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More Legal Troubles For HTJ

When it rains, it pours. Or at least it does for Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., whose debts in 2011 include $300,000 to the District government for allegedly misspending public "youth baseball" money on an Audi and Hooters and an as-of-yet undisclosed settlement with Uncle Sam to clear up $15,000 in unpaid student loans, penalties, and interest.

Then there's the legal bills that come from trying to stave off federal indictment. By LL's count, Thomas has enjoyed the legal representation of at least four well-known lawyers related to the ongoing Team Thomas imbroglio: John Ray, Fred Cooke Jr., Abbe Lowell, and Karl Racine. We'll probably never know how much Thomas winds up shelling out for those legal services, but those guys probably aren't cheap.

And here's one more cost to add to Thomas' list. Maryland court records show that a Rockville-based anesthesia company won a $866.30 judgment against Thomas in September for what appears to be an unpaid bill. Thomas, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, was also ordered to pay $71 in interest and $65 in court costs, bringing his total to just over a grand.

Normally, this wouldn't even be news. But when the attorney general accuses Thomas of spending his allegedly misbegotten city funds on a luxury SUV and golf outings at some of the nicest courses in the country, you gotta wonder why the councilmember didn't tuck some away to pay his bills.

  • Ward One Resident

    Suderman, have we (you) ever found out where Thomas got the initial $50K he used to pay back the city? Has that been disclosed anywhere, will it ever be disclosed? You have to add that to the list of debts

  • B-DC

    The brookland heart beat has an interesting story on yet more shady HTJ dealings totaling nearly 800,000. I've been waiting on you guys to investigate....http://www.brooklandheartbeat.org/index.html

  • NE John

    It's a rainy night in DC,
    Lord it's raining all over the world,
    I feel like it's raining all over the world

    ha ha ha ha

  • J

    B-DC: That is just nuts. They really need to put this man in jail.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/BryanWeaverDC/status/151708801815420928 CCCA Prez


    hi Alan,

    You're beating a dead horse (good work, but let it die); it's starting to seem a bit obsessive if not racist. Why not question Evans about which ANC politicians he gave money and bling to from his "non political" constituent services fund which he claimed at fundraisers (see video above), was primarily going to help the needy (not being used for baseball tickets, DeerPark water, and office parking tickets).

    Why not unplug from the computer, hit the streets w/ your pad and pencil (or iPad) and go out and find how many needy Shaw residents benefitted or even heard of Evans' CSF. There are plenty of low income housing projects in Shaw, needy residents should not be hard to find if you take a stroll around the hood. Though I recommend you do this during the day time on a non rainy day.

  • NE John

    Yes, this pales in comparison to the amount in question before the feds, more than three orders in magnitude larger than this amount. Funds for parks, recreation and kids.

  • Keith B.

    According to the commentariat here there's no poor people in ward 2, just white hipsters on single speed bikes. Maybe Jack can get them to stop double parking their bikes outside the marked zones by the UHOP. Damn young caucasians!

  • Honest Abe

    Back to the topic at hand, I for one am very curious to know where HTJ is getting the money to "repay the city". This man has 4 or 5 kids, a nice size house and a wife. At a community meeting, he mentioned that his kids are in private school. I'm sure refinancing his house is not the sole source of paying off these debts. I think we the people of Ward 5 have every right to know this information since he violated public trust. Why isn't he even in jail?

  • SEis4ME

    Alan, come on now. The rain is continuing to pour down on HTJ because of an unpaid medical bill costing less than a 1000 dollars?

    Audi vs. medical bill? *sigh*

    Dude, I could see if you were talking about a Neiman's or Sak's bill...but come on..it's a Medical bill. This is overreach.

  • Ward 5 Rez

    Seriously, CCCA Prez? Since when is it racist to accumulate evidence that a certain Councilmember does not handle money well, especially when said person handles taxpayer money? It may be petty or piling on, but it is part of a not so pretty portrait. Many companies now do credit checks as part of the hiring process - maybe DC voters should do the same.

    All of my neighbors, both black and white, want to know - what innocent person agrees to repay $300k?

    I hope no one rests until the nail is found that will seal Thomas' political coffin. I don't love the CSF slush funds, but at least it is not my money. But now that you mention it, has anyone looked at how HTJr spends CSF money? Alan?

  • Truth Hurts

    Ward One Resident: The first 50k was paid via check written by lobbyist/lawyer Cooke. As for the second 50k installment, already due, nobody to my knowlege has yet reported whether it was paid and, if so, who paid it.

  • Lexus

    I was told that his mother provided the first $50,000 payment.

  • http://letschange.org Respected Citizens

    Hey, it's interesting that the FEDS, nor our new community residents never mandated federal investigations for Jack Evans, Tommy Wells nor Ms. David Catania for thousands of tax dollars misuse.

    What about Jim Grahams legislation developments, as he and his Chief of Staff with a GREEN CARD not citizenship received flight and hotel accommodates to and fron Ethiopia. Whether it's direct or indirect, it's illegal.

    See race war soon will arrive because double standards continue to elevate for Blacks, as Caucians become simply reprimanded.

    One day, DC will wake up and stop this level of DISREGARD.

    Had Gray not exercised Barry's removal from the Workforce committee, as all of the black councilemembers endoresed, every elected official who commits an error would receive equal punishment.

    Never has there been a scared group of elected Black officials in the history of City Council.

  • gottagetit

    @ccca prez makes it his MO to bitch and moan and not do anything about it. whether its leroy, jack, or whoever is in his crosshairs the days that he forgets his meds, its a bitch and moan fest daily.

    hes a california liberal - screaming racism is like his second job. well, if he had a first job.