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Harry Thomas Jr.: The Fallout

Harry Thomas Jr.: Biggest Losers in D.C. Politics Scandal

Give Harry Thomas Jr. some credit :The man can act.

Thomas admitted in federal court last week that he’d been stealing city money almost since he first took office in 2007. That he’s been able to comport himself as though he wasn’t a thief and a tax cheat for the last five years is proof that he can make believe with the best of them. In fact, Thomas’ role playing was so strong that he even toyed with the idea of running for city-wide office and managed outrage when investigations into his extracurricular activities first started.

“This is a very sensitive issue,” Thomas said last November. “My life’s work is being questioned.”

Part of that work was laid bare in a 21-page statement of offense produced by prosecutors that Thomas swore in court was true. It details how Thomas spent his time in office scheming to get kickbacks and using his staff to submit phony documents to cover up his theft.

In total, the feds put Thomas on the hook for $353,500 in stolen city money. (He agreed last summer to repay D.C. $300,000, in a settlement with Attorney General Irv Nathan.) But no man is an island; Thomas certainly didn’t take that much without some help from individuals who knew what was going on or should have known better. U.S. Attorney Ron Machen says his investigation is still ongoing. Here’s a look at the individuals and institutions who may not be guilty of any crimes—or even accused of any—but have been muddied by Thomas’ misdeeds all the same. They include:

The Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation: Any list of groups the Thomas fiasco made look bad has to start with the CYITC. Identified in court records only as “PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP #1,” the CYITC was set up during then-Mayor Anthony Williams’ administration as a joint venture between private donors and the District government to fund a wide variety of nonprofits aimed at improving the lives of the city’s youth. The last publicly available tax form, from 2009, shows that public funding accounted for 97 percent of the trust’s $18 million budget. The trust is supposed to be an independent entity immune from political pressure. But the Thomas case shows that’s not happened.

Court records show how Thomas was able to direct city money to the fund, then direct the fund to pay three different organizations, which gave Thomas kickbacks.

The first two steps of that scheme were well known long before Thomas pleaded guilty last week. In 2008, the Department of Parks and Recreation, which Thomas oversaw at the time, paid the CYITC for a grant entitled “Councilmember Harry Thomas’ Ward 5 Initiative.” Clark Ray, the former DPR director who oversaw the department at the time, tells LL his department had no say over how the money was spent and was mandated by the council to pass it on to the CYITC.

In 2010, Washington City Paper detailed how Thomas used the CYITC to fund his preferred nonprofits as a way of getting around a new ban on direct council earmarks. (Then-Council Chairman Vince Gray had ordered the ban after Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry was caught passing earmarked city money on to his girlfriend.)

In the statement of offense, the feds show that Thomas “directed” the CYITC to fund the three organizations that gave him kickbacks. Indeed, Thomas was so confident in his directing abilities that he promised one organization city money even before being sworn in.

In an affidavit filed in federal court last year unrelated to the Thomas case, an FBI agent puts it bluntly. The CYITC, he writes, along with other agencies, “were used by D.C. Councilmembers as ‘pass-through’ organizations for earmarks.” That case, incidentally, involves allegations that a man running a nonprofit took CYITC money to go gambling in Atlantic City and take Caribbean cruises. The case is awaiting trial.

That brings us back to the CYITC’s inability to monitor how its money was being spent. To get the trust to write a check to Langston 21st Century Foundation, the nonprofit Thomas used to do most of his stealing, all he had to do was submit fake invoices (with no receipts) on Langston’s behalf.

Millicent West: The only CYITC official identified in Thomas’s statement of offense is West, who goes by “Executive #1” in court records. West was director of the CYITC during part of Thomas’ looting spree; she’s now the director of the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Court records detail how West helped Thomas acquire $110,000 in CYITC funding to pay for the 51st State Inaugural Ball, which was held at the Wilson Building to celebrate President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

When Thomas tried to get the CYITC to give $110,000 to the D.C. Young Democrats to cover the cost, West advised one of Thomas’ aides to “change the name of the entity that would receive the funds.” A new, unnamed organization wound up with the money, and then a day later wired more than $100,000 to the Young Democrats.

