Loose Lips

Sources: Millicent West Pushed Out

Millicent West, who resigned Monday from her position as head of the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, was asked to resign at Mayor Vince Gray's behest, multiple sources have confirmed to LL.

West, you should know by now, was head of the Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation during part of the time that disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. was using the CYITC to steal more than $350,000 in city money. Court records filed as part of Thomas' plea deal show that West helped Thomas secure more than $100,000 from the CYITC to pay for an inaugural ball that was held at the Wilson Building in 2009. West has defended the expenditure as legitimate and denied any wrongdoing. She's not been charged with any crimes.

A source within the Gray administration says the mayor's decision to seek West's resignation came after an internal investigation into her conduct at the CYITC. The results of the investigation: West didn't do anything illegal, but showed enough poor judgement in the Thomas affair that she needed to go, the source says.

West couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

  • NE John

    Oh, I forgot, every individual holding position in the DC government is too stupid to understand right from wrong. My bad.

  • Holdadice

    @LL & MM: Now, now fellows, did your source in the Gray Administration have the authority to discuss this very personal matter with you? "Multiple sources have confirmed"?? I wonder who in the EOM is leaking to the media? Someone must have leaked for there to be so many confirmed sources. Being terminated from any job can't be easy and to have that sort of information leaked to the press is inexcusable. SHAME ON YOU LEAKERS!!!!!


  • Daniel

    I thought Gray had nothing to do with West's resignation?

    Post article on Tuesday:
    Pedro Ribeiro, director of communications for Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D), said West submitted her resignation letter Tuesday morning. He said he was not aware of Gray asking for the resignation.


  • SEis4ME

    Who believed that Gray didn't (in some way) force West to resign? This is just how it works in politics.

    Don't believe me? Ask Barack Obama.

  • Mr. Remember

    The handwritng was on the wall. The plea deal would and should reveal all the culprits. Again, I am saying this, you can't be a married man and have all this illegal money at your disposal and the loving wife not benefitting. Again, in the raid not one luxury item that was female oriented. You mean not one piece of jewelry, mink coat, spa treatment, handbag or shoes was packed up by the FBI agents. Which leads me to believe that the money was spent on a mistress [West??] on there is a stripper with a lot of one-dollar bills in her g-string. LOL.

    Hey I understand West was from a previous battered relationship and as a smart woman. She's probably become the Pheonix and contemplated that I will rise again and with that thought process started a by any means necessary mantra.

    You know men are lead with their penises but women think with with their vaginas. Remember men will ask if they can get in there and women will guide you to there. Think about it.

    There's a newline of linen coming to the comsumers called "blackmail" exclusively sold by Walmart. No wonder the council approved so many Walmarts in the DC vicinity.

  • Inside looking out

    Is this a shock to anyone !!

  • Ward1Dude

    Crazy shit is not worth responding to. No matter what the truth is, West did the right thing by stepping down whether she was urged or not. She led a critical agency and the cloud over her would prevent her managing effectively. I have worked with her over the years and found nothing but professional and a very able public administrator. That said, circumstantial evidence does look like she didnt exercise good judgement/oversite re dealing with Thomas. Many people inside DC govt suspected that Thomas was on the take for many things but there was not evidence until now. Lets just hope for truth and justice.

  • Peter Rosenstein

    The city is better off for West's resignation. Time to hire a homeland security expert. West was a Fenty holdover (think she was a friend of Michelle's) that should have been replaced right away. Better late than never.

  • 55 year old black man

    Funny... Good old looselips... Judge and juror... So we inform the city on "sources". lots of what I hear and read is that the system was severely flawed and she didn't do anything illegal...ie "harry's money".. Good job media and no/low lifes in assisting to add to speculations and non facts. The real deal is that no one knew what she was charged with but yet, we created something based on the actions of some scum bag...

    Godspeed Madam West, your 10 years in dc government has been appreciated.

    An old friend from ServeDC days... You were a great Director there and st tge trust .

  • 55 year old black man

    Daniel Wrote: "I thought Gray had nothing to do with West's resignation?"

