Loose Lips

Photo: Exit Harry Thomas Jr.

The courthouse photo scrum is a journalistic staple. But who are these people? A look at the dramatis personae at D.C.’s latest legal denoument.

  • NE John

    Who is the dancer in the white coat?

  • truth hurts

    Maybe Tony?

  • NE John

    I would like to buy a copy to frame Darrow Montgomery. Seriously.

  • Sweet Digs

    Does Harry Thomas Jr. have on a 4 button suit? Lol.

  • Jon Ferguson

    I never understood the popularity of the four button suit amongst black men..

  • SEis4ME

    I never understood the popularity of the four button suit amongst black men..

    I never understand the popularity of flip-flops among white men.

  • Keith B.

    @TH: Tony Toni Tone! Nah, looks more like J-Lo...

  • Just Curious

    The African-American woman with the purple scarf around her neck, next to Fred Cooke and to the right of the camera man on the stairs, is Ann Walker Marchant. She was the publicist for LTE during the lottery contract hearings. Also, her father is George Walker, co-owner of LTE and Leonard Manning's partner in the first lottery contract for over 25 years.

    Also, my recollection is that LTE was a big contributor to HTJ's constituent services fund... @ Alan, when are you and Mike Madden going to start connecting the dots for your readers?

    Isn't Ann Walker Marchant also involved with David Wilmot and the Wal Mart development deal? Are all of these items connected?

    I'm just curious...

  • Mr. Remember

    White men can't pull off the four button suit for some strange reason. Nor could white men wear pleated pants, for some odd reason it just didn't hang right. I guess GAP does have a significant meaning, when you think about it.

  • truth hurts

    Karl Racine, hmm. That's the Dirty Harry lawyer who told the press after HTJ's house was raided that he'd be vindicated, right? Also a "key player" on One City's transition team. At least he's not hiding from the camera. can't say the same for Fred "it's just a political witch-hunt" Cooke.

    Why did HTJ need three lawyers to enter a guilty plea? Wonder how Dirty Harry paid them. Or not.

  • One that cares

    @TH, HTJ is flat broke. The streets say that Ms Thomas took an equity mortage out on her house to pay the first $50K. HTJ hasn't paid the second $50K and will probably lose his house to Nickles. Maybe the $800K was used as a retainer for the lawyers? Just guessing but I know those three lawyers won't work for free.

  • Southeast Ken

    LOL@NE John; maybe she's a dancer with Alvin Aley.

  • truth hurts

    Burly sidekick could be Rock Newman's brother.

  • NE John

    Truth Hurts, I thought he was Rock Newman, but Newman has got to be either dead or a geezer by now (as well as any bro he may have). Maybe his son?

    I really want to buy a copy of this for my home office. Great shot!

  • truth hurts

    NE John, check out dancing girl's side shot in one of LL's 1/11 blog posts. Scroll back and you'll find it. She does look like JLo in that one. Can't be tony, you're right.

    Re Rock, he's likely still kicking. Was quoted a couple years back. And he can't be more than 60ish.

  • truth hurts

    Sorry, the J-Lo comparison should've credited to Keith B

  • Curiosity is a good thing

    Can someone get Just Curious a job at the Washington Post? They need help.