West doesn’t dispute that, but says she was not part of any attempt to intentionally steer the money to the Young Democrats. She says she was told the ball would help young District residents take part in a “celebration of a historic moment,” which she considered a worthy expenditure by the CYITC. “It was a youth ball, was what I was told,” says West. The ball was never billed as a youth-centered party, and online pictures show the event, which started at 10 p.m., packed with adults.

LL can’t decide which would be worse: That West thought paying six digits for one party was a good use of the CYITC’s money, or that she was so easily duped into believing it was a “youth ball.”

ORGANIZATIONS #1, 2, AND 3: As of deadline, LL hadn’t yet identified the group that gave Thomas a $25,000 kickback on a $60,000 grant in summer of 2007. Ditto for organization #3, which gave Thomas a $5,000 kickback on a $10,000 grant in 2009, and also acted as a pass-through for Thomas to use city money to pay for the 51st State ball. We already knew from Nathan’s lawsuit that ORGANIZATION #2 is the Langston 21st Century Foundation, a nonprofit affiliated with Langston Golf Course that Thomas used frequently. Its principals, Jimmy Garvin and Marshall Banks, cooperated in Nathan’s investigation and have agreed to repay the city $86,000.

Ayawna Chase: Thomas’ former chief of staff and chairman of the D.C. Young Democrats, Chase is referred to as “Staffer #2” in court records. She paid Thomas, at his direction, $7,500 to reimburse him for “advance payment” he’d made to “secure entertainment” (Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown played there) for the 51st State Inaugural Ball. Chase could not be reached for comment.

D.C. Young Democrats: Known as “POLITICAL ORGANIZATION #1” in court records, the Young Dems need to explain why they didn’t think something was amiss when they got a $100,000 wire payment from “ORGANIZATION #3” to pay for the 51st Inaugural Ball. Court records show that the pass-through group had nothing to do with the ball. Eric Jones, who was executive vice-president during this period, says Chase hid the payments from the group. He said there were no records in the group’s accounting that he was aware of that showed the group paying for and receiving payments for the 51st State Inaugural Ball. “It’s flabbergasting,” says Jones. “We had no way of knowing.”

Neil Rodgers: Thomas’ former committee clerk was fired Friday from his current job as an aide to Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown. Rodgers, referred to as “STAFFER #1” in court records, is portrayed as Thomas’ go-to guy when the CYITC needed to be lobbied or pressured to cut checks. Court records also show Rodgers submitted phony budget reports to the CYITC at Thomas’ “direction.” The big question: What did Rodgers know of Thomas’ illegal behavior? Rodgers’ attorney, A. Scott Bolden, has said his client is viewed as a witness, not a target, by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells: Wells oversaw the CYITC during Thomas’ stealing spree. He deserves credit for predicting the debacle and trying to head it off. At a hearing in 2010, Wells warned the CYITC’s staff they would “end up on the front page of the Post” if they allowed themselves to be used as a pass-through by one of his colleagues. Wells says the reporting requirements he foisted on the CYITC in 2007 forced Thomas to submit fraudulent documents that created the paper trail that helped prosecutors catch him, and that the competitive bidding he required put an end to Thomas’ stealing. But Wells mistakenly believes that it was those reforms that led to Thomas’ downfall, rather than outside forces. And the fact that Nathan forced the CYITC in December to implement even more stringent reporting requirements indicates that Wells could have pushed even harder.

Mayor Vince Gray: Gray ran the D.C. Council while Thomas was stealing. As City Paper detailed in 2010, Gray knew full well that Thomas was using the CYITC to get around the ban on earmarks, but turned a blind eye. The bigger problem for the mayor, though, is that the Thomas saga reinforces the narrative that’s plagued Gray from the start: It takes him far too long to cut ties with people who demonstrate that they don’t deserve loyalty anymore. Just like the campaign aides who led to the Sulaimon Brown affair, or the administration officials who embarrassed Gray with high salaries and nepotism early last year, Thomas is another example of someone Gray stood by for too long.

“As Council Chair, I banned earmarks to prevent even the appearance of impropriety,” Gray said in a statement after Thomas pleaded guilty. “It never occurred to me that one of my colleagues on the council would steal government money.” But it probably should have occurred to Gray that Thomas might be a thief many months ago when Nathan—who Gray had appointed—got the settlement last summer.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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    It troubles me that Millicent West, currently Director of DC's Dept of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, told Thomas' staff to create, in essence, a fake straw entity she then gave 100k of these funds.

