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What is ORGANIZATION #3 in the Harry Thomas Jr. Case?

One of the mysteries of the Harry Thomas Jr. case: Who are the two unnamed organizations that court records indicate gave Thomas kickbacks on city grant money?

According to the statement of offense that Thomas swore was true, one unnamed organization—referred to as ORGANIZATION #3 in court records—gave Thomas a $5,000 kickback on a $10,000 grant and also helped his scheme to use money set aside for "drug prevention and children at-risk" to pay for a party at the Wilson Building.

Court records show that ORGANIZATION #3 received a $10,000 check from the Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation on Aug. 8, 2009, to pay for a "summer program." The organization's director, INDIVIDUAL #4 in court records, then gave Thomas' for-profit company $5,000 at Thomas' direction, court records show. Thomas "did not perform any services" for ORGANIZATION #3 that warranted the payment, the records say.

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen won't say who ORGANIZATION #3 or INDIVIDUAL #4 are, because the his office is continuing to investigate, and file charges, in connection with the case. But a source with knowledge of one of the transactions confirms to LL that the only organization that matches the facts described in the statement of offense is a nonprofit called Youth Technology Institute.

The statement of offense says INDIVIDUAL #4 "controlled and operated" that organization.Tax records indicate that Danita Doleman is the president of Youth Technology Institute. Doleman did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

ORGANIZATION #3 was also involved in helping Thomas use CYITC funds to pay for the 51st State Inaugural Ball, according to records. Millicent West, the former head of the CYITC, told Thomas staffer Neil Rodgers that the trust would not cut a check to the D.C. Young Democrats to pay for the ball because it was a political organization, court records show. West told Rodgers to "change the name of the entity that would receive the funds," records say. So Thomas contacted INDIVIDUAL #4 and requested that ORGANIZATION #3 "act as a pass through" for the inaugural funds. INDIVIDUAL #4 agreed, and the organization received a $110,000 check from the CYITC on February 5, court records show. The next day, at Thomas' direction, INDIVIDUAL #4 wired more than $100,000 from ORGANIZATION #3 to the D.C. Young Democrats.

Doleman used to work as a $125,000-a-year senior policy manager at the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, whose director is the same Millicent West who used to run the CYITC.

West declined to comment about Doleman or her organization.

"I'd just rather not discuss the details with you," she tells LL.

UPDATE (1/13/11): Federal court records indicate that Doleman was assigned a federal public defender on Nov 23, 2011. That attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

UPDATE No 2: A source with knowledge of the case confirms that Doleman is indeed INDIVIDUAL #4.

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  • cabinetinsider

    @wasitsomethingisaid: not a lawyer either. have a good night.

  • wasitsomethingIsaid?

    @ci: OTAY!! & Good luck to your friend. She's lucky to have a friend like you. Most people would shy away from this muck and run the other way.

  • JustDC

    LOL-cabinetinsider alias Deep Throat- reading your novella is incredible, please quit your day job and begin a career as a writer, damn all we are missing is some racy hot sex encounter. Red Shoe Diaries and Zane's Sex Chronicles would have nothing on this stuff.

    BTW-Does anyone in the city government have a moral compass?? Sometimes, you have to say No and take a stand! LEADERSHIP is more than a title, more than an idea. This city has NONE!!

  • Old man

    Innocent until proven guilty and due process are standards for criminal defendants and civil servants respectively. The standard for public servants appointed by the chief executive officer is much much higher and the unwillingness of Ms. West to be forthcoming fails that standard and is a reflection of Mayor Gray's judgement. A public steward must be forthcoming always lest she violate the very public trust necessary for government legitimacy. It's untenable. It's a step forward for the city and concept of our representative democracy that these issues are on the table.

  • truth hurts

    Just watched "black girls rock". West, you did a great video. If you're listening, Millie, AND if you have a reasonable, credible explanation for the Thomas fiasco, tell LL or DeBonis you're interested in talking with TH confidentially. They'll know what to do. Or suggest an alternate intermediary you trust. We probably know many of the same people.

    A shot in the dark, that's all.

  • Ward 4 Insider

    Wow, TMWi - Too much WRONG Information
    Neil Albert is the link to all.
    Ms. West was his Secretary as Deputy Mayor under William. Yes Secretary not Executive.
    Mr. Rogers was his Chief of Staff in Parks under Williams.
    Ms. West was promoted from a staff assistant to Director under Fenty. Great rise.
    Ms. Doleman was sent to Ms. West by Albert
    Albert was notified and approved of all funds transferred from the trust and in some cases requested the transfer himself.
    Is Fenty involved you think about it.

