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Millicent West, Key Figure in Thomas Case, Resigns (UPDATED)

Millicent West, who oversaw the Children & Youth Trust Investment Corp. during part of the period while disgraced former Ward 5 Coucilmember Harry Thomas Jr. used the CYITC to steal public money, has resigned from her current post as director of the District's homeland security agency, two Wilson Building sources confirm.

LL was first to report that West had been interviewed by the FBI prior to Thomas' guilty plea. She was described in Thomas' court records, though not by name, as playing a role in helping Thomas secure more than $100,000 to pay for a 2009 inaugural party at the Wilson Building.

West, who was appointed to homeland security by former Mayor Adrian Fenty, has denied any wrongdoing in connection to the Thomas affair, and had said she thought the party was a legitimate use of the CYITC's money. She did not immediately return a call for comment this morning.

LL has also detailed a connection between West and another figure in the Thomas saga. Danita Doleman, who sources have confirmed is the individual in Thomas' court records that gave Thomas a $5,000 kickback and acted as a pass through for the inauguration money, worked briefly for West at homeland security.

More to come shortly...

UPDATE: West sent Mayor Vince Gray her resignation this morning. "Given the current distractions," West wrote, "I believe that this is both the best decision for both my family and the District."

It's worth noting that the media attention surrounding West's involvement in the Thomas saga didn't go much beyond the first few days after Thomas' guilty plea at the beginning of January. West has been mostly out of the news since then.

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  • drez

    Wait and see. West isn't going to get charged for anything.
    Should she have known better? Yes. Did she know better? Maybe. Can you prove what she knew and when she knew it? Likely not. And that right there is why she won't be charged.

    Thomas, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was doing. And he was in a great position to bring immense pressure to bear on West did she not go along with what, under false pretext, was presented as a legitimate request.

    By the way, I don't know West. I don't think I've ever met or worked with her. But I do know something of the government culture in which she and Thomas worked. For whatever it's worth.

  • Nightmare

    @Dreamworks...Seriously, the head of DC Homeland Security doesnt need to be a subject matter expert !!! Last time I checked, DC was the biggest target in the world. Its not like she was running a Walmart and while she was a nice lady, she was clearly in over her head. Your comment about Darnell is wrong and shows you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. Have a nice day

  • Kelz

    Well well well, look at ll trying to cover there ass in pointing out in a not-so-roundabout way, they weren't bugging and calling her while she was working... nice... Sounds like enemies have created...

  • Cabinetinsider


    Funny, Darryll endorsed her, Peter LaPorte and Barbara Childs both testified at wests hearing in favor citing, she would do a better job than them. Also qualifications were very similar. Not sure what a hs director should look like for you guys.

  • Holdadice

    @ThinkPost #31: Or how about Triple "Nickles" $$$ signs that kicked out millions every time they pumped the lever?

  • Holdadice

    @MM: Am I being penalized for my folly?
    Is "moderation" really a black hole or should I refrain from using pseudonyms in my comment?

  • Holdadice

    @drez #40: C'mon Dude!! Hartsock lied about her DC residency and maybe even her US citizenship. She could hardly speaka da English. Not confirming her was one of the most sound collective decisions the DC City Council made. Not only that, but Fenty still placed her in position at DCPR.

    Clark was sacrificed by your guy Fenty. He said he was called in on a Sunday evening and terminated because he would not second guess a coach who precluded the Fenty Twins from playing on a basketball team they had aged out of.

    And drez, man, you 'bout to lose your bloggin' creditability papers if you believe Ms. West resigned without having been asked to do so. Too bad, because she seemed to have had some smarts even though she didn't make 'councilinsider' stop giving out waayyy TMI.

  • Holdadice

    @Iseedumbpeople #50: "Chick" gained a $5k plus paycheck each payday if her listed salary is correct. The fact that she supposesdly downgraded her salary by 100k is probably due to the fact that HR couldn't justify the higher salary.

  • Holdadice

    @LL & MM: What's up with the "moderation" stuff, guys? I'm only saying what has been publicly posted.

  • Truth hurts

    Doubt she'll be charged criminally. But she needed to step down.

  • NE John

    @Iseedumbpeople, at least the same one filed against the Langston Golf Course individual.

