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Harry Thomas Jr.: “Guilty As Charged, Your Honor”

Harry Thomas Jr. Pleads Guilty

The newly-former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. just pleaded guilty to two federal felonies as part of a plea deal that could have him serving nearly four years in prison.

The brief court appearance lacked much drama, as Thomas went through the perfunctory plea proceedings before answering Judge John D. Bates' question of whether he was guilty or not.

"Guilty as charged, your honor," Thomas said.

According to a plea agreement, Thomas is facing between 37 months and 46 months in prison. The judge gets the final say on Thomas' punishment, which could be either more or less than what the plea says. Thomas' sentencing is set for May 3—within days, most likely, of a special election to fill his seat.

Thomas' court appearance lasted less than an hour. Most of the time he stood before the judge, flanked by his lawyer Seth Rosenthal, with a squat security guard with a military haircut standing directly behind the councilmember.

Thomas answered the judge's questions about whether he's sane or addicted to drugs, and whether understands the serious trouble he's in (in order: yes, no, yes) in clear, short responses. Dressed in a dark blue suit, Thomas looked somber before and during the hearing. But right after the judge adjourned, Thomas smiled and gave a wink to his friends and family, who packed one side of the courtroom.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, Thomas' supporters prayed for his family while gathered around his mother and wife. He's about to talk to the press now outside the courthouse.

UPDATE: Thomas just addressed the media, by reading the exact same statement he released last night.

He refused to answer any questions, including WUSA9's Bruce Johnson's query as to what Thomas' father, former D.C. Councilmember Harry Thomas Sr., would think of this whole mess.

Thomas was escorted to an awaiting towncar by burly supporter who kept whispering encouragements in Thomas' ear as practically every local TV news camera tried to get footage of Thomas walking away.

The burly dude and a cameraman got into a brief scuffle after Thomas drove away.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Kristofferson

    Nice suit Thomas, you look like a total cheeseball!

  • Legba Carrefour

    So my awesome Harry Thomas Jr. story:

    During the fight over whether or not to increase tuition at UDC and split off a community college, I went to one of the Council hearings. At some point when Catania is responding to a woman pleading for the preservation of the fashion program by telling the audience that he's pretty handy with a needle and he could totally become a tailor if "this council thing doesn't work out", I went out to pee.

    Which is when I run into Harry Thomas Jr. in the bathroom. Literally, on the way to the same urinal. Thomas magnanimously sweeps his hands, waves off my polite objections and insists I go first: "This is your urinal! The People's urinal! I'm just a council member, a servant of the People!"

    He continued with this monologue for the duration of my pee break.

    Fascinating man.

  • NE John

    fascinating? He's a fuking dick. Not unlike most of the rest of them. However, he is the absolutely the worst "servant to the people" bullshitter of all time.

  • Cat Like

    Thomas is a fascinating, friendly and very down to earth person--people don't get elected over and over if they did not have a quality.

    If someone got fingered on corporation I would have would have thought his Chief of Staff. The things she did and put in email would have made mob boss nervous.

  • Davison Peters

    Who had oversight of CYIT during all this? None other than Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells.

    Where is the outrage against him for failing to do his job? @IMGOPH? @CCCA PREZ? Love the double standard, suckas.