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Money Man Sitting Out 2012 Elections, For Now

This summer LL wrote a column trying to put a number on all the money Jeff Thompson, a politically connected accountant who also owns a Medicaid managed care firm that's one of the District's biggest contractors, gives to local pols.

LL found more than 50 individuals and corporations with links to Thompson who have given more than $730,000 to politicians in the last decade. The donors include Thompson himself, his companies, his employees, his employees' family members, his contractors, his contractors' family members, and others.

The donations can be found in every donation cycle, usually at the maximum allowable amount, and they typically come in around the same time. For instance, At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange pulled in at least $40,000 from Thompson-related sources this March 9 and 10, just as he was starting his bid for the April special election.

But so far this election cycle, the Thompson money machine has been virtually non-existent. LL found two $250 checks given to Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser by Thompson's partners at his accounting firm, but the rest of his donor network hasn't given anyone so much as a penny so far.

That slowdown has put a crimp in Orange's bottom line. When Orange ran for chair of the D.C. Council last year, his first campaign report showed him raising $189,764. When he ran in the special election, his first report put his total at $190,140. Both reports were filled with donors from the Thompson network. But without the Thompson-related money, Orange only raised $105,22, according to his first campaign report filed last night. Orange did not return a call seeking comment.

Where's the money? The press-shy Thompson didn't immediately return LL's call. It could be timing: there's still plenty of time left to give before the primary and the general election. Or maybe it's the spotlight: after LL's column, the Post did its own profile of the low-key Thompson's outsized political influence. Whatever the case, LL's sure there are plenty of District pols eager for the money machine to roar back to life.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • skinsfan83

    Orange will still have more money than the rest of the candidates so im not sure if this will cramp his style that much.

    So far I am pleased with the work Orange has done, so I doubt any of his competitors will beat him.

  • Black Working Class

    Where is the exposé on Clark Construction and the rest of the developers with their hands in DC Politics? How about the law firms and coporate attorneys who do the same like AG Irvin Nathan has done for decades?

  • dcgovcorruption


    I perceive bias on your part against councilmember orange.
    For instance, I read your article regarding councilmember wells being mentioned in colby king's article last saturday. However, you failed to mention that he gave a shoutout to councilmember orange's proposed legislation regarding ethics at the wilson building. What't happening here?

  • skinsfan83

    @dcgov you know everything positive Orange does they make it sound like he is bullying the council.

    How in the hell does a "Bully" look that damn happy in a picture

  • Truth hurts

    Keep on following the money. I'm getting those who have been profiled will wait until near the end of the cycle to avoid preelection exposure.

  • Lol

    Agree with TH.
    The delay is likely about wanting to avoid blowback in light of the broader discussion of bundling and ethics.
    IMO it stinks, regardless.

  • Drez

    Interesting segment on WAMU this morning about corporate and bundled cash in the CM races.

  • shining the light

    Black Middle Class you don't know how stupid you sound. vowel Construction is not a developer they are a construction company. Secondly what about all of the money and free campaign work that the unions who represent MD and VA residents who work for the city and take our money give. They far outnumber any developers who give but you don't ask about that.

  • deborah

    Bully, I thought you were talking about David Catania.

  • Black Working Class

    @shining the light. For one, it is black working class! For two, you can't develop anything without a construction company you idiot. For three, any fool knows that developers and law firms are able to raise exponentially more money than the unions. I take it you aren't from this city!?!

  • You All Are Dumb

    Black Working Class, lets be clear, the developer doesn't need a construction company it is the other way around. The developer gets the contract and then hires a construction company. I mean furthermore money does nothing as compared to the hundreds of folks that the unions put on the street to do free campaign work and pay for. Listen, I don't claim to be an expert in doing and saying dumb ass shit because that is what you do, now don't claim to know the items in which I'm an expert. Learn to listen and start with facts because your dumb ass talking points paint the black middle class in this city in a bad light and me and mine don't like how you are portraying us.

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