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Money, Money, Money

New campaign finance reports are in (with some exceptions, LL is looking at you former mayor-for-life Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry) and there's plenty to digest.

First off, Ward 5 council hopefuls Delano Hunter and Kenyan McDuffie both had pretty sizable hauls considering the race has barely begun there. Hunter pulled in more than $20,000 and McDuffie's take was nearly $17,000. Their early success at fundraising highlights the advantages that come with having run unsuccessful campaigns against then-incumbent, disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., in 2010. They didn't win, but they got their names out there and built networks that come in handy now. (LL's forthcoming column is covering similar ground in the current race in Ward 8.) As for the other reports worth noting, Frank Wilds, who came in second to Thomas in 2006, and appears to have loaned himself $10,000 and ANC Commissioner John Salatti raised nearly $8,000.

Next up is the Democratic at-large race. Incumbent Councilmember Vincent Orange leads all comers with a total $140,000 raised so far. (LL is still not seeing any donations related to usual Orange money man Jeffrey Thompson.) Former Prince George's County Councilmember Peter Shapiro (yep, you read that right) is outpacing former Councilmember Sekou Biddle in the money race, prompting Greater Greater Washington contributor Dave Stroup to call for Biddle to drop out and support Shapiro. Shapiro's total take is nearly $90,000 (though he loaned himself $50,000 of that) while Biddle has raised $47,000.* Of course, if Stroup's man Bryan Weaver had followed that advice in last year's special election and dropped out to support a candidate with more cash, it's possible Orange might not even be the incumbent!

In Ward 4, LL is just about ready to declare incumbent Councilmember Muriel Bowser the victor based solely on her massive money edge. Bowser has more than $212,000 available to spend in the next two months. Her opponents, including Renee Bowser, Baruti Jahi, and Max Skolnik, aren't even in the ballpark.

In Ward 7, Councilmember Yvette Alexander has started to show some life (if she can stay on the ballot), raising nearly $50,000 this reporting period. Meanwhile, her parking-lobby backed opponent Tom Brown managed a paltry $3,855. Kevin Chavous the Younger raised $6,500, leaving him with $11,000 to spend on his campaign and/or other activities. (Kidding!)

In Ward 8 we're still waiting to see what Barry has raised. LL highlights what little money his opponents will have to take on Barry in a column that's about to post.

One last note, Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans has already spent $227,000 in an uncontested race. And he's still got another $87,000 left to plow through.

* This post has been updated.

  • Skipper

    Ah Stroup, the guy who pushed for Weaver to run, thereby splitting the anti-Orange vote and ensuring a win for Vinny Orange. Brilliant political strategerist, that guy.

  • Wannabe

    Ah Stroup the waif wannabe of DC Politics who comes off as a manic depressive insecure individual. If you followed his departure last year from DC to Orleans and return again, you'd agree.

  • Pete

    What the eff is Jack Evans spending $200,000+ on in a race in which he's uncontested?! Thas a lot of "walk around" money.

  • Barrie Daneker

    Dave Stroup won't know his ass from his elbow in politics here in DC or anywhere else. He just another white gentrified new resident who thinks he's a progressive. BTW in DC Progressive=White new resident. What Stroup fails to do is really looks at what drives voters decisions. He think's his the "King Maker" in DC politics...however his record is he's more like the "pauper maker". I suggest he go back to school and take some courses in Pol Sci, State and local government and maybe spend some time doing polling before he opens that trap of his in which stupid shit seems to seep out! He even claims he was Time Magazine's person of the year in 2006 and 2011. He's so full of himself. He got that degree from Georgetown on economics so maybe he should stick to that instead of politics. Otherwise he should have save his cash for finishing school because that degree and the rest of his crap on his resume is just that...CRAP! Stroup endorsed Herman Cain does that tell the readers of LL something..YES Stroup doesn't have enough brains to get out of the rain.

  • Dave Stroup

    Mr. Daneker, I am pleased to learn that you have memorized my LinkedIn profile. I am a bit saddened that you didn't appreciate the jokes that were included. One point of order, I did not endorse Herman Cain. Rather, Herman Cain endorsed me, at the same time he endorsed the American people.

  • Holdadice

    @ALL: 'twas da feds dat dun it.

    THANK GOD!!!!

  • Barrie Daneker

    Mr. Stroup no unlike you I don't joke about credentials. If you were at all serious about politics you would get your head out of the sand and really do something instead of blowing smoke! Grow up or shut up!

  • Anne

    Yes Barrie, we've seen how well that's been working out for you, eh?

  • Barrie Daneker

    @ Anne...yup works very well for me...I don't steal lie or cheap and joking about our leadership here in Dc is no laughing matter.

  • Wrack

    Barrie, you sure don't write like a grownup. And you seem to dislike people for being white. And you seem to care whether someone's lived in DC for some length of time, despite the fact that that has no legal effect on whether one can vote here. Come on -- don't be such a spaz.

  • Barrie Daneker

    @Wrack...it's no t about being white or the length of time you have lived here at all. It's just that we keep hearing progressive and the demographics behind those that claim this title happen to be that group. You can't change the world over night and you can't just step on those who have a history here in DC under the guise of being a progressive. It's about building consensus... Instead we have this tweet culture that is way out of tune both in reality, facts and political acumen who resort to rumors, jokes, misinformation ...