  • DC 4

    Fenty and his mob have their hands all over these "money transfers" and sign offs.

    That is why Gray keeping any of Fenty's mob was a "critical " mistake to his administration. One city mayor you have to get rid of the Fenty crew.... They have ripped the city off.... Lew, Aguirre, Henderson, Lanier etc...... Vinnie, you have to get your own "mob"....or your ass is grass!

  • truth hurts

    Funny how none of the "Fenty mob" have been indicted. Thus far, it's all One City's crew and cronies. Undoubtedly, there will be more of Gray's BFF's to follow. If Fenty and/or his close associates get charged and convicted of crimes, I'll be the first to condemn their actions.

    Unless that happens, though, I'll continue to see these kinds of comments as simply more of the same: empty one city propaganda. After all, that's what got him elected.

  • DC 4

    If you want to indict the Fenty Mob, you have to investigate them. Really! How did Dirty Harry get popped? Tim Day launch the complaint, Nickles decided to investigate, especially since Fenty and Dirty Harry were not down with each other anymore. Then the real law enforcement takes over. Case closed.

    Now let's have Tim Day look at :

    Banneker Ventures,oops I forgot Nickles "settled with them ".
    Lew and the school modernizations.....he picks his own contractors, nothing is ever on budget or under.....let's pull that curtain back and have a looksy....the city would be outraged!!! Guaranteed!!
    Rhee's adjusted test scores for bonus and progress scores, all a shell game...investigate it.
    Hartsock's nomination....renomination....and she was not even elgible to work in this country...huh?

  • DC 4

    What got Mayor One City elected was Mayor Uh, Uh fumbling through a campaign like circus clown.

    Our best Mayor has not been elected, yet.

  • CYA

    Word is that other jurisdictions in the NCR are gonna make a run at removing her as the SAA. Gray better take her down before they do

  • OccupytheCouncil

    I think the U.S. Attorney Ron Machen only scratched the surface and Thomas will not be the only city official caught in the feds’ dragnet.

    Case in point, according to a recent DC Audit report, Peaceoholics received a $360,000 earmark grant from the Children and Youth Investment Trust (CYIT) via Fenty's Deputy Mayor, Neil Albert. The grant ONLY required one report and Peaceoholics never submitted it.

    Councilman Wells-- a Fenty loyalist and staunch supporter-- had oversight of the dollars awarded to CYIT and Peaceoholics, recently stated in the Wash Post that “he was suspicious of the activities surrounding CYIT”, but he neither sounded the alarms nor called for an audit of CYIT or Peaceoholics.

    Councilman Well stated in the Wash Post that he saw the potential for fraud and he imposed reporting requirements for the grantees in the competitive bidding process.

    I’m questioning why Wells didn’t also impose “reporting requirements” for the council’s NON-COMPETITIVE earmark grants?

    The bottom-line is, the DC council is nothing more than an “old boys” network, and on numerous occasions they have shown the public that the council adheres to a code of silence when it’s one of their own.

    Not one councilmember spoke-out against Jim Graham’s failure to report his chief of staff criminal activities to the DC Inspector General; Wells didn’t request an audit of CYIT or Peaceoholics although he was suspicion; and, the millions of dollars in non-competitive earmarks that councilmembers were doling out to their associates and supporters have yet to be thoroughly scrutinized.

    U.S. Attorney Ron Machen definitely needs to expand his investigation to include a comprehensive audit of the council’s non-competitive earmarks. This council is too entrenched in unethical practices to police each other.

    I bet there are other councilmembers who have also committed fraudulent acts with non-competitive earmarks--including the ones who are now exploiting this media opt to promote their desires for higher office in 2014.

  • DC 4

    Like I stated truth hurts , you have to INVESTIGATE to connect the dots on the Fenty mob. Moten got paid through the same CYIT. Can we get an audit on how the $10 million was spent?? Machan please investigate the Fenty Mob!!!

    I'm not saying Thomas should not go to jail, he just should not be alone. Corruption is rampant and widespread in DC!


    @DC4:...And let the (collective)church(es)say: "AMEN"