    I single her out because of the extremely sensitive nature of her current position (which must require a classified security clearance). It's SOP for the Feds to conduct very thorough bachground checks before approving such clearances. In particular, they look for anything that those who wish to do us harm could use to blackmail or otherwise compromise key players.

    I view her actions/explanations in this matter with skepticism. She must've known something smelled bad even if she wasn't directly complicit. That concerns me on a scale far beyond Dirty Harry's thievery.

  2. #2

    Yawn....I expect the next headline will so advise the public that Thomas is on FBI Most Wanted List and every Post Office poster boards..

    This is the same overkill saturated reporting and media coverage which took place in Detroit with their failed mayor both the local alternative media and MSM outlets partnered to make Kwame Kilpatric as lethal as a serial killer or domestic terrorist.

    One of the models media outlets often employ is to market the NEGROPHOBIA paradigm...Observing this being rolled out here in DC with a Black man in the white house is not a surprise just troubling on so many levels.

    Of course I would like to see WCP provide line up photos of teachers, school administrators, and others in the DC region's school districts that have expelled and suspended Black students more than white students...Of course the long term outcome of this level of disparity impacts and alters the arc of families in this region more than the exploits of a petty garden variety thug like Thomas..

    But what the fuck the the NEGROPHOBIA model gets more eyeballs and ad revenue...Damn

  3. #3

    "My life’s work is being questioned"

    Ha ha ha, a few years of stealing on the council, or was he referring to his studies of the Higgs boson?

  4. #4

    Greg, are you saying that you support Thomas's stealing of funds that were supposed to be used for the same black youth whose teachers you decry?

    You want to know why DC is such a mess? Its because people don't get outraged that their elected leaders are stealing from them, and they support programs that keep people employed at the expense of the people whom they are supposed to benefit.

  5. #5

    I think it is time to call into question the unethical behavior of Mary Cheh and her ongoing 20 year study of the reopening Klingle Road.

    Jack Evans too, because he is a renowned dickhead.

  6. #6

    Greg Thrasher is right. The white media should just ignore all lawbreaking by black politicians until DCPS has expelled all of its white students.

  7. #7

    @handsome sandy,

    I have never posted that I support Thomas or anyone stealing funds from children or anyone else..

    Please revisit my posts and understand my premise which is rather simple and straight forward..

    I find the overkill reporting of a petty thug not as impactful nor as important as the revelation that Black students are being suspended in disproportional rates compared to white students..

  8. #8

    @ward 1 voter,

    Please refrain from playing "the race card' and inserting your words and opinions in my words..

    Oh course I understand if you lack the intellectual courage to have a candid exchange of views since you are posting under an alias..

  9. #9

    More seriously, here's hoping Nathan and Machen and everyone else on the case digs deep enough to root out the corruption, and that enough bad actors go to prison that others are dissuaded from future corruption by their example.

    Machen's leading the Fully Loaded investigation too, isn't he?

  10. #10

    I've said from day one that HTJ was a thief and a cheat. Ayawna Chase Webster knew all along what was going on. Both of them seemed to care less about their constituency and as it appears, concentrated more on this big scheme.

  11. #11

    Greg, if that's really your name, you can't accuse someone else of 'playing the race card' when every. single. one. of. your. posts. centers around the words 'black' and 'white,' with 'white' always = 'mean, mean villain,' and 'black' always = 'poor, poor victim.'

    Just out of curiosity, so that I know you're a real human being, what do you think of seat belt laws? Global warming? Dan Snyder? People who stand on the left on the escalator?

  12. #12

    That's right Honest Abe. And there's no better proof that HTJ was full of shit from day one (insofar as serving his constituents) if you look no further than the sidewalk in front of my home, which remains unfixed after years of complaints. This is highly traveled Michigan Avenue, mind you, not some back road.

  13. #13

    I think it is critical to root out any and all levels of public corruption my issue is not with how that process unfolds..

