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Harry Thomas Jr. Charged With Felony Theft, Filing False Tax Returns

Harry Thomas Jr. Charged with Theft, False Tax Filings

The U.S. Attorney's Office has filed felony charges against Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. for theft and filing false tax returns.

Thomas, the feds say, "embezzled, stole, [and] obtained by fraud" $353,000 in public money. The feds also say Thomas filed false tax income returns from 2007 through 2009, underestimating his taxable income by $346,000. The charging documents appear are almost assuredly a prelude to Thomas pleading guilty as part of a plea deal.

The charges spring from an investigation by D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan's office, which found Thomas had used money earmarked for youth sports charities on, among other items, an Audi SUV, trips to Hooters, and golf course fees. IRS and FBI agents raided Thomas' house last month, seizing a Chevy Tahoe and a Victory Ness motorcycle. The criminal information the U.S. Attorney's Office released today says they plan to keep those vehicles.

The charging documents are here:

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Check back for more as this story develops.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Awww Man

    Harry, you can thank your "godfather" Vince Gray for all this stuff! LOL...that proctor snake sent his boy Nathan after you! Harry, now you know that the dude Gray is not really black! LOL...and you know I'm not lying about him sending Nathan after you! He was laughing in your face, endorsed you on the campaign trail but dude stabbed you with a hot spear!

    Now, will Nathan go after Gray for his stealing and other indiscretions! Hey, has that sex tape emerged yet? No. Gray had to put the flashlight on someone else, so that someone else he had chosen was Thomas. C'mon now of all the money Fenty and his boys stole, no one snitched on the other...real gangsters...Gray and his elder crew, not so much...they hate to see the youngins getting it. Gray hated on Fenty, and you see now he hated on you too.

  • Southeast Ken

    Look out Harry, you will be sharing a prison cell with a big muscular guy name Bubba. I guess you can register your wedding China at Macys. LOL

  • Southeast Ken

    Race baiting comments have started on the Washington Post blog. I am black and I don't condone corruption by any politican regardless of race, sex, and sexual orientation. White politicians commit crimes all the time, but I don't read many blacks comments turning this into race baiting.


  • Awww Man

    Harry, man, I feel sorry for you though...it is always the little guy who gets the hook. Yeah, what you did sucked (only with regards to the intended ricipients of the 300Gs), but the figure itself is bullshit. In the 1930s and 40s, politicians were taking home more than that under the table! I feel for you man even though some consider what you've done is flagrant and evil...no one is perfect. If I were you, I would have nothing else to say to Gray and his elder goons, seriously dude.

  • LastStop

    Nothing good about this for Thomas, his Family or the citizens of the District of Columbia.

    He is being held accountable in accordance to the criminal justice code. The activities were an assault upon the trust that taxpayers place upon public representatives.

    I am not one to celebrate and wallow in the destruction of other individuals. Even if it is brought on by their own actions. I am saddened by it.

    A restoration of trust must be earned by current and future elected public servants.

  • NE John

    When does he get arrested? Can't wait for the pics!

  • Truth Hurts

    Today's WaPo front page story on Gray's BFF Harry "f... the kids" Thomas quotes Mayor "Charcter, integrity, leadership" Gray: "THE WHOLE THING (ie, dirty harry's scheme)IS AN ENIGMA TO ME. JUST AN ABSOLUTE PUZZLE." (Of course, it was all laid in the complaint filed last spring by Gray's AG, Nathan.) But Gray's buried his head in the sand.

    Gray responded similarly when CP asked in 2010 about his lobbyist, money man & BBF Bruce Bereano's felony convictions and subsequent disbarment. "I'VE REALLY NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHAT THAT WAS ALL ABOUT". (Even though Gray reportedly wrote a letter to the sentencing judge on Bereano's behalf, and a quick google search tells Bereano's tawdry tale in painful detail). Again, head in the sand time.

    These are just a few examples of lowlifes Gray surrounds himself with. He simply will not exhibit "character, integrity, or leadership" by publicly denouncing his felon cronies or their crimes.

  • Say-it-aint-so

    Lining one's pockets with $300K that was meant to go to at risk youth is about as low as a person can get. Seriously, stealing from children? And folks are defending HJT or saying that what other politicians do is worse?

    Today's topic isn't other politicians. It's not Jim "corruption in action" Graham, it's not Jack "line my pockets" Evans or Tommy "I don't care about Black people in my ward" Wells. Those guys are jerks too and I would love to see them swept out of office. Today's topic is HJT.

    With that in mind, I don't understand any of the sympathy for HJT. HJT didn't take this money and redistribute it through the community. He didn't take the 300K and buy turkeys for thanksgiving, right? the $300k didn't go to buying new cars for constituents, it didn't go to taking everyone in ward 5 out to lunch or, for that matter, ANYTHING that benefitted anyone other than HJT himself.

