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Loose Lips Daily: Harry Thomas Jr., Not So Vindicated Edition

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Good morning sweet readers! Question: Why do they even bother having kickoffs at Mile High Stadium? News time:

Harry Thomas Jr. Not-So Vindicated: Former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.'s political career came to an inglorious end Friday (unless, of course, he tries to run for another term after prison) when he plead guilty in federal court to stealing public money and being a tax cheat. (Remember when he said he'd be vindicated from this whole mess? Yeah, not so much.) The Post looks at the damage done by HTJ to legacy of his parents, former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Sr. and Romaine Thomas. TWT talks to a conflicted former HTJ constituent. Columnist Robert McCartney praises Tim Day, the Republican GOP candidate who first raised questions about HTJ's extracurriculars. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton tries to spin HTJ fiasco into argument for home rule. (Good luck with that one!) Jonetta Rose Barras says that HTJ is a pimp, and not in the good way. The Post editorial board wonders where Mayor Vince Gray's outrage is. (Probably bottled up deep inside.)

AFTER THE JUMP: Courtland Appears; The Race is On; Kwame v. Plotkin...

Where Have You Been, Courtland? One of LL's favorite Washington Post columnists (for real), Courtland Milloy, finally, finally!, writes about HTJ. Milloy contrasts the violence in Ward 5 that took place during HTJ's tenure with the disgraced former councilmember's use of city funds to buy luxury goods for himself. "'There are ongoing feuds in this neighborhood that lead to gunplay,' Thomas said in 2007 after seven people, including three children, were wounded during a shootout at a housing complex. 'We’re trying to get to the bottom of what the issues are.' A while later, he took $7,000 of children’s money, bought some suits and went on vacation in Las Vegas." Milloy says that D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded Brown's use of a quote from Socrates is "too clever by half" and the whole council should resign.

The Race is On: Here's a partial list of the potential challengers to replace HTJ. Man, this race is going to be crrrraazy. At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange is hosting a meeting of "Ward 5 leadership" tonight to try and hash out ... something. Meanwhile, WAMU notes that VO and Kwame disagree when the special election should be held.

Plotkin V. Kwame: Is Kwame Brown feeling tense these days? He not only has to lead a fractured council that's reeling from HTJ's resignation and guilty plea, but is also a facing a federal probe of his own from the same prosecutor who put HTJ away. So maybe it's not surprising that Brown got into a "screaming" match with WTOP's Mark Plotkin Thursday night. "Brown then confronted Plotkin at the Fox studio, Plotkin says, and stood within an inch of his face and began screaming. Plotkin says he screamed back. A few of Brown's aides intervened, Plotkin says. 'It was very intense,'" says Plotkin.

The Gray Agenda, Where is It: The Post apparently ran out of opinion writers to take the mayor to task for having a rudderless administration. So they went out and hired LL's boss to write a Sunday Outlook piece arguing that even if Sulaimon Brown had never existed, the Gray administration would still be in trouble because it never had a real agenda to begin with. LL has heard that argument somewhere before, too.

In Other News:

  • Colby King continues to notice that there's a lot of campaign bundling in D.C. elections.

Gray sked: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.: The Hamilton Restaurant Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony; Cabinet meeting at 3 p.m.

Council sked: Finance & Revenue: Age-in-Place and Equitable Senior Citizen Real Property Act at 11:15 a.m.

  • Dave B

    Plotkin has some balls. I wouldnt stand up to a guy with a boat named "Bulletproof"

  • seDCdude

    These crakkas are getting cuter by the minute!!

  • drez

    ^ Misspelling "Crackers" doesn't make the comment any less stale.

  • SEis4ME

    Misspelling "Crackers" doesn't make the comment any less stale.

    I don't believe he "misspelled" it.

  • Greg Thrasher

    When will this WCP tabloid driven HTJ saga ever have an end?? So other pudits and personalities have opinons about Thomas that is news?

    Must be a slow newsday in the universe of alternative media circles...Black carnage and clusterfuck behavior will have to take place otherwise topics and subject matters which don't display the misbehaving of negroes and colored folks, hip-hop music, Black sports and entertainment figures or the usual obligatory MLK prep 'edition" will not be covered..