  • NE John

    DREZ, I know you know that culture. You are constantly finding lame ways to explain why "it's not really that bad." It is! Anyone with that experience in government knows about funding, where they come from, and how they can be spent. These lame excuses must end.

    Iseedumbpeople, I would have, I do have the drive to sent them all to hell, but the money is much better where I am now.

  • NE John


  • Drez

    @NE John
    Keep on trying. I won't argue with you.

  • EOM

    The truth of the matter that west slept with fenty and Thomas and spencer Davis . She met her husband in Thomas reviewing stand. She hired Barbra child's pair as a contractor(still in the office) her mentor because she didn't have a clue about emergency management . Her deputy eru has no emergency management background and has no clue to be a deputy. She doesn't even attend meetings without kerry Payne. How did I tell you she was placed as the deputy after fenty lost by Neil Albert because she was her COS. West husband often told her not to hire men as he was always worried about her cheating on him. Count the number of women working in that agency. The final straw was she lied to FEMA about extending the EOC when she really was building a fusion center that yes she hired another female from MPDC with conducting interviews. Oh Cathy Lanier knows that another fenty project for covering up his beating his wife.

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  • Cannon

    Ms. West acted as the State Administrative Agent for US Department of Homeland Security grants with responsibility for managing more than $300 million in federal grant dollars to State and local emergency response organizations in the National Capital Region. IF THAT alone doesn't scare you as a tax payer what does. If she can't handle keeping track of funds for a party how can she manage $300 million. Barbara Childs on help confirmed her to get that contract after she was fired for playing with federal transportation funds while acting director and sleeping with Robert Bobb and Sandra Perkins. The entire staff needs to be replaced because they were all placed by favors and friendship and not ability to do the JOB. All of Fenty's people should have been replaced because they have deep roots to trouble and corruption. Stay Tune Harry is signing like the ojays, so if you did dirt with harry YOU ARE NEXT!


    Its real easy to follow the money Anthony Floyd was Danita Doleman husband and FENTY's best friend and front person for contracts for her husband and Keith Lomax who was fenty best friend and sunday basketball buddy who has a Bentley his wife has a bmw 635 conv and he has a for pickup truck that he use to for management of all the landscaping contracts that fenty gave him. Danita doleman owns a home in the 1800 blk of bryant st ne a few doors for Thomas first house on bryant street. They brought a home in Michigan park until they had a ugly divorce. Anthony Floyd was a big time Drug dealer and has property in Flordia until his little brother Paul Floyd was killed after being found handcuff and shot off of 18th street ne (ward 5). Thomas grew up in the same neighborhood as the floyd brothers. If you check Lomax and Anthony Floyd you will see how dirty their hands are and how all this ties back to Fenty who was having affair with west. THIS THING IS ABOUT TO GET REAL UGLY! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!

  • LastStop

    The apologists for West on this blog, in my opinion, are the GREATEST problem in the District.

    It doesn't matter where your "loyalties" lie with respect to any Mayor. There is an expectation that an executive over any government agency be competent to do the job overwhich they have been appointed to. Millicent West clearly knew that it was inappropriate to pay for an inaugural event through for the DC Democrats considering when the request came from them directly, instead of funding it, she asked that the request be submitted through another go between. Once this was done, the check was cut immediately.

    As a taxpaying citizen, getting caught all up in the weeds of whether she will be charged by the US Attorney is besides the point. You don't need the US Attorney's office to know the difference between right and wrong. When you create "I know, but..." excuses for these government leaders perpetuates the problem of misuses of power and makes District residents look like apologists for impropriety in government.

    You should feel bad for what Ms. West did. But don't let who appointed her to what cloud your judgement as to the extent of her wrongdoing. I imagine that to Republican taxpayers in the District, the illegal use of 100k in taxpayer dollars for a Democratic political event is a major area of concern. How long has this gone on thorugh these laundering channels?

  • Mike Madden

    @ Holdadice -- The moderation is automatically done by the computer system. I'll look at your comments now.

  • Holdadice

    @MM: Thanks, I've read much worse.

  • NE John

    Whatever Drez

  • oh-oh

    wasn't millicent west the lady that fenty was making midday stops over her house? his smart car was reported parked out back ofher crib in n.e. or s.e.