    Sheeit, he didn't even use the money to pay off his bills! $16k in student loan debt's a drop in the bucket if he'd paid them off with the $350K+ he STOLE from the hard working people of DC. Instead, the $$$ was used for personal enrichment, personal entertainment, personal transportation and other luxuries. And it's not as if HJT was in some minimum wage job. The DC Council pays more than $100k a year, AND the Councilmembers are allowed outside employment. So why wasn't this the money HJT was using for trips and Hooters lunches?

    HJT couldn't live within his means when he earned more than three times the average salary of his constituents. The man stole from the most vulnerable constituents of his community. People want Sandusky's head for molesting kids, so shouldn't we be upset that a Councilmember used his position of authority to screw the kids metaphorically? Those kids should have been getting baseball clinics, trips to games, chances to meet pros, summer camps, etc. Instead they spent the summer doing nothing while HJT got to go on golfing trips.

    This whole thing is sad, but let's not feel sorry for HJT. He knew what he was doing and even implicated his staff in these schemes. Honest people could end up in trouble just because they took orders from a crooked boss.

    I hope Ward 5 elects a legit leader to take over this spot. There are some solid young folks in Ward 5 who would actually do the city some good. Off the top of my head, Kenyon McDuffie would be a solid candidate.

  • SEis4ME

    TruthHurts, I think you should change your name to "thatdknmybutt" hurts because as usual, it all comes back to Gray. I get it man, you think all black politicians (save fenty) are all the same so when one does something, the others are responsible.

    Thomas is a member of the city council. But instead of acknowledging the clear distinction between the city council and the office of the mayor, you (like Rick Santorum) just lumps them altogether.

  • Southeast Ken

    I think, Harry Thomas Jr. should be placed on suicide watch. He might attempt to to harm to himself because he has to be depressed, embarrassed, and stressed from what's going on.

  • drez

    HTJ and Gray campaigned together a lot. There's about a million photos out there where they are wearing eachother's campaign material. They've called eachother "close fried" etc, and say their relationship goes back 30 years.
    So, it should be no enigma to you that it is an absolute puzzle to almost everyone else that Gray said "THE WHOLE THING IS AN ENIGMA TO ME. JUST AN ABSOLUTE PUZZLE."
    Especially since Gray's own handpicked AG had sued Thomas for theft of moneys that Thomas agreed to repay (but isn't).
    Oh, well, maybe Gray was too distracted by his own legal problems to notice.

  • LastStop

    The bitter ole' Fenty butt suckers are out in force.

  • SEis4ME

    Drez, yes, HT did support Gray and as a native of DC, it's no surprise that he and gray know and/or are friendly with each other. That's is quite separate from TH's charge linking the two.

    What should the mayor of the city have said instead of "this shyt is all over the place and I don't know wtf is going on"? what in the hell does "this is an enigma" mean other than what the word actually means - perpexling. You would sound much more sane had Gray suggested that thomas might not be guilty. Or maybe even if Thomas wasn't a CM but Gray's boypal whom he liked to run the streets with.

    So both you and TH are (as usual) scrubbing whatever Gray says for effect as well as tying him to every other problem every other black pol has had/is having. In this case, the argument is that Gray "surrounds" himself with shady people when the article is about HTJ. Gray likely knows every single CM in ever Ward. Might even be friendly/friends with them. But whatever problem any of them have should not reflect on the mayor.

    That is unless Fenty, who was also friendly with every CM, was tied to whatever each of them did.

    If you need any better example of "why" people accuse you and others of having an out of sync reaction to what happens with DC's black pols, please keep this dialogue as a reference cuz IMO, it's striking.

  • drez

    LOL Dancing in the Streets

  • Kevin

    When Gray said "The whole thing is an enigma to me. Just an absolute puzzle." he was probably referring to how HTJ's diverting public money for private use was not consistent with the HTJ he knew/campaigned with. I know I think it's an enigma that HTJ thought he could do something so bone-headed without facing the consequences. This just goes to show that Gray is too trusting of others and has gotten burned by it. At least he appointed an AG who was independent enough to go after this.

  • drez

    Oh, please. Stop the apologist dissembling.
    We are all judged by our friends, our allies, our supporters- by the company we choose and keep.

  • LastStop

    I am not a big fan of "native Washingtonian" politicians. However, one thing that Washingtonians do is support each other through the thick and thin. They are like the GOP.

    It is the "entitlement" attitude that most of these politicians carry with them when in office that turns me completely off. That, and the constituents that vote for one person or another on the basis that they will leverage their political position to circumvent the law to their financial benefit.

