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Loose Lips Daily: Flipity Flop, IGaming Is Dead For Now Edition

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Good morning sweet readers! Note to daytime cat buglers: Every Madden in D.C. is currently serving jury duty today. News time:

Flipity Flop, iGaming is Dead For Now: Mayor Vince Gray, who before yesterday has never expressed any concern with the way the D.C. Council he headed at the time legalized online gambling, now says he thinks the council ought to repeal the controversial measure, the Post reports. "Gray spokesman Pedro Ribeiro said the mayor has concluded that the process under which the program became law was so convoluted that it should be scrapped — somewhat of a reversal from previous statements.'His view is that this has become so messy, and there are so many questions about this, let’s repeal it and take a step back,' Ribeiro said. 'It’s not something so absolutely critical to the future of the city that we need to do this.'” But that's not the same song Hizzoner was singing last year. "In a July interview with NewsChannel 8, Gray said the authorization language included in the December 2010 budget bill 'really did get quite an airing' and 'was very much out on the forefront.'" NBC 4 says iGaming sponsor Councilmember Michael Brown counts a majority of the council in support of a repeal. "I think it's a mistake," says Brown. Not only is this move a rebuke of Brown, but also one of CFO Nat Gandhi, whose office was recently taken to task by an inspector general's report. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans's finance committee is set to get the ball rolling on a repeal today. And Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells, who introduced the repeal legislation, gets to take a victory lap. LL's question: Wasn't iGaming pretty much dead anyway before Gray announced this?

AFTER THE JUMP: Sleep Strike; Agency Fail; NW Meth Lab?...

Alexander in Trouble: Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander faces the possibility of not being on April's ballot. At issue: allegations that "Alexander’s petition circulators did not personally witness a great many of the signatures they attested to collecting; if the board accepts those claims, that could be enough to bounce Alexander from the ballot." David Wilmot has taken time out from running group homes for the District's developmentally disabled and being the second-highest paid local lobbyist to represent Alexander. The Board of Elections and Ethics is set to resume a hearing on Alexander's fate tomorrow. Incumbents can survive this sort of thing, of course; just ask Tony Williams

This Sounds Like the Worse Thing Ever: The Examiner reports: To protest the National Park Service's enforcement of a camping ban in the park (even though no arrests have been made more than 24 hours after the Park Service's enforcement deadline passed), two Occupiers are forgoing sleep until the Park Service allows protesters to sleep in the park, they said Tuesday. Also, a "scissors-wielding vigilante" tried to take matters into his own hands.

In Other News:

  • IG report on death of White House retiree says "city agencies did a better job of cleaning up his property than saving his life."
  • Ribbon cutting for "Matthews Memorial Terrace, a 99-unit, eco-friendly apartment complex located at 2616 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE, next door to Matthews Memorial Church."
  • Suspected meth lab at 16th and R St NW. What?
  • Resistance to school facilities study findings.

Gray sked: 9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.: ExportDC Announcement; 10:00 a.m. – 10:40 a.m.: Friendship Collegiate Academy Public Charter School NCAA Football National Signing Day Celebration (Good for Gray, you can read about Friendship's team here.); 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.: North Michigan Park Civic Association Meeting.

Council sked: Washington Convention and Sports Authority Board confirmations at 9 a.m.; Disorderly conduct review at 10 a.m.; Streetcar land use at 10:30 a.m.

  • Barrie Daneker

    Well that explains why Wells was a no show at the hearings. He was behind the scenes killing igaming!

  • resident

    Nothing on Millicent West?

  • Green Eyeshade

    Looks to me like a groundswell of grassroots opposition to potential corruption from gambling has changed politics on DC Council, if only for a moment. And that's assuming Council actually votes to repeal Internet Gambling AND votes to repeal the whole "Lottery Modernization Act" that was used to whitewash the CFO's secretly amending the lottery contract behind Council's back.

