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Loose Lips Daily: Rich Man Talk Edition (Updated)

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Good afternoon sweet readers! LL's wife has told him in no uncertain terms that he cannot cheer for Tom Brady's Patriots because of Brady's high level of skeeviness. But cheer for the Giants? Arrg. Maybe they'll just cancel the Super Bowl. News time:

Rich Man Talk: Do you ever wish you were rich enough to be able to say whatever you want? Welcome to the world of Don Peebles, the mega-developer who delivered a big kiss off to Mayor Vince Gray and Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown in today's Washington Times. "Disgusted with the District’s political scandals and with what he calls “mediocre and self-serving leadership” among the city’s “entrenched” political community, Mr. Peebles told The Washington Times on Saturday that he thinks a couple of hundred-thousand dollars to back a recall effort against Mr. Gray and Mr. Brown would put them in 'deep trouble.'" Peebles, you may recall, did some serious flirting with a mayoral run in 2010 before backing Gray. (The two have a shared friend, former Gray campaign chair Lorraine Green.) Peebles dropped a $100,000 to try and convince Ward 8 residents that former Mayor Adrian Fenty did not care for black people. LL asked Gray for a reaction this morning to Peebles' trash talk. Hizonner had no comment, then almost gave LL an off-the-record comment before laughing and thinking better of it. LL's question for the rest of you: Why didn't Peebles take his recall threats to the Post? Wouldn't that have stirred things up more? UPDATE: A Peebles spokesman calls to say that the Times got it wrong and the Peebles is only contemplating a recall effort against the mayor, not Chairman Brown.

AFTER THE JUMP:  Housinggate Rolls On; Gandhi Makes it Rain; Taxi Troubles...

Housinggate Rolls On: The Post must have had awards season on its minds when it ran this story about Gray asking the inspector general to investigate the shenanigans at the Department of Housing and Community Development that the paper thoroughly detailed on Monday. It's not enough to do a good investigative piece, you have to show your work had an impact. The problem with today's Post story is that it's missing a key detail: namely that the Gray administration, specifically DHCD Director John Hall, asked for an IG investigation late last week, before the Post investigation ran. At least that's according to Gray's spokesman and the copies of Hall's letter that was sent to reporters yesterday. The timing is important because Councilmembers Michael Brown and Jim Graham have been angling to appear on top of this story, with Brown issuing a Saturday news release saying he's asked for an IG investigation. The Post's story led to this DCist piece suggesting the mayor is a Sally-come-lately when it fact, his administration was first on the draw.

Money, Money, Money: D.C. government ended fiscal year 2011 with an extra $240 million. DCFPI explains what it all means, and why undoing a recent income tax increase should be a no-go.

In Other News:

  • A lot, and LL means, a lot, of D.C. cabbies crowded the 4th floor of the Wilson Building yesterday to express their displeasure.
  • Pepco, always wanting more.
  • If you can't get press from your undergrad's paper, who can you get press from? Eh, Ward 4 challenger Max Skolnik?
  • Ward 8 challenger Darrell Gaston: Vote for me.

Gray sked: 8:15 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.: Community Justice 2012: 2nd International Conference of Community Courts; 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.: Matthews Memorial Terrace Apartments Grand Opening; 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.: “Blacks in Wax”/Black History Month Announcement; 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.: D.C. Diplomatic and International Institution Sustainability Pledge Signing.

Council sked: Historic Preservation Review Board Nominees at 2 p.m. Community Schools initiative at 4:30

  • truth hurts

    Read TWT's interview with Peebles. It's sooo rich.

    Wonder what was going through Gray's mind when asked to comment on Peebs' threatening to finance (200k) a campaign to recall Gray.

    He likely was thinking: "Donnie dude, I know you spent over 100k to get me elected. And I truly appreciated it, son. But I told you back then that if I won, I'd have no choice but to defer to my AG on how to handle the monster lawsuit Nickles filed against you, the one you said was pure political bs. Voters would scalp me if I tried to interfere. So it's not my fault Irv decided Nickles was right and is all over you with that suit. And it's not my fault you had to fire your first set of lawyers and pay through the nose to retain my guy Trout. If he can't help you, dude, I sure can't. Like truth hurts said back then, you're nothing but a punk. Should've bitch slapped your ass long ago."

  • drez

    What's up with Stevens School?

  • StrangeFruit

    Fenty had millions, the endorsement of a billionaire mayor and it didn't get him re-elected! It was and still is the will of the people, and not the media or wealthy developers.

  • Holdadice

    @SF #3: I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. Long live The Democratic Way of Government. While I have no way of knowing what is in the minds of our elected politicians, it is obvious that most are beginning to see the light of truth and are attempting to follow the straight and narrow path of righteousness. Mayor Vincent Gray is nobody's fool. He has made a few mis-steps, but he has held forth and continued on his mission. It would be a terrible tragedy if he were dishonored in the way some people seem to clamor for. I, for one, will pray that he can continue to do what he promised during his campaign in spite of the seeming conspiracy to bring him, ergo, Washington, DC down. Who in his/her right mind would want the Mayor of the most powerful city in the free world to fail? The idea that any citizen of the United States of America, much less any citizen of Washington, DC would want to see the man elected as Mayor become disgraced in any way, shape or form is unfathomable.

    Mayor Adrian Fenty began to lose my respect very early in his term. Still, at no time did I wish to see him dragged through the mud. Richard Nixon was not a lovable man, and as titillating as the Watergate scandal escalation was, very few citizens enjoyed seeing him get on Air Force One for the last time.

    So as not to appear hypocritical, it is my intention to avoid making what were jokes about our sitting DC politicians sharing the fate of those who threw the dice against the odds of what is right and what is wrong and came up losers. For the good of our great city and our great nation, please join me in helping to make it a better place for our good as well as the good of our children and their children ad infinitum. We owe it to them as well as to ourselves. PEACE BROTHERS & SISTERS.

  • LastStop

    Don Peebles is hardly concerned about anything that a blogger has to say about him with his millions. So why bother.

  • Cat Like

    Oh yes, that is all we need beyond Congress's meddling ---add a rich man from Florida's interference when he does not get the contracts he wants.

    Democracy at a price.

  • Cat Like

    P.S, I believe it is more funny stuff at DCHD. A lot of properties of the vacant property list in one month disappeared off the list in another month without record of disposition.

  • Wendy Washington

    Maybe Donahue Peebles should conserve his cash for his own attorneys' fees. I am not going to defend Gray, but his transgressions do not appear to rise to the level of Kwame's. Gray may be guilty of poor management, but that is not an indictable offense.

    As they say, follow the money. There is a more substantial evidence regarding Kwame's 2008 campaign funding irregularities, therefore, lookout for an indictable offense for the Council Chair before the Mayor. Kwame can cry "administrative errors" all he wants -- using a third party to funnel money to your brother has more serious legal implications than "fully-loaded" vehicles on the city's dime.

  • Jason

    Don Peebles? Pleeze. All talk, no substance. He "aint" going to do anything. He's not worth the millions he claims. Trust me, he might be a millionaire. I doubt it.
    All talk....