    Daniel, that's what Gray and there spokesman said... however, LL has been calling over to the EOM all day and talking to various sources that have no idea what they are talking about. However, the horses mouth isn't good enough anymore..

    psst.. news flash.. "it doesn't make for a good story".


  • idoncare…kinda

    lol folks were crying and pissed at her job a few days ago... dahell?

  • Holdadice

    @ALL: 'twas da feds dat dunnit.

    THANK GOD!!!

  • Woman’s world

    I find it amazing that anyone is shocked, by west. It was known in many circles that she was sleeping with the lover of DC GOV Spencer Davis fired from dc gov from kick backs from a staffing agency while the deputy at opm/dres stay tune for that story) Fenty that's how she was protected and vetted. Thomas was the last west lover and brought her down with her protection of her men to help her. Her husband was very upset with rumors often accusing her of cheating. But the worst thing, being one of worlds biggest targets you put west and eru in charge of one the most important agencies in the NCR, with no experience dealing with real incident command or real major threats. Then you put Jennier Green with no emergency management experience. She struggle running a police district and over her head as the 911 director. She has a conflict being retired from Mpdc. Who is selecting these people dam! A man can run an agency!

  • Mr. Remember

    Ward1dude, you know there's a difference from a professional and personal realationship. My word, a former President of the United States was poster child for that mere description alone.

    To find someone profesional is not an excusable situation in finding someone fornicating a government official.

    Don't respond, when you can't respond. I know when a woman like West who has been through the mill with a former boyfriend who personified abusiveness. Then I do believe West did what she needed to do survive and serve revenge and through it all she found love with her husband. She's a strong black woman and she too will rise.

  • StrangeFruit

    What's the hype regarding if Gray did or didn't force West to resign? Didn't she work for the Mayor; isn't it the mayor's prerogative to hire or fire whomever he please?

    Can we all say, "At Will" employee????

  • Holdadice

    @ #9: Does "'sttge' trust stand for steal to the greatest extent trust"? And if what's reported is true, she was definitely serving DC, just in the wrong way.

    There are conflicting reports, but if Ms West WAS 'Miss Wonderful' before all of this, it's doubly sad that she now finds herself in the DC Hall of Shame.

    @councilinsider: Please tell your friend, for the sake of her grandmama and her child, do the right thing, get that legal counsel she definitely needs and ask for as much immunity as she can get. Then move on with her life.
    It's never too late for a smart cookie like you say she is.

  • Disappointed

    This makes me sick. Personal and Professional should be separated.

  • Holdadice

    If Ms West was the "Miss Wonderful" people think she was, its doubly sad that she now finds herself in the DC Hall of Shame.

    Hello....Councilinsider: Please tell your friend for the sake of the grandmother you mentioned and for the sake of her child, she should do the right thing. GET THAT LEGAL COUNSEL you said she was ambivalent about and ask for as much immunity as she can get. Perhaps she can then live up to the "Miss W" moniker and move on with her life. It's never too late for a smart cookie like you say she is.

  • EnoughAlready

    Millicent West is a nice person. Regardless of her performance at HSEMA, no commenter here is privy to her private life. Give the innuendo a rest.

    I find it troubling that it's assumed that every attractive woman in a position of authority in District government got there by spreading her legs. Many of us nice looking doves are actually smarter than the average bear. But go on ahead, feel better about yourself. Continue to cast dispersions on this woman's character. You guys are real heroes.

  • Truth Hurts

    @EnoughAlready, IF West slept with any of those married me she is wrong especially after she got married. Where their is smoke often fire often follows. When men in leadership cheats on his spouse people call for his termination or to step down. What gives her a pass because she is a woman. PLEASE .... if she is a nasty cheater than thats what she is. She might be a nice person but she can't be bed jumping as a married Cabinet member.

  • EnoughAlready

    @Truth Hurts- Unless any of you have video or pictures of these alleged liaisons, you are simply spreading nasty rumors. Again, you're a real hero....

    And, btw, I think Millicent was unqualified for the position at HSEMA. There are a number of folks in the current and past administration who were also unqualified. It's fine to discuss their professional shortcomings. Rise above spreading rumors about their personal lives.