  • RealDC

    Once again the leadership in this town gets it wrong. The council members were paid to read bills before they vote on it. Now they want to vote NO after voting YES?? Did Bowser and Wells read the bill before they voted for it? This is what they are paid to do! Don't give me that crap that MBrown pulled a fast one, did you READ the bill?? Yes or no!!

    On the another note, iGaming will be big nationally! DC had a chance to be out in front, now DC will scramble to recover. Maryland is putting Boardwalk Empire at the national harbor and DC can't have iGaming?? Give me a break. More buses from DC to all the gambling spots everywhere else, will continue. Brilliant. When can we get NEW leaders? Vote/recall these FOOLS out, now! Dumb and lazy are not good leadership qualities. How will DC add revenue? Lets see, we can always add some more traffic cameras to increase revenue. Maybe, increase business license fees or add more Walmarts. How are we going to pay for this streetcar boondoggle?? .... We need fresh ideas, now!!

    Non-gambler, no affiliation or benefit from this bill.

  • The Home Team

    BTW- This streetcar nonsense is some bull****! Too costly and there is no room on the streets for this antiquated mode of transportation. How about the horse and buggy, we can keep green space and increase employment with the needed pooper scooper techs?? We are not going back to Pleasantville. Baseball has been integrated and we are not going back to those times before.

    The cost of streetcar system is too much!!

    Wells is holding a streetcar study hearing now with his "handpicked" folks testifying like he is meeting them for the first time, what a joke? He even has a smirk on his face as he asked his questions.LOL. Suckers,

  • Green Eyeshade

    It is a myth that Internet Gambling could generate substantial revenues. Even the CFO admitted in the fiscal impact statement for the bill passed in December 2010 that potential revenues were only a few million a year. The lottery already generates over $60 Million in revenue every year; Internet Gambling as proposed in the Intralot contract could not come close to that, for several reasons. (1) Internet Gambling is untested and not systems-engineered for a single city-state, (2) Intralot would be guaranteed FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of the revenues from Internet Gambling, but gets only about half as much from lottery tickets, (3) potential breaches of Internet security could expose DC to substantial millions in legal liability, easily more potential liability than potential revenue.

  • Barrie Daneker

    @ Greeneyes---yes and the end of the world could happen tomorrow! Are you really serious about your comments... 1. When any thing is new it's on uncharted waters, which doesn't mean that it's untested and not engineered for a city-state plan. Obviously you have no clue about the computer world or geocoding. 2. Your figures are wrong...check your math! 3. potential risk is not the same as real risk so don't put shit out there that is completely baseless. I would like you are a resident on the #rd rock form the Sun! Please return home with ET

  • RealDC

    @green eyeshade- Is it a myth or is it unproven? There is a difference. This CFO has admitted a lot of things in the past and have been incorrect more than once. Check those lottery revenue numbers, especially since DC lost exclusivity on the Powerball game 2010. Maryland is having record sales at the expense of DC. 50% of DC lottery sales are from MD and VA??

    Your other three points seemed to be red-herrings. (1)Internet Gambling is new, but it is not untested. Other sites that were up were doing quite well before the Feds shut them down. 18 states have interest in getting in on Internet Gambling, looks like its hot. Why does DC got to be scared of the bogeyman?

    (2)Who signed the agreement with Intralot and gave away 50% of the internet revenue? Did they read the agreement? Why did they agree to that? Surely, it can be renegotiated?

    (3)Internet Security, you have to have a SECURED network. How is the current online system secured? My understanding is that DC Lottery is using high speed internet provided by Comcast. How are they providing internet security for the current games? Is Comcast accepting liability for potential breaches?

  • Truth hurts

    Waiting for someone to blame the lottery fiasco on Fenty.

  • Double Down

    Many Countries in Europe, which are the same size as states offer internet gaming without security breeches and the hysteria people have raised. I do think the city should get more than 50% though because the house always wins.

  • Double Down


    I have not seen such acts of courage since our Mayor and Councilmembers called for Harry Thomas to resign on the day he resigned! Please DC can we elect a spine to office?