    My issue is with news media oulets like WCP and MSM that used these types of evenst and incidents to margainalize and demonized the entire Black community based upn the crimes of a few..

    In our nation's ugly racial legacy and even present day media oulets like WCP and others have no reservations about inserting pathological indictments against an entire community because of the shortcomings of a singular thug or crook..

    I don;t have any reservations as wellabout calling them out on this twisted practice..

  14. #14

    He's real. A real boor like me. Yawn

  15. #15

    I think it is critical to root out any and all levels of public corruption my issue is not with how that process unfolds..

    My issue is with news media oulets like WCP and MSM that used these types of evenst and incidents to margainalize and demonized the entire Black community based upn the crimes of a few..

    In our nation's ugly racial legacy and even present day media oulets like WCP and others have no reservations about inserting pathological indictments against an entire community because of the shortcomings of a singular thug or crook..

    I don't have any reservations as wellabout calling them out on this twisted practice..

  16. #16

    What did I tell you

  17. #17

    @ward one voter,

    When it is appropriate to have opinions about others issues I will will certainly express them more importantly since this issue involves RACE and it's related topics of racism etc your post simply does not make since to me and suggests you are either in denial or deflecting or lack the courage to have a candid exchange about race..

    As I noted unlike you I do not post under an alias..I value my principles and the positions I take on any issue

    One other note I am not compelled to like the same topics you do ..lol,lol,lol

  18. #18

    Ps..From my very first exposure to this rag the saturation and fixation over Thomas is simply over the top..

    I guess you and others lack that perspective being residents of the region and subject to this over kill toxic media model of papers like the WP and WCP and others..

    Sorry but I don't have that blindspot yet..

  19. #19

    The bulk of my posts on this WCP site has been about 2 issues...The Thomas saga and the insanity of the DC statehood delegation lobby efforts in NH..

    I will continue to post as I so desire about these topics and any other topics I so desire... Clearly if these topics involve RACE I will augment my posts with my personal insights and credentials as a co-editor on dispatch for a media oulet in Detroit and of course being a free Black man living in America..lol,lol

    I enjoyed the banter have a good nite all..


  20. #20

    There's more to this story I believe and the dirt is coming out slowly. My question, how was Millicent West selected to be the Director of Homeland Security with only an Undergraduate Degree? One would think, a more qualified candidate with an Graduate Degree would have been selected. It's alleged, Millicent West is married to a Fourth District MPD police officer. In my opinion, Harry Thomas Jr.'s wife isn't innocent either. She had to know where her husband was getting the money to be all the material items. She too probably spent some of the money on fancy items. What a mess this has turned into. There's a petition started today recalling both Mayor Vincent Gray and D.C. Council Chairman Kwame 'Full Loaded' Brown. I will be the first in line to sign the petition to recall these fools.

  21. #21

    I hope all their corrupt asses will go to jail. Put Kwame, Gray, and Thomas in the same cell with former Chief of Staff for Ward 1 Council Queen Jim Graham, Ted Loza.

  22. #22

    More than just Thomas abused the Trust to enrich themselves? There's evidence that others knew?
    This makes my very blood boil.
    Offhand, I am having difficulty coming up with an plausible alternative to burning this village in order to save it.
    I'm sorry. With all due respect to Muriel Bowser- whom I very much do respect we need an outside investigation.
    @Greg Thrasher
    It's not about race. It's about ethics.

  23. #23

    Correction: Harry's wife

    She had to know where her husband was getting the money to buy all the fancy material items

  24. #24

    Greg, most of my political ire is reserved for very white Republicans. Crooked and incompetent politicians need to go away, no matter what party or what race or whatever they fall in with.

    There are a lot of idiot white racists out there who will use any excuse to yell at black public figures. But not every news report about or criticism of black politicians is coming that idiot yahoo in the hinterlands who dreams of overturning the 13th amendment. LL focuses on local DC politics. Local DC politics, at least the entertaining, newsy side of it, is dominated by black people. There's not a white Marion Barry, or a white Vincent Gray, or a white Harry Thomas Jr., or a white Kwame Brown.

