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D.C. Protective Services Police Department Chief Fired

Lou Cannon, the head of the D.C. Protective Services Police Department, was fired today, a city spokesman confirms to LL.

Cannon oversaw the small police agency tasked with protecting city-owned buildings. Kenny Diggs, a spokesman for the Department of General Services, said Cannon was let go today but could not specify why citing privacy rules governing personnel decisions. A spokesman for Mayor Vince Gray also declined to explain Cannon's firing (get it?!). A call to Cannon's home line was not immediately returned.

Cannon was one of several retired Metropolitan Police Department officers who returned to District employment and was receiving both a full salary and a full pension, a double dipping deal the Gray administration said was illegal. Earlier this year, Cannon and a handful of his deputies sued the District after they stopped receiving both their full salaries and their full pensions.

About a year ago, Cannon, who was appointed by President Barack Obama to the Federal Salary Commission in 2009, was temporarily placed on leave.

LL is still trying to track down why exactly Cannon was canned, and will update as necessary.

UPDATE: Pedro Ribeiro, the mayor's spokesman, says another Protective Services employee was also let go today. But Diggs says only Cannon was fired today.

UPDATE No. 2: Cannon's lawyer, Matt LeFande, was able to shed a little bit of light on the situation. LeFande says Cannon was given a letter today telling him he was fired. LeFande has not seen the letter, but says it's his understanding that the letter said Cannon's firing was related to an incident in October involving Occupy D.C. protestors taking down the District of Columbia flag from the Wilson Building. LeFande says the letter says there was something wrong with how Cannon's agency handled and reported the incident.

The letter says that "there's false information in the report as a result of [Cannon's] failure to interview some persons involved," LeFande says.

LeFande added that he's "extremely concerned given the close temporal proximity" of Cannon's dismissal and his lawsuit against the city. "It smacks of retaliation," he says.

LeFande also said that one of Cannon's deputies, Benjamin Pietra, was also fired today. Pietra is not one of Cannon's co-plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the District.

UPDATE No. 3: Pietra, in email to LL's boss, says he's currently in Florida and was not fired today. "However, earlier today, I resigned from PSPD due to a personal family issue," he writes.

UPDATE No. 4: Rodney Parks, an assistant chief at MPD, will be taking over as interim chief of Protective Services, according to an email sent to all Protective Services employees today by Assistant PSPD Chief Stephen Watkins. (Watkins, by the way, is suing the District along with Cannon over the pension payment issue.) The full email:

From: Watkins, Stephen (DGS)
Sent: Wed Feb 08 17:51:46 2012
Subject: Chief Cannon

Effective immediately, Chief Lou Cannon is no longer with PSPD. Deputy Chief Scott or I will be attending the roll calls to answer any questions you may have. In the interim, Assistant Chief Rodney Parks, MPD, has been appointed as Interim Chief and will be performing duties with both departments. A/C Parks is a strong and capable leader and I urge all members to give him your full support and loyalty. Thank you.

  • In all fairness

    If cannon is guilty, then he will get the same punishment that every other crimanl mastermind gets. He will get probation before judgement, have to go to a domestic violence treatment program, 2 years of supervised probation with the condition he stays drug and alcohol free, and $25,065 in court costs. He will also lose his job and pension. So in most cases he will get the same as every other low budget crimanl mastermind out there, except now, he has street credit.

  • Chantel

    Aren't we innocent until proven guilty?

  • LadyWinter

    There are the good and the bad and something in between in every walk of society--no ethnicity, profession, or religion is exempt. This officer's actions are disappointing, but not so much as the racism going on with these comments. Name-calling is childish at best when it comes from a child, but ugly at its worst when it comes from an adult. When is this nation going to grow up as a whole?

  • Police Officers Wife

    The problem with this is that this officer put the life of so many other officers in jeopardy. The ones who have had his back for the last 14 years.

  • I cant belive it

    I work in dc govirnmint and i cant belive this happened, ive seen him but not talked to him he looks like a nice guy but nobody would of think he could do something like that.

  • Rich Green

    You all are exactly right. If it were your average everyday Joe, we would have been placed in a county jail the exact minute we were convicted. And we would stay there until we became a ward of the state or as they call it DOC, Dept of Corrections. None of this getting your affairs together and reporting at a later date. When you are normally convicted in court, you dont go out the same door you came in.