  • CatsOutTheBag

    Everyone keeps asking what she gained from defrauding CYITC. The answer is obvious. She got an appointment as the Director of HSEMA and the salary that goes along with it. She was a good Fenty soldier, did what she was told and got a progressively better jobs and more $$ for her loyalty. It is quid pro quo plain and simple.

  • Drez

    It was HTJ's party, not Fenty's.

  • RealDC

    Damn, high DRAMA in DC! To hell with DC Housewives, that show was boring compared to the REAL life drama unfolding in this town. Peaceaholics gets &4.6 million to develop apartment buildings? How? All under the cover of the AG Nickles? How? Why? Where is the "Fenster"??? Looks like HTJ was not the only thief in the temple???

  • LastStop

    Adrian Fenty is yesterday's news. I mean, going, going, gone! We would all be well served to keep our eyes on the ball and keep moving forward. It is not unusual for a current administration to pay for the sins of the past. That even goes for the President.

    It is as if some people in this town posturing as a city just NEED for the city to have this cloud of distrust over the place they call home. It is quite pitiful.

  • PissAsHe77

    @ Fenty Insider: I know you are telling the truth about the people and players in DC politics!

    It is the Goode Ole Boy DC network.

    Check out what Fenty Insider is saying.... Follow the Players and the you will see the MONEY TRAIN!

  • seDCdude


    You're sadly mistaken if you believe that bullcrap you posted to be true!

    Fenty's ass is grass right along with the rest of the cronies involved......connect the dots just got dusted off and now is a viable GAME again,

    You better recognize posts 65, 66, and 67...let the games begin!

    Hahahahahahahahaha can't wait and Drez can't help himself...that fool lost all credibility when he revealed his shameless ways 4 years ago in thread!

  • Fenty Outsider

    @Fenty Insider: you should really check your facts before commenting about the Floyd Family. It's a shame when people can make blantant inaccurate statment about a person and or a family and get it all wrong. First of all, Mr. Floyd's brother was killed in DC some 16 year ago, way beyond the Fenty Administration and his success was not at all acquire through city funds or contracts, but through his own hard work for he was an independent property developer and didn't deal with government contracts until the property bust took effect in DC. Secondly, if he wree involved in any wrong doing, he would have been under investigation right now, which he is not. I don't know who you are, but you don't know anything about the Floyd Family or their rich legacy. Check your Facts....


    Fenty Outsider Cheack Anthony Floyds criminal record, Check court records and see if he was married to Donita Doleman. Check property records in fla to see if he owns property. I never said that his brother was killed during the Fenty mess, but he was kidnapped and was held for ransom for the many kilo's him and his brother was selling. Check the DEA and court records and the Homicide jacket. All this information is fact! Donita Doleman did live in the 1800 blk of Bryant Street down the street from Harry Thomas before his move to 18th street. I don't know about Rich Legacy, but they had money from drug sales and Paul left a large life insurance policy for his wife and 2 daughters. Anthony Floyd was one of NE biggest Drug dealers and use that money to try and go straight and buy property after his brother was killed. Check any of the facts, HEY LOMAX YOU know this all true, Or should we ask Anthony Floyd Drug partner Danny Martin. It would be wise for you calm down before you bring heat on all of your boys .

  • seDCdude

    Why is my comment in MODERATION, 1 entire day???

    Ridiculous, city paper and their obvious agenda based jerklism!

  • seDCdude


    In moderation 36 hours, unbelievable, but this is WCP

  • Mike Madden

    @ seDCdude:

    As I've told you many times, the moderation is automatic and we aren't notified when a comment is posted or when WordPress sends it to moderation. And we don't have anyone whose primary job is to moderate the comments. So we get to them when we can. If you simply can't wait to see your comments posted, you're welcome to post some thoughts on the Post's site or on DCist.

  • REALtalk

    this blog gossip is interesting

  • believe what u see

    Fenty insider, I know exactly who you are. It is unfortunate that you have decided to not only engage in character assassinations, but also bring up a very tragic event that is not at all relevant to the article or dialogue. Fortunately, persons involved in the matter to which you have shamelessly provided erroneous information about have been able to heal and move on with their lives. You should do the same. Give some thought to how your child might feel to view disturbing and hurtful information about you in a public forum. BE WISE.