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Ron Machen’s Big Day

Ron Machen's Big Day

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen had his coming out party today in D.C. politics. With Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.'s guilty plea for stealing more than $350,000 in city funds, Machen has asserted himself as a major player in local affairs.

Note well that part of Thomas' plea deal involves the councilmember resigning his council seat. Machen, speaking at a news conference today following Thomas' trial, made clear that one of his goals had been to get Thomas out of office.

"One of the reasons that we moved so swiftly in this case is we didn't want any more time to go by than we needed it to to have a corrupt D.C. official in government," Machen said. "So we were going to take that responsibility to make sure that he step down."

Machen also indicated that he's far from done making news. The Thomas investigation is ongoing, Machen said, indicating that there may be more charges coming for current or former city employees who may have played a role in Thomas' theft.

Machen also addressed, without prompting, what kind of message this sends to other D.C. government officials "with other ongoing investigations." In case you don't know, Machen's office is probing the political campaigns of Mayor Vince Gray and Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown. Says Machen: "The message is very simple: Elected officials are expected to do their official duties with honor and integrity, and when they fail to do that there will be consequences and they will be held accountable."

Anybody at the Wilson Building nervous?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • AttheWilsonBldg?

    How about a few miles North....and West of Rock Creek Park? .....Close by Great Falls, VA?

    I beg to differ LL: Machen's statement is not necessarily indicative only of those who may have had a 'role' in the HJT situation being still under investigation; nor only of 'current or former city employees' being still under investigaion. It's a good bet that the Thomas investigation and "other ongoing investigations" are not mutually exclusive. It is to Mr. Ronald C. Machen, Jr. & Company's credit that they hold their cards close to their chests. It's hard to believe corruption so much more egregious than that for which HJT has pled guilty will be ignored and go unpunished.

    That cabal of Fentyites should not rest easy.

  • Anonymous

    How much longer will Jim "Taxi Cash" Graham strut the street? He is the most corrupt of all, the man is corrupt to the fiber of his being. He hijacked a community response to an epidemic for his personal enrichment. How low can that be?

    Also, please get Kwame "Fully Loaded" out of the picture. His greatest offense being what he does to the English language.

  • Truth hurts

    Kudos to Machen. It's gonna be a long year for one city and cronies.

  • Davison Peters

    Who had oversight of CYIT during all this? None other than Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells.

    Where is the outrage against him for failing to do his job? @IMGOPH? @CCCA PREZ? Love the double standard, suckas.

  • Truth Hurts

    Sure you're right, DP. Wells gettin paid. Yeah, that's the ticket. Pass it on....

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Digging deep and dirty in these fools pockets.

  • Just Curious

    What about the lottery?

  • Southeast Ken

    I don't understand how people like Cherita Whiting and others can show up and support Harry Thomas, after he admits to stealing $300,000.

  • tony

    Harry Thomas has admitted that he engaged in a lapse of judgment and committed an illegal act for which he is willing to take full responsibility. While, I can't condone his illegal actions, I am not going to condemn him.

    What bothers me is how quickly black folks are willing to turn on their own as soon as they get in trouble.Harry Thomas did what every politician in this city do. He played the game. He like others used his political influence for personal gain. He like others became more interested in the trappings of the office than executing the duties of the office. Black folks especially the political insiders clearly understand what I am saying. All politicians play the game. And I am not going to condemn the man for playing the game. Especially, since there are people on the city council who have engaged in the worst form of public corruption for decades with the blessings and support of the establishment. The same establishment which has now launched a blistering attack on this city's black leadership. The sad part about it is that black folks don't care. And that's why Jim Graham is coasting along while Harry is going to Jail. That's why David Catania can get paid a quarter of a million dollars from a business whose survival depends on getting city contracts and no one say a damn word. That's why Kwame Brown is looking over his shoulders while Tommy Wells is preparing to replace him. That's why nearly every black city council member in this city is under some form investigation including the Mayor.

  • Cat Like

    There are not enough tight controls:

    Think about what we know. That lady embezzled million under Ghandi.

    Catania haphazardly uncovered a system where DC Taxpayers were not ask to be their taxes. This was not an audit, this was something he happened upon.

    Ghandi finds money in the cushions.

    Ghandi has no handle on the budget.

    We failed to see Thomas for who he really was because he was a "colleague" when is Ghandi going to really be under review.

  • 2BelieveIt

    No joy in Who-ville this weekend. Fair warning Machen is dead serious and he means you and you and you...

  • AttheWilsonBldg?

    @Comment #11:

    & 'UBetterBelieveIt.

  • AttheWilsonBldg?

    Re Comment #1:

    And Oh Yeah! Let's not forget:...nearby Ft. Washington?

  • NE John

    @Cat Like, I agree that Gandhi should be raising much suspicion. I believe the FBI should start tailing this guy and his day-to-day interactions.

  • Greg Thrasher

    YAWN...I expected this overkill from media outlets like WCP..Of course Black leadership will be demonized unlike white corrupt candidates the entire black culture will be indicted...The liberal interests which seek to make DC a swirl venue instead of a chocolate one will exploit this saga as well..

    Instead of an entire edition focused on the more life altering reality of disparate suspensions in school districts in the DC region we get the salivating mash up of a corrupt public official..


  • tony

    black political power lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bob

    Keep after these guys! DC can have a government that is both clean AND represents minorities.

  • How To Catch Fleas

    It's too late for some to distance themselves from this crook, they should have done it as soon as the FBI first stepped in if not before.

    Ronald T. Hosko, special agent in charge of the criminal division of the FBI’s Washington office:

    “I watched news coverage last night and was surprised,” Mr. Hosko said. “One public official characterized this as ‘Thomas finding himself in this situation.’ This is not that all — he put himself in this situation, he designed the situation, he directed it.

  • Pinocchio

    Machen - please nail JW Lanum for corruption - clean up our city and you get me vote. Lastly Lew needs to go

  • deborah

    Ron Machen, do you think we can get the zebra affect? Black, white, black, white? Catania, Jack and Jim have been stealing for years and Catania who basically treats Health Care Finance like it is personal bank account. Jim Graham and Whitman Walker, ect. Are you telling the people of the District that you are only smart enough to get black people? Well that is easy because they are not that smart and are show boaters. The real test is if you can get those white boys who know how to hide money. Show me I am from the show me State.

  • http://yahoo Drew

    i think this is sad, the city is changing right before our eye's. Mr. Machen is making a name for himself at the expense of destroying our city. No official has been voted out by the citizen's, but are being investigated and then asked to step down. Something about the way thing's are transpirring doesn't seem right. Mr. Machen is being used against his own to change a city through BS, and not letting the VOTER'S have in office who they want.