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Gray Fulfills Promise, One Year Later

How's this for a Friday afternoon news dump? Mayor Vince Gray just released the details on who donated to his private transition/inauguration fund, finally fulfilling a promise he made more than a year ago.

Some fun facts:

  • Team Gray paid mystery campaign aide Howard Brooks $5,000 on March 2, 2011. Four days later, Brooks' would spring into the spotlight when Sulaimon Brown said Brooks had paid him cash to dis former Mayor Adrian Fenty on the campaign trail.
  • Reuben Charles, who was once rumored to be Gray's pick for chief of staff before his tax problems came to light, made a cool $70,000 from the transition fund.
  • The transition fund shows a bunch of donations on Feb. 25, 2011, well into Gray's term as mayor.
  • The biggest single donation: $50,000 from Lincoln Holdings, which is connected with the Nats-owning Lerner family. LL's sure they don't expect any kind of return on that investment...

The full report, preserved for posterity because there are in fact no reporting requirements:

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  • Drez

     A million in private donations, some of which were paid to people (his former campain manager and paid campaign flunky/bagman) who are so crooked they couldn't be hired on the up and up?
    Awesome scam. 
    And HTJ went down for less than half that.

  • DJ Ren

    Ha! They might want some of that background check money back!

  • truth hurts

    Bet they compensated Reuben Charles without first checking with Charles' judgment creditors/lien holders (eg, state govt). Remember, Charles would be Gray's COS today if CP and WaPo hadn't reported on his troubling legal issues.

  • truth hurts

    MAY 12, 2011 = when this report was finished.

    JANUARY 13, 2012 = when this report was made public.


    Character. Integrity, Leadership. (Or Not)

  • Anothernative

    What next, you gonna check his drawers for skid marks. You've really managed to turn this paper into some thing you take too the out house with you. Find some real sh#t too report on.

  • Drez

    From the Oct 2010 WaPo story:
    D.C. Council members, however, appear divided over whether they should act to bring greater clarity to which, if any, finance rules should apply to private money raised for a transition.

    Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3) said she has "confidence" that Gray will act "with integrity" when raising money to pay transition costs.

    But Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) said he would be open to permanent regulations for how transitions should be funded.

    "The horse is not too far out of the barn on this yet," Wells said. "I do believe there has to be a transparent accounting of funds raised and spent."

    So... It's near a year and a half later. What's happened on this?

  • Sally

    So Gray hired a Maryland accounting firm that's not licensed in DC to do his campaign's audit?


  • SO?

    @Sally #7. Maybe the Md Accounting firm charged less than a firm licensed to do business in DC. I really don't know, but what I do know is that the Fenty regime consistently dismantaled programs by terminating DC residents and replacing them with Maryland residents. In one particular instance, a group at DCPR got rid of a Director, and 3 employees (all of whom reside in DC) and replaced them with a Director and 3 employees (all of whom reside in MD). Only one original employee was maintained and it's believed that employee was instrumental in the terminations. I also understand that two of the Fenty firing regime are in high paying positions in the Gray Administration. Oh Well

    @TH: How does one address that type of matter? Isn't HR mandated (all things being equal) to hire DC residents over others? Not one of the Md hirees was more qualified than the terminated DC residents.

  • truth hurts

    Just scanning this list, it appears that Gray's "inaugural fund" collected at least 100k AFTER Gray became mayor. No wonder he wouldn't answer Seagrave's questions about the one city fund.

    No way these folks coughed up so much dough expecting no return. Money corrupts, regardless of political affiliation. And it's getting worse every year.

  • SO?

    @MM: completed email address

  • WhereMyDawgsAt?

    Where are the OneCidiots now?

  • truth hurts

    @ SO - Don't know the answer to your question about "HR" being required to give DC residents preference over qualified non-DC residents. As a general proposition, I doubt the rules are as simple and clear-cut as you suggest. A large percentage of DC employees do not reside in DC, so while DC residency is required (and/or preferred) for certain positions and/or govt contractors, I doubt residency is a mandatory factor as to all hires.

    Nor do I believe MD or VA give preference to their residents for most govt positions. As to the terminated folks you describe, DC has a pretty well defined process for challenging wrongful terminations. I've pursued it successfully and had a terminated employee reinstated, even promoted. All depends on the unique facts involved.