    I left the sweet confines of the segregated and underdevloped cultural confines of the midwest to relocate to this region and I get the same tired narratives..WTF..Can anybody help a brother out here in the post racial era of America circe Washington D.C

  • Typical DC BS

    Runty Kwame needs to be the next to go.

  • pissed off dc young dem

    I agree with the city paper. This was printed in the new york times and yet there is mored to unfold.

    These jerks need their story told. If I had my way there would be a stockade outside the wilson bldg

  • seDCdude

    Hey Greg, good luck with that my friend, if you think this is bad, you should'a saw this joint between 2004 to 2010.......all MARION BARRY!

    Who's next?

  • Greg Thrasher

    WOW..You mean this racial fixation is not a relic of the past..WOW in this new century we still have this contempt for the entire Black community based upon the singular shortcomings of a few Black thugs and slugs.. WOW is it true that white liberal media outlets are no different than the red neck conservative rags that make a living indicting the cultural dna of an entire Black community without of course indicting thier own shortcomings!!

    Tell me it is not true this white privledge and white cultural blindspot is still alive and potent even in a post racial era even at white liberal alternative media outlets that posture and framed themselves as being progressive yet the stench of the pathlogies of underdevelopment and it's derivatives ( racism, entitlement, privledge, denial, avoidance, intellectual cowardice) still lives ..WTF

    WTF..I have two choices stay and fight the good fight or return to the midwest and get slammed by the decay of a post industrial society and a lot of fucking snow...lol,lol,lol

  • drez

    Saltine, Saltyne.
    Stale stuff no matter how ya spell it.

    Hey- Anyone got any evidence of any criminal action by any councilmember (or Mayor), I'm sure that law enforcement and news outlets would love to have it. Barring that, they'll work with what they have.

  • City 4 sale

    Third choice is to stay here and start electing honest politicians. Regardless of race.

  • Greg Thrasher

    @City 4 sale,

    Thanks for the recommendation..I may act on that by becoming a candidate and supporting honest candidates as well..

    Of course since RACE trumps everything in America..I will have to prepare to deal with and confront the racist pathologies of those who have contempt for me based soley upon my hue and cultural dna..Of course that will not be anything new for me as a Black man..I am just troubled and dishearten to observe such degrees of contempt in white liberal venues from media outlets to other spheres of interests..

    As a Black jew to observe this contept even in my religious venues has sadden me but such is life for a Black man in America..I must soldier on and get the job done so much is at stake in our great country ..I can handle it...

    Peace and thanks again for the recommendation:-)

  • tony

    @seDCdude, yeah brother greg is new on the block....

  • tony

    @Greg Thrasher, whats wrong with you, BROTHER. YOU CAN'T TALK LIKE THAT TO WHITE FOLKS. ARE U CRAZY!!!LOL

  • Mr. Remember

    The common bond...let's see we have a father and politician legacy as Harry Jr and Harry Sr, then you have Kwame brown funneling money to his brother and Father, with Gray being old enough to be everyone's daddy in his administration.

    Next campaign slogan for the district; Who's Your Daddy!?1

  • City 4 sale

    Yep tony, sedcdude, gt -- your on to something big! Machen, Milloy, Jonetta, and Colby King are white folks in real life.

  • DC4Life

    I'd like to see Delano Hunter elected in Ward 5. I think that guy has a bright future a head of him! The post endorsed him in '10 & he came in second place to HTJ...

  • NE John

    They were face to face? Is Plotkin a dwarf too?

  • tony

    @DC4Life, Mr. Delano Hunter would be the ideal replacement. I am glad you mention his name. However, in the coming months, he and other young black professionals over in ward 5 will come under serious attack. They will began to call him (Delano) anti-gay because of his past relationship with N.O.M. AH, man, there's going to be a serious political fight in ward 5 and its going to be fought along cultural and racial lines.

  • SEis4ME

    Plotkin should kick rocks.

    Milloy's article was kewl with the exception of the rather weird conclusions he drew.