    The white political figures around here are pretty lame, and the controversies whites get into are pretty lame. Klingle Road, as NE John helpfully pointed out. YAWN. The Giant on Wisconsin. YAWN. Should Jack Evans recuse himself on more votes. YAWN. Did Tommy Wells let that wig store on H Street go out of business. YAWN.

    If LL focused on that stuff, these blog posts would get as many posts as CP's arts blog posts do. They currently have 1 comment for all of their front page posts. And that was you saying "Yawn..." Exactly!

  25. #25

    I enjoy reading everyone's comment or opinion whether I agree or disagree with them. Sometimes your comments are so funny, I fall out of my computer chair with laughter.

    The issue at hand should be about an elected official regardless of race being current and stealing funds. All D.C. voters regardless of race should be outraged, but many feel helpless, don't give a dam, and aren't paying attention. I understand how tony and others feel. Harry Thomas's arrogance brought this shit on himself. The man had no shame in his game and he's a dam theif and he should go to prison. I would like to see the lacking Ethics law be amend to prevent a convicted felon from running for elected office in D.C.

    On the issue of Chuck Brown, it's Cherita 12 inch painted fingernails Whiting his daughter?

    A recall has been started on Vincent Gray and Hip Hopper Kwame 'Full Loaded'Brown.

    I don't think Ward 2 redneck Councilmember Jack Evans and At-Large Councilmember Queen David Catania are honest politicians. I believe there's some dirt on these 2 rednecks, but they have been very smart to cover their tracks.

  26. #26


    The issue at hand should be about an elected official regardless of race being corrupt and stealing funds.

  27. #27

    @Ward 1 Voter; it doesn't matter if they are Republican, Democrat, or Independent. They all are self serving, corrupt, and liars.

    The Democrats have pimped black voters for the last 40 years. Blacks worst enemies are liberal white Democrats. During the mayoral race with former King Fenty and Gray, I saw how racially divided the District really is. A lot of the hatred came from so called Democrats in the District. I am not an Obama supporter, but many white Democrats in Pa. refused to vote for Obama because he's black. Many Puerto Ricans in New York City and on the island supported Hillary Clinton over Obama. Yes race had a lot to do with politicans. Several of the white GOP's running for President have stated, blacks are looking for handouts, welfare, and other soical programs. I beg to differ because they are many whites on welfare in this country. However, the blacks I know aren't looking for a handout from the government. Remember, it was my black ancestors in this country that worked hard for free, was killed, raped, and treated less than human by your white ancestors. Some feel we should forget about the past. I say hell no because it was history and I live through Jim Crow here in the District. Jews will not forget about the holocust and blacks with an ancestry in this country shouldn't forget about slavery.

  28. #28

    In closing, I am trying to learn to forgive and go into the New Year with a positive attitude. NE John and I will be buried in Mount Olivet Catholic cemetery as neighbors. LOL Hopefully, Saint Michael and Saint Jude will be their to greet myself and NE John. LOL

  29. #29

    SEKen you're all right with me.

  30. #30

    Southeast Ken, I agree with most of what you say. As an aside, Obama easily won every precinct in the District. In my majority-white precinct in Adams Morgan, he won 94% of the vote. An awful lot of white people across the country voted for Obama, which had to have happened for him to win.

    I can tell you, as someone who's been in on a lot of white-people-only conversations, that there are plenty of white people with racist views. Maybe white people here are just more guarded, but I don't hear racist crap in white-people-only conversations here in DC. I think that people with strongly racist views just tend to avoid DC. So take that however you want -- either people elsewhere are *even worse*, or something other than just racism is behind white-black differences among DC residents.

    For what it's worth, I think it's much more about class than race. We white liberals welcome and value black people (and Hispanics and Asians and etc.) who share a similar background/outlook/etc. We're a lot less welcoming of people (including white people) from working-class or underclass backgrounds. If I'm at Meridian Pint with a handful of friends, math dictates that we're unlikely to all be white, and no one would even notice if a middle-class-looking black couple walks through the door. If a couple of guys walk in who would be perfectly cast as extras in 'Thug Life 4: Gettin Real Yo,' though, that *is* noticed. You know?

