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Read: Mary Cheh’s Hate Mail

People are dumb. If you need proof, you can read the emails posted below that Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh received after Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Rush Limbaugh took a poke at her law aimed at protecting raccoons.

If you need a primer about this whole mess,  WTOP's Mark Segraves has done an epic fact check of Cuccinelli's complaints about Cheh's law. Two key points:  the law doesn't require exterminators to capture rat families and dump them in Virginia as Cuccinelli and Limbaugh have said; but there are some exterminators who find the new law onerous.

LL has always maintained that Cheh's law, to borrow an overused political metaphor, was a solution in search of a problem. Were District varmints being so mistreated that they needed protections from the government? Extremely doubtful.

That being said, bad laws don't excuse the kind of garbage that's been dumped in Cheh's lap. A sample, released from Cheh's office:

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • skinsfan83

    WOW! They destroyed her in the e-mails lol

  • Gary Gascon

    Leave Harry Potter alone. Hey Mary, where are Ron Weasley nd Hermoine Grainger? I recall a rat playing a pivotal role in your movies.

  • Truth hurts

    Cheh doesn't have something more pressing to do other than sending out these emails?


    When you waste time on ridiculous bills this is what happens. We need new leadership in this city.

  • Anonymous, Too

    Au contraire, REALDC, we need LESS "leadership" in DC. A LOT less by my accounting.

  • drez

    This is hilarious. Do these emailers even realize how unserious they make themselves look?

  • Truth hurts

    No, Drez, they don't. They're the same folks still circulating blast emails about Obama's birthplace

  • seDCdude

    Why do you PC clowns still "feel" that everyone who shows unrestrained, PURE passion for what they believe and articulate it as such, will not and cannot be taken serious??

    Either it's real or it ain't, right or wrong...is what it is!

    Jokes on you morons who feel there is a way to express yourself "other than" passionately because that's what YOU subscribe to!

    One way or another individuals will be heard and or addressed.....PC or not, everytbody ain't fake like you people!

  • Charlie

    According to the National Park Service Rock Creek Park has the largest density of raccoons in the United States. Living not far from the park I can attest to coming out almost every day and finding their little gifts to me on the steps. While they discuss plans on controlling the deer population in the park they should also address the raccoon problem.

  • Ozonator

    In reality, “Inhofe EPW Website Wins Coveted Gold Mouse Award” ( Minority Press Release, MARC MORANO, corporate whore of corporate whore James Inhofe for ExxonMobil and former corporate whore of mother of corporate whore dope-fiend Looter Limbaugh; epw.senate.gov, 1/14/08).

  • dave

    The only rat here is Rush Limpberger.