    It is a new day in the District. It is going to be a long hard lesson for both native politicians and generational residents to learn. Quid Pro Quo and underhanded illegal dealings can and will land you in prison. Lets hope that nobody other sitting politician has to learn this the hard way.

    Except maybe Jim Graham and David Catania.

  • LastStop

    @Kevin you make a good point. How was it even POSSIBLE to divert 300K without raising any eyebrows? There is an administrative gap in contract management that needs to be filled immediately.

  • Drez

    $353,000. And counting. There's another $850,000 in earmarks yet unaccounted for.

  • SEis4ME

    Oh wait, so it really isn't about Gray's statement about not knowing WTF was going on with HTJ? It's just about his association with the man and because he knows him, he deserves to lumped in with HTJ's criminal activity!


    Here's a familiar theme:
    Thomas black = Gray Black
    Whatever one black person does..another shares equal blame.


  • LastStop

    @Drez, weren't earmarks banned under the Fenty Administration when Gray was Council Chair. The Council supported that measure overwhelmingly as I recall.

  • LastStop

    Is it still legal for a Mayor to divert over a million dollars in taxpayer funds to a non-government entity to shell out in contract to friends and cronies beyond D.C. Council oversight?

  • Drez

    Yes and They immediately found and implemented work arounds.

  • Drez

    How's that lottery contract investigation going?

  • LastStop

    @Drez, if that is so, it is sad, just sad. This is why I don't like politicians. An honest one just doesn't exist.

  • LastStop

    Why is Natwar Ghandi still the District Chief Financial Officer again?

  • Drez

    Also, as far as I know it is still legal to pass $ through either DHCD or DCHD (I confuse the two). So, yes.

  • Truth Hurts

    Drez- Cyber stalker was so obsessed with typing that typical foul mouthed, false comment that he/she failed to notice Mayor Gray did this afternoon what he/she said Gray couldn't/wouldn't do: Issue a statement calling for dirty harry's resignation. So much for cyber stalker's pathetic claim that it's inappropriate for the mayor to call for a CM's resignation.

    As for cyber stalker's (once again) false claim that I never criticize white lowlife's, that's a delusional manifestation of his/her stalker disorder. Jim Graham? White. I've been saying he needs to go for a couple years now. Bruce Bereano? White. I've been arguing for years that convicted felon lobbyists/disbarred MD lawyers shouldn't be allowed to finance/lobby DC pols. Anthony Weiner? White. I called for his resignation the moment he admitted tweeting lewd photos and lying to the public about it.

    And, of course, cyber stalker always (falsely) claims I've never criticized Fenty, even when I don't even mention Fenty in a comment. Wrong again. I criticized many of his policies, especially the stonewalling and lack of transparency he and Nickles engaged in.

    Cyber stalker is sick. Hope he/she doesn't own any weapons and seeks professional help soon.

    As for Gray's statement this afternoon, it's priceless. The US ATTY files a criminal information (rather than an indictment) telling the world dirty harry's gonna plead guilty (likely tomorrow), media reports accurately divulge that part of the plea deal involves Thomas' CM resignation, and Gray shows his mettle by calling on Thomas to resign a day before Thomas is gonna resign. Bold, timely leadership, Mr. Mayor. ONE CITY!!

  • Chgobluesguy

    @Southeast Ken, I agree with you on the race baiting on WaPo's site. It's not surprising though, because the editorial board has dropped its white liberal veneer and now smears anyone who dares to question the wisdom of dog parks, Michelle Rhee, or Zipcar as wanting to "go back to the old ways of doing business." To hear them tell it, Mayor Gray was basically in the hotel room smoking crack with Barry.

  • DC5

    @ Truth Hurts - how do you judge and declare media reports of plea deal details are "accurate" before any deal has been publicly filed? Bet you one dollar there is not a word about resignation in the plea documents. Feds won't demand resignation and Gray was right to hold his judgment until the prosecutor acted.

  • SEis4ME


    Here's a suggestion, if you don't want to acknowledge me, it's prolly a good idea to not construct arguments directed my way and not assume that no one will know who you're referring to. You're talking to ME and anybody with a milligram of sense realize that it's rather silly of you to talk "around" me..the cyberstalker.

    @TDNMBH, As for cyber stalker's (once again) false claim that I never criticize white lowlife's, that's a delusional manifestation of his/her stalker disorder.

    You might want to check the cyberrecord. I never accused you of not criticizing white politicians. That's a manifestation of your own deep throating skills.

    There is no reason a sitting mayor should call for the ousting of any council member before the clear facts are on the table. We saw what happened during the Shirley Sherrod fiasco. No need for him to repeat that.

    If that bothers you, oh well because we all understand that is a radical position to ever take...ever.

    So please go back to ignoring the person you still continue to respond to.


  • Truth Hurts

    DC5- you owe me one dollar.