    Don't get the "WCP is racist for posting multiple stories about HTJ" thing tho.

  • DC4Life

    @tony you bring up valid points and it will be up to all of the candidates to distinguish themselves. But with 114 days, I'm not too sure how much can be accomplished outside of each one's respective circles. I spoke with Delano in 2010 re: that issue and I liked the responses he gave for some of my questions. He has my support!

  • Greg Thrasher

    What a twisted landscape I ventured into a venue with tired class/race/cultural politics with a large twist of ignorant, apathetic bystanders and the usual ruling elite with their ballon blowers and parrots plus the MSM with a sideline alternative press once a noble bandwidth of seasoned and talented folks now just a bunch of circus acts employing sleaze and drive by journalism to get eye balls and free tickets to shit to read thier pulp...WTF..

    I am going to enjoy my stint here...lol,lol,lol

  • Leslie

    Why are some of you blacks defending Harry Thomas, Jr.? I am black and I don't give a shit about a politician's race. Harry Thomas, Jr. lied to me and to other voters by saying, he didn't do anything wrong. I sent Thomas an email last summer asking him to resign and he replied by saying, he did nothing wrong. I see why Wards 7 & 8 are hell holes to live. Most of it's residents are uneducated and continue to play the race card or support blacks of wrong doing. Shame of you!!!

    D.C. Council Chairman Kwame 'Full Loaded' Brown will be the next to resign from office. This shows the immaturity in Kwame Kilpatrick, Kwame Brown, Jack Johnson, and Harry Thomas, Jr. The first thing a Negro will do once they get hold of some money or position, they go out an purchase an expensive vehicle. A white person will drive around in an 15 year old vehicle, but they have their money invested in Stocks, Bonds, and other investment funds.

    Ward 4 D.C. Resident

  • Leslie

    Shame on you!

  • SEis4ME

    Leslie, IF you are indeed black, go munch on a dirty phallus...stupid b*tch.

    Your dumbass just called people out for playing the race card and turned right around called large swaths of black folk uneducated.

    I have zero tolerance for whores like yourself and hope that you develop oral lesions.


  • SEis4ME

    Shame on YOU...gutterbuck trash!

  • Wendy Washington

    LL, please cut the crap -- "...Harry Thomas Jr.'s political career came to an inglorious end Friday (unless, of course, he tries to run for another term after prison)."

    Ward 5 is not Ward 8 and HTJ is not Marion Barry. Harry may have his supporters, but he certainly has more detractors. (He only won because there were so many others in the race, that they split the vote.)

    If the indictment had not come down, HTJ would have had to face a recall. No matter how long or short his sentence is, too many Ward 5 voters will still remember that this fool cannot be trusted.

  • Southeast Ken

    Leslie, all Ward 7 & 8 residents aren't uneducated. I live in Ward 7 and I have an Graduate Degree from Georgetown University.

    However, I don't condone Harry Thomas Jr.'s actions. All politicians are liars, corrupt, self serving, and aren't worth shit.

    Blacks have known since slavery and Jim Crow in this country, we are placed under a high level of scrutiny than whites in managerial and non-managerial positions in America. Harry Thomas Jr. should have known better, but he didn't give a dam. He wanted to live large like many Hip Hoppers. I've heard through sources, Harry's wife is alleged to have written some type of checks and she too many face a court. This isn't over by a long shot because others are invovled.

    Hillcrest Resident
    Ward 7

  • Greg Thrasher


    It is probably never appropriate for you to talk about race your post drips with dumb are you a blond with hue?? Just for the record read all of my comments nowhere will you find my defending Thomas more importantly please refrain from dumping me with the trash....

  • Ward 1 Voter

    I too find it appalling that a gossip page about local politics is gossiping about local politicos. ::shakes fist in righteous fury::

    Also, water is still wet, despite my repeated, lengthy complaint letters to WASA. ::shakes fist again::

  • seDCdude

    Wow at Leslie, typed like a true 21st centurious, post racial COON aunt jemmima!

    Unfortunately us, blacks continue to be punished for a mistake, but then judged COLLECTIVELY by that said punishment!

    Find yo'self