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Alexander Survives Ballot Challenge

Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander has avoided the embarrassing, but not necessarily fatal, spectacle of failing to qualify for April's ballot.

The Board of Elections and Ethics ruled today it that it didn't find any "substantial evidence" of rule-breaking by the Alexander campaign, only a "sloppy nature" by which it gathered the signatures necessary for Alexander to qualify as a candidate.

At issue was whether Alexander campaign aides submitted signatures they said they'd personally gathered but were actually gathered by paid circulators. Aide Derek Ford said at a hearing last week that he'd hired "assistants" to help him gather signatures while leaving the affidavit signed by circulators unsigned. But after talking to Alexander's lawyer, lobbyist and beloved group home leader David Wilmot, Ford said he threw those signatures away and only submitted signatures he'd personally gathered.

The board indicated that it's not pleased with Ford's "inability ... to explain several deficiencies which ultimately raised questions as to whether the board should trust the veracity of his testimony." LL's not exactly sure what that means, but it apparently wasn't enough to discount Ford's version of events and keep Alexander off the ballot.

In other BOEE news: Republican hopeful Rick Santorum is the only GOP candidate still standing who won't appear on the D.C. primary ballot. Democratic at-large candidates E. Gail Anderson Holness, who LL has never heard of, also survived a challenge and will be on the ballot. And Peaceoholics co-founder Jauhar Abraham only submitted 163 valid signatures, the board ruled, meaning his bid to unseat Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry is over, for now.

  • maura

    E Gail Anderson Holness is a former chair of ANC 1B.

  • Political Observer

    I had such high hopes for the board under Ms. Nichols' leadership.

  • Advice

    Alexander needs to distance herself (or outright dump) Ford. He is a drunken nuisance causing her trouble over and over and over.

  • NE John

    Was she in Hair Spray?

  • Truth hurts

    Lawyer lobbyist govt contractor campaign bundler wilmot earned that fake friends and family discount dough Gray's girl Alexander paid him (or not)

  • DJ Ren

    What a shame. Yvette can't even manage to get her signatures in order without drama - Ward 7, please rid us of this woman...

  • jo jo

    That fat ignorant pig needs to get an education and loose some weight! she is ghetto dumb.

  • cutthecrap

    @DJ Ren & jo jo: Ward 7 is screwed with ANY of the candidates, including Alexander. The slate needs to be cleaned and we need to start over. God help Ward 7 if any of them win. Ward 7 has a case of a do nothing, coattail hanging imcumbent, a closeted tranny chasing junior, a jack leg minister who doesn't live in the ward, a carpetbagging ward 8 wannabe, an illiterate do nothing school board member, and a nobody who nobody in the ward knows running for the democratic seat. On the republican side we have an idiot who calls himself a "civil rights" repubilican who ran a non profit that did nothing and stole money from DC gov't. Ward 7 should be up in arms over this motley crew of candidates.