  • Faith

    Omg, they need to lock him up already they just playing games like he a famous person or something not realizing he took alot of money and used it for unecessary things.

  • Maafa21

    I'm sure he paid with his "get out of jail for 2 more weeks" card! Yeah...right, finalizing plans on where to send him my butt, he's paid money to be out for a few more weeks. You get rich with your under the table deals, why the average worker that helped you get rich suffers in a bad economy. Occupy Wallstreet!!!!!

  • Put him away now!!!

    He should have been remanded to the custody of the US Marshalls upon sentencing!!!

  • Lynette

    I am sorry for the loss of your chief, but do you really think it's worth all that tax money to keep a list of people who injure minorities? To you maybe but if you want it maybe you should pay for it. The way to do it is rather than retiring or leaving anything to your children (assuming), leave the money to a fund to create an on-line regestry. Don't saddle the rest of us with your grief and debt. The minority legal defense business is one of the biggest industries in this country, get money from them.

  • Maryann

    I'm so sorry this happened. Our chief is like a family member and my heart broke to read the story.

  • Debbie

    This is a great idea, but we need to have much stricter laws to keep these abusers behind bars for many many years.

  • Donna G.

    What needs to be done is to re-open our state mental hospitals,one has to be completely insane to do what this man did. We don't need laws,we need criminals/nuts behind bars where they belong.

  • Agent Gary 7

    Let's hope it passes in DC for a start, thereby enabling "Big Mo" to build across the country! So very sorry for your loss Big Mo. Truly we all have an opportunity to do good here from these despicable acts.

  • Imissit

    Darn. Another fascist shut down of a good ole american business. Human Trafficking is a lie. All these working for cannon are just hard working americans making a living providing a service which is in great demand. Shame on you, mayer greay!

  • Roy Person

    By the way this is my real name and I live in st Mary's county and if you have something to say about the situation then we can meet up and discuss this on a personal level. Find me on facebook if you want my contact info.

  • Dionne

    whoeva u is if u dont know **** dont put **** up here u have nuthing to do with in da 1st place. how would u feel if u were wrongfully accused of some thing. so you shut up boooo!

  • Tina

    Sad for both families

  • Eugene

    Don't do the crime if you can't do time.You know he is guilty, guilty, guilty if he didn't do he should not have turned him self in, that's good you live in Calverts county. When they find you was there and you allowed it to happen you going down too, don't run stay there like a man and take it!

  • Sergio in Maryland

    I am also from Miami and previously a fan of cannon...I think the idea is fine..but I am not sure the flags wil;l stay fresh and crunchy if the cops takes too long with the interim chief now!

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  • Faith, Hope, Charity

    Let's all take a moment to pray. Faith heals all. We now all have HOPE. It's about time that CHARITY begin at home.

  • http://looselips james brown

    Glad to see that fat *ucker go. I know that theif Alberta Holden is glad to see him go ! They need to Fire her Fat *SS next worthless POS !


    Hey I need to borrow some money.... Can anyone spare me some change??? I got LED lights for sale...

  • AnnaBrinkley

    hi just wanting to write a serious concern about 3 of your officers rosalyn james brian davis and possible jazzy they is think i know i saw rosalyn last week and brian davis i reported in richmond virginia about being a member of the kkk grand wizard and the notorous leader of the hart gang and the black panther and my doubles is also the leaders of the hart gang among about 16 or more leaders i was in the caritas program in richmond and i turned them in for hiv transmission and i putting fecal in the food that ws contiminated with virus also penny to could've find out the entire staff of cartis was really from dc any way they lived here before coming richmond virginia ed jenkins to they lied to the churches about a lot of things and stolen to rosalyn i think is cooking for the shelter i was told i was prepared in the kitchen and i looks and tast like illegall drugs was cooked in the food and its been that way every since if yall just can tell by their driver's license from virginina. They also do grand larceny of folks bodies to like the food clothes lord especially the money folks spent and rosalyn loves to shit in peoples faces who dress look better than her and that saves their money in the program and don't put it in escrow thanks

    6 top now 13 bottom Thanks Anna Brinkley
    current temp resident