  31. #31

    Greg Thrasher are you considered one of our Detroit's most published social and political writers and public intellectuals? Greg do you live in Washington, D.C. or in Detroit, Michigan, just curious? I googled Greg Thrasher in Detroit and a picture of a black political writer in Detroit pop up. If you are located in Detroit, what made you want to comment on an local news blog in Washington, D.C.? Welcome to this blog because people from around the world posts on the Washington Post and New York Daily news blogs daily.

    @Ward 1 Voter; I hear you loud and clear. I was born and raised in Ward 1 Colombia Heights. I was born in the old Freedmans Hospital, now Howard Universtiy Hospital? Why are you from may I ask, Ward 1 Voter? Just curious.

  32. #32

    Correction: Where are you from, Ward 1 Voter? I've been up too late and I getting sleepy. I am on leave tomorrow because I have a Dentist appointment. I had better get some sleep, I am tired.

  33. #33

    @ Alan Suderman - There is a glaring omission from your list - The "independent" Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO). It was created by Congress to oversee financial expenditures in the District of Columbia. Where was the OCFO oversight for CYITC? Where was the oversight for William Shelton and ANC funds? What about the $50 million stolen from the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR)? Other funds embezzled from OTR?

    When will the City Paper take a long, hard look at the repeated failures of the OCFO?

    Just Curious...

  34. #34

    As head of the DCHSEMA, Ms. West is responsible for millions of dollars of homeland security money that the "state administrative agent" receives for the National Capital Region. Anyone see a problem with that?

  35. #35

    I don't agree with what Harry did and there is more to this story. He did not act alone. I'm waiting to hear if there were any favors done while he was Chair of Economic Development Committee? It is also hard to believe that the wife did not know anything. Both of them were partners in his two entities. I can't believe that Millicent is with Homeland Security and was that naive to believe that no criminal activity existed. Why is she still there.

    More to come....Jim Graham and Jack Evans need to be investigated.

  36. #36

    Just Curious. I agree with your comment. Where was the oversight? It continues.

  37. #37

    At its press conference on Harry Thomas the FBI said a Councilmember was either asleep at the wheel or turned a blind eye to Thomas's scam.

    Given when the money was stolen, the FBI was either referring to Tommy Wells (whose job it was to conduct oversight on CYITC) or Vince Gray (who basically handed $1,000,000 for earmarking to HTJ during the budget process).

  38. #38

    Uh Greg - did you really ask another poster not to play the race card and then accuse them of a lack of intellectual courage - and then post all that?

    As Ed Lover would say, c'mon son.

    How about you show some intellectual curiosity and get up to speed on HTJ, ward 5, and the nuances of politics, race, and class in DC and the come to the table with something useful, save allusions to Kwame Kilpatrick and whatever else you learned in Detroit. Cheers.

  39. #39

    I believe that HTJ's wife should also be supeoned to testify and possibly face charges. I saw the look on her face during the press conference and she had a smirk and did not seemed the least concerned at all. I'm sure she reaped the rewards and spent plenty of the cash. I'm just saying...

  40. #40

    Say it ain't so.
    Please don't pick up your marbles and go home.
    We need ya. Who's gonna put 'em in their places now?

  41. #41

    When DC loses its incredibly over inflated sense of entitlement, that's when you will see politics change, the media itself will only report on what is flashing the brightest of all the local events

  42. #42


    There is actually a lot of useful information in this post about the methods used by HTJ to steal money. As I don't have the time to go and read the actual filing documents, this summary was helpful for the citizens of DC to figure out where the problems are, so we can hold politicians accountable for fixing those problems. Your arguments about race are irrelevant to those things, which to me makes your arguments in this instance suspect. As a previous commenter noted, this is an issue of ethics right now.

    The general points you make are well and fine, if you want to debate race in the media and media ideology. I'm sure we would agree on several things. But in light of your admission of total lack of knowledge about the local political context, perhaps you could take others advice and actually learn about those things before ascribing motive to folks. You do a disservice to your argument and come off as arrogant when you say that being from detroit makes you an expert on what goes on in DC. There are some points to be made but yours aren't them, especially when your reaction to incredibly specific information about the shady dealings going on in our government is to yawn...

  43. #43

    @ David
    Exactly and well said.

  44. #44

    @Drez; thank you.

  45. #45

    Greg what do you mean by progressive? Do you mean left wing? I hate the term progessive because I am not a dam liberal. I am not a conservative either. I am liberal on some issues and I am conservative on others.

