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Prostitution Tuesday

Forces beyond LL's comprehension have conspired to make today prostitution Tuesday in D.C. politics.

First off, Ward 7 council candidate Kevin B. Chavous has cut a deal with prosecutors on the charge that he allegedly tried to pay an undercover cop $20 for a blow job a few weeks ago, court records show.

The solicitation charge will go away after four months if Chavous performs 32 hours of community service, doesn't break any District laws, and stays away from the block on K Street NE where his alleged encounter occurred. The Post reports that Chavous' attorney said prosecutors approached Chavous with the deferred prosecution deal.

The deal comes after a very tight-lipped Team Chavous indicated they would fight the charge. "I am innocent of the charges against me and look forward to clearing my name!" Chavous tweeted after his arrest, in what LL is pretty sure has been his only comment about the whole affair. His campaign also put out a statement by Chavous' father, former Ward 7 Councilmember Kevin P. Chavous, after the arrest, in which Chavous the elder said: "I am convinced that he did nothing wrong or illegal and that he will be exonerated."

Chavous' spokesman has so far not returned a call seeking comment today.

It just so happens that a few hours after Chavous was in court this morning accepting the deal, his opponent, Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, was at a hearing on her bill to strengthen the District's anti-prostitution laws. Alexander has long complained about an "epidemic" of prostitution in her ward, particularly along the Eastern Avenue corridor. Her bill would allow police to designate permanent "prostitution-free zones" where cops could order people they suspected of being involved in prostitution to disburse or face charges. The law right now only allows for 20-day prostitution-free zones. (LL would caution lawmakers to be careful to avoid any typos while drafting that bill, lest they accidentally set up free prostitution zones.)

The hearing provided some unintended moments of comedy, at least in LL's mind, when Alexander wondered why more prostitution arrests don't end in convictions and whether more focus was needed on punishing johns. "If we can address the demand, then maybe the supply will go away," says Alexander. Awkward!

LL's actually quite curious to see how big a deal Chavous' legal entanglements becomes in the Ward 7 race. Will Alexander make it an issue in the campaign (LL's awaiting a call back)? Will Chavous continue to keep silent about the arrest or will he give his side of events? Do any of Ward 7's voters even care?

Photo via Kevin B. Chavous' Facebook page

  • Ward 7 Rez

    Who else is running aside from Alexander, Chavous, and Moten? Those are the only three I ever hear anything about. Ward 7 residents seem as hungry for another option as the GOP primary voters do, so if anyone else is running they should GET OUT THERE!

  • tony

    @Ward 7 Rez, I believe Rev. Bennett and Mr. Brown are running. I agree with you that other prospects should step forward. But, Yvette is done! She has been on the council for 7 years and her approval rating is roughly 20 percent, this is ridiculous! Thus, all those professed "HEAD NIxxERS IN-CHARGE" in Hillcrest who thinks that they are going to unduly influence this election are seriously mistaking.

  • Holdadice

    @tony: Phew!!!! Glad to hear you're open to considering other candidates even though I disagree with you about Ms. Alexander. For a minute there I thought you'd been
    samplin' that product Moten was so famous for in da day.

    Also glad to hear you're thriving in you field. It always makes me proud to hear our young (or old) brothers and sisters are doing well without having to resort to criminal enterprises. Keep up the good work.

  • Seven Seven

    Just some additional info. Yvette has been in office since May 2007 (4 1/2 years)

    Good News - Ray's has re-opened.

    Yvette worked with the owners of East River Park Shopping center in 2008 to bring a restaurant to ward 7 before the full redeveloment of the center into a town center with 350 housing units a new Safeway and CVS and other enhanced retail.

  • aceofhearts

    This whole race is true (not saying it makes it right) to the culture of American politics, crazy GOPers, sex scandals and lazy politicians. I think it is important to evaluate the character of each person. EVERYBODY makes mistakes, no one who has posted here is perfect and has made all the best decisions in regard to their future. Yvette had 5 years and did a whole bunch of nothing...... her legislative history is trash. Moton's platform is weak, vague and only addresses joblessness and leadership. It's childish to argue that because Chavous lives with his mom that it makes him less capable of serving the people of Ward 7. I think its time for all of you to be present at the upcoming forums to hear from your prospective CM.

  • SaveWard7


    Wrong again, Yvette did not work to bring a restaurant to ward 7, the residents in the ward lobbied for this restaurant with everyone that would listen. she sat back to see how everything would unfold, gave little support. Yes, we were all at that table. when the deal was done, then she stepped forward to take the thanks for a job the residents did. not a good council person!!!!

  • phil

    Video footage from Wednesday's forum. With Bill Bennett, Monica Brown, Tom Brown, Kevin Chavous, Dorothy Douglas.
    Yvette Alexander did not attend.