Briefing; 12:00 p.m. – 12:45 p.m.: D.C. One Fund Celebration and Awards Ceremony.

Council sked: Child and Family services review at 11 a.m.

  • skinsfan83

    Yvette is going to milk that prostitution situation.

    Corporate Bundling is an issue that only people who cant raise enough money for their election has. None of the citizens are impacted by this situation on the daily basis, therefore I doubt they will get 22,000 signatures.

    The twitter battle with Mayor Gray was funny though..

  • Ward 7 Rez

    I don't think what happened to Mr. Chavous could happen to this skeptical Ward 7 voter because I am never at North Capitol in the middle of the night talking to prostitutes or the police.

  • Typical DC BS

    @skinsfan83: Corporate bundling is a MASSIVE issue. Colby King in the Post pointed this out in a recent column. The rich folks who give donations to election campaigns get around the $2,500 annual limit easily by having all the LLC's they control to kick in $2,500 EACH. When you can kick out $10,000 - $20,000, you better believe that donor is going to have a better chance of getting his agenda / wishes / wants acted on by a DC Councilmember than any regular schmo kicking in a minimal amount.

    22,000 petition signers should be doable to ensure a fair playing field when it comes to campaign donations. If voters don't realize this, they will continue to get the same "pay to play" nonsense in city politics we already have issues with.

  • skinsfan83

    Corporate Bundling is a massive issue to who? Does corporate bundling affect my life? No

    Who started complaining about corporate bundling? Those candidates who could not raise a damn dime for a campaign.

    The Presidential Race is nothing but Corporate Bundling but I do not see anyone complaining.

    If the issues you all are complaining about dont address Safety, Education, or getting a Job its nothing more than a waste of time.

    Tell Tommy Wells and Cheh stop playing with themselves under the table and really address some key issues going on in the city.


  • Keith

    Im not pointing the finger at Chavous Jr., or proclaiming his innocence, but as someone that lived (and still owns a home) within a stone’s throw of that stretch of Eastern Ave I can GUARANTEE you that it is/has been an issue on my radar.

  • trulee_pist

    Wow. The District of Columbia is not in its entirety a prostitution-free zone? Which blocks are prostitution-tolerant by law?

    CM Alexander might be playing games with us. Again.

  • cutthecrap

    @skinsfan83: Thanks! About time some people on here made some sense.

  • Truth hurts

    Corporate bundling, lobbyist bundling, govt contractor bundling. All should be banned. Where can I sign up to help gather signatures?

  • Seven Seven

    Kevin seems like a young person who believes the rules do not apply to him. He insists that at 1:50 in the morning he pulled up on a woman standing on the street and had a conversation with her which is now some big misunderstanding.

    Then he goes further to comment on issues with a righteousness that is just as troubling. Prostitution is a problem and the hearing process is designed to craft solutions.

    Kevin, as you walk in ward 7 and knock on doors, please do the residents a favor and tell them that you were arrested for soliciting prostitution at 1:50 in the morning.

    Also, we all know that you are playing games with the deferred prosecutuion plan.

    The program is designed so that powerful people and children of means, like the son of a former councilmember who is a lawyer cant lawyer up and say that the police got it wrong.

    We want you and other Johns to take the deferred prosecution and not have to plead guilty because what the community wants when they ask the police to set up a prostitution sting is for you to do the other part of what your deferred plan calls for. We want you to "stay away" from the area and not pollute our community with your misunderstanding.

  • tony

    Kevin Chavous is handling his matter in the worst possible way. His waffling on this issue has doomed his chances of winning, because it calls into question his credibility. It's virtually impossible for anyone to win public office when it's perceived that they lack credibility. So, aside from the legal issue he must deal with, he now must deal with the issue of credibility. This is a tall order in an era where "public trust" is at an all time low.

  • DCNative

    Here we go.... again. All this... and this is still being discussed. He will have to hear this even when he assumes office I guess. It will follow him forever, but the fact remains Ward 7 needs a new leader... and Kevin B. Chavous is the next leader of the ward. Come to Ward 7 and look around. And look at all this publicity... you think people need to be reminded?? I;'m sure they've already seen/heard about it. The people in Ward 7 watch the news and read the newspaper just as Ward 3 residents do. They are informed. Please, they all know what he did, and they are all willing to give him a chance, regardless. If you mad, oh well, this is a democracy!


  • LastStop

    Mayor Gray was absolutely right in reading the silly complainer down. His/Her comment was asanine and actually unworthy of a serious response.

    Municipal snow response is not an exact science as anyone with an ounce of since knows. We expect to be able to move around no matter what the weather brings. That expectation requires a certain level of street pre-treatment. It is gamble much of the time. You never know what the weather is going to do.

  • LastStop


  • cutthecrap

    @DCNative: who are you talking to in Ward 7??? They may forgive him for being young and naive (even stupid), but the majority of residents do not want him to be their next Councilmember. Residents of Ward 7 see all of the candidates in a lackluster light including young Mr. Chavous. Please tell the truth and quit playing spin doctor. Along with the community service hours he has earned with the courts, he needs to become active in Ward 7 politics and community activism. Those active in the community don't recall seeing him at any meetings. I'm sure he can become a viable candidate after he puts some time into doing things in the Ward as oppose to resting on his parents laurels.

  • DCNative

    @cutthecrap Mr. Chavous remains the best candidate over Yvette Alexander and Tom Brown. He is the only on who furthered his education and completed school. Tom Brown doesn't even have a college degree. Who do you think will win this race? I got my money on Kevin B. and I am trying to collect money on April 3, 2012!

    Keep Up With Councilman Chavous!!



  • Ward 7 Rez

    @DCNative: Mr. Chavous has a law degree and an internship under his belt that his daddy got him. Do you honestly believe this makes him qualified to be on the Council? I didn't support his candidacy even before the arrest given his complete lack of experience and the sense of entitlement to office that seems to come from his father having been on the Council. But the shady way he has handled his arrest and the events of that evening convinces me that he's another lying P.O.S. who thinks he should be above the law. There's enough of that attitude on the Council already. I am not wild about any of the choices we have in Ward 7, but Kevin needs to grow up and get a real job (not from daddy) and stay away from prostitutes for a while before intelligent voters will seriously consider him.

  • DCNative

    ............ He remains the strongest candidate out of this field. Everyone is weak. He isn't weak. Go to a forum and decide for yourself. I've been to several. Get active, and you'll see why I STRONGLYbelieve he has this election in the bag.