  46. #46

    Agree with the last few posts by David,Drez and SEken

  47. #47

    Nice suit Thomas! Break out the chalk line cheese ball suite that you seem to love so much.

    You are a double breasted maniac and we the people of DC want our money back!

  48. #48

    Yes...West is the SAA for the entire NCR. Hopefully someone is watching the store given her judgement and performance in this case. West had strong ties to Fenty which is who appointed her to HSEMA

  49. #49

    Someone please call out Wells on this - the agency was his responsibility, yet he is above all of this somehow?

  50. #50

    Meacham's investigation needs to recommend lessons learned and get the Council, Mayor and Congress to get the Office of the Chief Financial Officer to adopt an automated dibursement and financial accounting sytems with internal controls to protect against collusion and embezzlement.

    DC needs representatives of the people to do the people's business who can stand against too much personal use and poor use of the citizens tax dollars. We need money for better schools, well-trained teachers, educational programs etc.

    City Treasury under Gandhi needs automated disbursement and internal controls to protect against the collusion. Remember the $50 million in fake checks from the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR).

  51. #51

    @Southeast Ken
    For your information I am a white man who voted for John McCain - not because I supported everything he proposed - but rather I do not find "Hope and Change" a sufficient governing policy.

    As for your comment about white's ancestors having slaves I can tell you the closest my family came to having slaves was when we helped Herr Hitler run his camps.

    Just as not all whites descend from slave owners, not all blacks descend from slaves.

  52. #52

    Clark Ray, fired by Williams, fired by Fenty and now hired by Gray to work with kids, is deep in this mess. We worked with him in the community and he always promised money via CYITC. In fact with the goal of running for office he only wanted his share of the pot. Ask the Friend of Carter Barron how Mr. Ray gave them money, and let not forget Peaceaholics.

  53. #53

    You voted for Sarah Palin too. And that, my friend, says a lot of embarrassing things about you

  54. #54

    Woah, serious misstatement in this article! The DC Council stopped doing earmarks because there was no money, not because of Barry giving money to his paramour! AND the money from CM Barry was from an account each member gets for their expenses, NOT from an earmark.

    Sulderman, I'd normally give you a pass on this because Mike Debonis ran LL when the hearings occured, but you get a "no prize" for not going back and doing your homework. There was a MASSIVE hearing back in '09 where pretty much every earmark receiver in the city came to cry to the Council about how losing their earmarks was going to be awful, blah blah blah. LL did a column on it, so the end of earmarks is something you should know better about man.

    The Council didn't fund earmarks that year to help close the budget gap, which I believe was also the case in '10 as well.

  55. #55

    Not true. Earmarks were "ended" in 2009 in response to both Barry's misuse AND an impending budget surplus. See DeBonis' 2010 blog captioned: 'If Earmarks Were Ended, How Did HTJ get them?"

    Explains what happened (and how HTJ used CYITC) to get around the prohibition.

  56. #56

    You are correct, though, that the $$ Barry paid out was via a "personal service" contract technically came out of his council staff budget. But it was cited as a reason for ending earmarks, after Colby King exposed the enormous increase in council earmarks following Gray becoming chair.

  57. #57

    good night, and good luck.

  58. #58

    Gray was the council chair at the time this all happened. As council chair, he is the first among equals. He does not have overstight authority over the CMs, and he alone can't tell any of the CMs to do anything or not do anything.

    On the other hand, Adrian Fenty appointed the head of the Children and Youth's Investment Trust, who is knee-deep in this (Millicent West).

    So why is it Loose Lips and others point to this as an example of Gray's corruption? Talk about biased reporting!!

  59. #59

    Isn't Shelton a Republican? Just saying?

  60. #60

    Anyone else having trouble envisioning Millicent West staffing a command post, in hard hat, during a biological or radiological attack on DC? Yeah, me too.

    ps. to anyone of you nignogs posting homophobic rants here and demanding that all homos go home: better hope we dont or your property values will fall through the floor.

  61. #61

    I watched Ayawna Chase bully people at public hearings, threaten them, call them names, and call them liars. I hope she ends up in prison. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

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