Loose Lips

Mendo and VO Go At It Over Gas Bill

LL is working on this week's column and only giving a half-listen to the current D.C. Council legislative session as it tackles the racially charged debate on whether the District ought to try and loosen gas magnate Joe Mamo's tight grip on the District's gas business. But LL's ears perked up when the normally restrained Councilmember Phil Mendelson unloaded on Councilmember Vincent Orange, who has been Mamo's most outspoken supporter on the council.

Says Mendelson:  "I think the booster of Joe Mamo who is sitting on this dais is embarrassing to the council."

A few minutes later, Orange responded that he's nobody's booster, but an advocate for all of the District's citizens.

“I have never ever embarrassed this council," says Orange. “I do my job, I do my job well."

That's probably true, since the bill that could have potentially limited Mamo's gassy reign just died on a 6 to 6 vote.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • skinsfan83

    Blah Blah Blah....embarassing was a poor choice of words in regards to the other tomfoolery the council has been involved in.

    People going to jail for stealing from kids, and voicing your opinion is labeled embarassing?

    Yea.....thats funny

  • Barrie Daneker

    now now boys. Not good to single out one councilman when the issue is so divided. Now shut up and do the work!

  • AA

    Mamo doesn't even live in the district, does he? I'm sure that doesn't stop his campaign contributions from flowing into Orange's coffers.

  • skinsfan83

    If he does not live in DC, thats great. DC people always spend their money elsewhere. How about we support a business on someone elses dime.

  • trulee_pist

    CM Mary Cheh cannot count

  • DCDem

    The DC Council, State and Federal Governments needs to back off of free enterprise. Government is getting out of control. I'm glad this bill was defeated. The complainant that is at the root of this bill operates over 50 stations in Virginia with the same rules in place but hasn't the balls to bring forth such an action there. Kudos for the 6 council members to stood up to this assault on a private businessman. Income envy is so unattractive.

  • NE John

    There's something dirty about Mendelson. Uh, maybe there isn't. Next!

  • StrangeFruit

    Cheh needs to explain why she wasted our tax dollars on a $4.1 million underground parking lot at Janney Elementary School!

  • Truth hurts

    This bill deserved to go down, if for no other reason than its chief proponent was (disbarred) lawyer lobbyist felon campaign bundler One city frat bro Bereano.

  • Terry Miller

    I watched the whole hearing but I think Mendelson was reacting to Orange's personal attack on Mary Cheh. Can't remember what he said but I remember it was pretty insulting.

  • EP Sato

    I miss Sekou Biddle. VO's a joke, a lousy councilmember, and a shill for business interests ONLY. I can't wait to vote against him again whenever he comes up for re-election.

  • skinsfan83

    ahaha @EpSato your the only one on this planet who missed Kwame's boyfriend. I agree with Terry that Orange pulled Cheh's card during the debate about her collecting 14,000 from the guy. Mendelson needs to sit down and shut up. Name recognition is the only reason he is still in office.

  • leeshato

    I am for free enterprise as well as the next person. I buy my gas at the Maryland line and it is twenty to thirty cents cheaper.I would want this monopoly to stop if it was a white person. Gas is high enough without a dealer price fixing. People in the city struggle enough and higher gas prices are not what we need.The councilmen/women should look out for the citizens not just people who support their compaigns. Thank You Mary Cheh for bringing the bill up . Lowering prices is what all council members need to do.

  • skinsfan83

    @leeshato point blank the prices will not go down anytime soon. I could see if the councilmembers had discount cards or other ways they got gas for cheap however, they pull up to the pump and cough up the money just like we do.

  • Barrie Daneker

    What we really need to do is require full service in the DC. This will create jobs, decrease carjackings at stations and the panhandling that goes on in the city at service/gas stations. Every council members yells about jobs....well here is a way to create some!!! Get on Mary, Tommy, Vo, Medo, stop yelling at each other and get this one done to benefit DC residents!

  • skinsfan83

    Someone was telling me VO is having a job czar coming up soon. Not sure if this is accurate but he had one that my aunt attended back when he was ward 5 councilmember. She said she couldnt stand him, then she applied for a job and got it.....Now she supports him. Yea I told her she is a bandwagoner supporter, she dont care though ahhahah smh.

  • InIt2WinIt

    This bill would have had a sum zero impact on gas prices. What drives gas prices is completely out of the control of station owners and operators. Local taxes on gas, however, does. Will Cheh now introduce a bill to eliminate the 3% tax the city levies on gas? Hold your breath "progressives". Please. I mean "really" hold your breath.

  • jo jo

    You crackers are always getting upset when black people play your game and get paid. Memo earned his money and you crackers and uncle toms needs to get over it!