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Harry Thomas Jr. Resigns

Harry Thomas Jr. Resigns

Ward 5 D.C. Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. will plead guilty to two federal felony charges on Friday and resign his seat on the council immediately, according to a statement his lawyer, Seth Rosenthal, just emailed out.

The full statement is here:

Tomorrow morning I will plead guilty to committing two federal crimes. I am resigning my position as a member of the Council effective immediately. I made some very serious mistakes and exhibited inadequate and flawed judgment. I take full responsibility for my actions. I am truly sorry.

As a Councilmember and throughout my life, I have dedicated myself to serving the residents and the youth of Washington, D.C. In the pursuit of this work, I made some poor decisions and acted in ways I simply should not have. I was wrong.

I want to apologize to those I have let down, including my constituents, neighbors and friends in Ward 5, the residents of this great city, the mayor, my fellow councilmembers and the government officials that serve our city tirelessly.

To the young people with whom I have worked, as well as their parents and caregivers, I offer my sincerest apologies. Through athletics, I have tried to teach you the importance of character and integrity. My conduct set a poor example.

Finally, to my family, I deeply regret the pain that this has caused each of you. I know that your decades of commitment to Ward 5 and the Washington, D.C. community, which has always filled me with pride, will continue. It is through the efforts of individuals like my mother, a public school principal, and my father, who served as representative of Ward 5 with great distinction, that our community becomes great. It is this legacy of service that I hope to live up to again.

Today I am taking the first step toward making things right.

Thank you for the abundance of support and prayers.

I ask the media and the public to allow me and my family privacy.

I have no further comments at this time. Thank you.

Several candidates are already preparing to run for the seat in a special election that would likely be in May.

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  • bloomingdalian


    I believe I speak for more than just myself when I say that those of us who are "spiking the ball" didn't vote for him.

    It's a bit of an "I told you so" sentiment. This time around I'd prefer a novelty for Ward 5: a competent councilmember. However, given that Vincent Orange managed to get ousted from Ward 5 only to get back on the council "at large" I don't have much faith in my fellow DC voters.

    I'm sorry to say it, but I'm a DC resident who does not believe DC should be a state. As a whole, we're simply too unreliable.

    I do believe that "Taxation Without Representation" is shameless in the Nation's Capital. However, I'd solve it by excusing DC residents from paying Federal income tax, not by giving us (as a whole: a fundamentally ill-informed voter base, easily duped by a not-too-intelligent, corrupt legacy councilmember) a vote.

  • Blevins

    @Bloomindalian: I do believe that "Taxation Without Representation" is shameless in the Nation's Capital. However, I'd solve it by excusing DC residents from paying Federal income tax...


  • Southeast Ken

    I saw ex-felon Cherita Whiting at the federal court house today hunging Harry Thomas ABC 7 news. What was her fake hair, 18 inch finger nails doing at the federal court house? This woman have no shame in her game.

  • Drez

    Which ward 5 candidate are you (working for)?
    No hate, just gallows humor. It's a sad day, but he made his own bed and no way his family didn't notice and question the sudden appearance of a few hundred thousand extra each year.
    They either knew, or didn't want to know.
    Regardless, they own it and it's his fault.

  • http://letschange.org Respected Citizens

    People, what HTJ has committed is now known and shall be acted upon.

    Let the Court act on it's merit, as other members received nothing but your dialogue of disappointments, and their ASSes remain in office.

    When one assess these statements, it's as if HTJ has done nothing worthwhile as the Councilmember of Ward 5, and that's so untrue.

    One major error somehow removes all of the excellent objectives that are continuing to move Ward 5 forward.

    Now, who wants Drew Hubbard apart of a buddy system that includes men that do not deserve to be in office representing one person.