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Harry Thomas Jr. Speaks! (Or At Least, Tweets)

The last time Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. posted anything on Twitter was shortly before FBI and IRS agents raided his house two weeks ago.

Until this morning.

Thomas took to the social media site to disclaim a parody account:

The parody, @HarryThomasJr1, appeared recently. No word yet on exactly what prompted the real Harry Thomas Jr. to object to it, but it may well have been this item:

  • NE John

    Ha ha.

  • mesomorphy

    So hilarious

  • Kate Reed

    Now some idiot intends to make Thomas Jewish and alas, a mohel, at that. Of course, they’re really mixed up, because if he had been Jewish, his bris milôh, would have been completed at eight days and it wouldn’t have been self-inflicted, save his kareth. The real question in the drama, of course, would not have been, “who’s desk do I leave the foreskin on?”, but rather, “now, how do I perform my own, metzitzah b'peh, (alt. mezizah)? Dumb, dumb and dumber…

    Kathleen Rand Reed

  • http://www.facebook.com/ Deandra

    It's always a relief when someone with obvious exepritse answers. Thanks!

  • carl

    look! we should all know by now that this guy is unfit to be an elected official for a number of reasons, one of which is his lack of political and moral integrity. but few know that this is also the same guy who was scheduled to speak at one of his prominent constituents funeral a few weeks ago, and didn't show up. how loathing can one be? imagine standing up a family on such a somber and serious day. to most, it's unthinkable to do such. but this is who harry thomas is, a person devoid of decency and moral character.

    when news of his troubles surfaced i was not taken by surprise, because in meeting him a couple of years ago to discuss the dc workforce investment council, and how it was failing in carrying out it's mandate, he appeared to be dismissive, arrogant, and just going through the motions. i got no real sense that he was engaged or interested.

    the real problem is that he continues to enjoy his seat on the council. only three of his colleagues (catania, wells and che) have called for his resignation. good for them. barry and michael brown have had their own tax issues, and we all know the story about kwame "fullyloaded" brown's issues in which the outcome is still pending.

    thomas is just another example of elected officials who are self-serving,self-promoting, and simply self-interested, which are the wrong reasons to go into public service.

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