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Another HTJ Associate Charged

Another associate of disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. has been charged in federal court. Jimmy Garvin, who helped run one of the nonprofits that Thomas used to try and hide his theft of more than $350,000 in city funds, is expected to plead guilty tomorrow morning to knowing about and helping to conceal Thomas' illegal behavior.

Garvin's associate, Marshall Banks, pleaded guilty last Friday to a similar charge. So far, the feds appear to be moving at a pretty fast clip in charging those involved in the Thomas fiasco. Keep in mind that there are two other organizations that Thomas swore in court helped him steal city funds. LL reported last week that the director of one of those groups, Danita Doleman, was recently assigned a federal public defender. She has not been charged with any crime.

For a bit more on Garvin, and his efforts to bring the game of golf to the District's youth, check out this Post piece from 2009.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • skinsfan83

    Does Ward 5 have any respectable people anymore?

  • Keith B.

    NE John seems like a stand-up guy

  • Wrack

    Getting so sick of this picture of Thomas...

  • Truth hurts

    Isn't that Nikita in the background?

  • LastStop

    I guess there are those who want to know the intimate details of all the underlings who were a part of this network of corruption, the unemployed, bored or yet still imbittered Fenty fans, but I certainly am not one of them. It is not a secret that the federal government flips minor participants early on in pursuit of the big fish. HTJ here. You can rest assured that none of the names to follow are going to as notable as the former councilman. As far as I am concerned these folks can be processed quietly through the federal criminal justice system without much regard. They are not worth the ink. The point has been made with the conviction of HTJ.

  • Keith B.

    @LastStop: The price of ink dropped dramatically in the digital age, my friend...

  • drez

    Let the ink flow like oil from a broken political machine.

  • Truth hurts

    Fenty, Fenty, Fenty blah blah blah. I'm sure you'll be spouting Fenty even after the Kwame and Vince usatty charges break.


    @Th #8: Are you implying HTJ is a bigger fish than our CC Chair and our former and current Mayors (re #5)? Or are you just blind to the fact that known or unknown (to us) evidence points to the fact that: But for the fact HJT called out The Fenty Mob, there would now be no discussion of his malfeasance?

    I still say 'councilinsiders' better call that number Ron Machen listed to drop those dimes (or quarters or half-dollars; whatever pay phones cost). Maybe they can get in before it's too late to cooperate as did Marshall and Gavins, who will probably only get probation. From the way things are going, most of the people involved with CYTIF are culpable/vulnerable; and due to the connection the fund has re Fenty cum Albert, that entire crew is not excluded. So ss should save some of that bling money in case he has to pay his counsel even more retainer fees. When you think about it, Fenty, Nickles, Mme F, and Albert were probably safely covered by the sly, slick and wicked Nickles. The rest of youse better throw up an Omar Karim 'Hail Mary' cause the Feds ain't playin' no games here. They thrive on uprooting corruption and puttin' folks' behinds in jail. (Unless you have some information they consider useful). If this comment is not placed in moderation, the number Machen gave out will follow.

  • NE John

    skinsfan, I used to be respectable, before the local citizenry drove me insane.

    And now it's all about Marshall!

    Marshall Marshall Marshall

    Its not fair!

  • LOL

    Truth. Long time. I think that Tommy has done enough dirt to stand alone. But, I hope that they do uncover everything. If it includes Fenty, then it does. I want to find out what happened. Maybe we will learn how to stop it from happening again. [I know. But I can hope]

  • RealDC

    Lets audit CYIT and see why they have an $18 million budget and who gets the money. How many other folks have gotten "paid" thru this entity. HTJ is not smart enough to create this himself, his a$$ forgot to grab a chair when the music stop.

    Seriously, can Loose Lips get a copy of who got checks from this outfit (CYIT) over the last 5 years, I'm sure its some hot bull shit for all of the council's pet projects??


    @RealDC: No telling what LL can get copies of. But if LL can't, I'll bet USATTY Ronald C. Machen, Jr. can.



    Suggest you get lawyered up first before trying to cut a deal though.

  • truth hurts

    @ LOL-- agreed. All crooks should pay. I predict we'll see more sitting elected pols indicted in 2012. And I'm betting Fenty won't be among them.


    Sorry RealDC didn't mean to imply you are involved in any way other than as a real citizen of Washington, DC.


    @truth hurts or Truth hurts (there is a difference there, you know): Is that an oxymoron in comment #14, or are you saying that "All crooks should pay, but Fenty just won't be among them?"

    Most people do not enjoy seeing a President impeached, a former or sitting Mayor go to jail; and especially not The US Attorney General, but hey....stuff happens. So it's not so far fetched to conceive of a former Mayor's consigliere in the dock.

    Bet that would make HTJ's time go much faster and easier.

  • RealDC

    @ONOHEDIDNT- No problem. I have no involvement. I am just tired of all the bs with ALL of our elected officials. We, the people, are not stupid, stop treating us that way. We have good memories and we know when your"pissing" on our leg and calling it rain. This ethics bill is example #1. It is all show with no teeth. It is a complete waste of time.

    New Leadership for DC, NOW!!

  • LastStop

    Again, I don't care about the no-name people who were a part of the Thomas corruption so long as justice is served. Federal investigations typically strive to strangle the snake from it's head. In this case it was Harry Thomas Jr. I am glad justice has and continues to prevail. If everyone else NEEDS the hairy minor details of the underlings, that is your business. I am not.

    @TH, though you may hate to admit it, Fenty was not an ethical darling when it came to spending taxpayer dollars. It was he that shifted 4 million dollars to housing authority, where it was doled out in contracts to his friends and cronies beyond legislative oversight. It was ethically inappropriate and fails to meet the demand that public servants avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

    Moreover, IF and/or WHEN, Kwame Brown or Vincent Gray are charged, much less indicted, of a federal crime and convicted I'll say then, too, the the same thin., I am not interested in the legal fate of the lessor knowns who may have been a part of any of their, for now, alleged corruption.

    Until then, the progress that the city has and continues to make forward must continue. I am not stuck in a time warp of bitterness over any politicians failure to get reelected. What is for certain, there is no such thing as an honest politician.