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Alexander Loses Out on Parking Lot Dough

Here's a sign that incumbent Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander may be in some trouble come April: the deep-pocketed parking lobby that helped finance her previous campaign is now backing one of her opponents.

Tom Brown's most recent campaign filings show him receiving at least 10 separate donations of the maximum $500 from entities linked to the parking lobby, including gifts from the family of late parking czar Leonard “Bud” Doggett and longtime parking lobbyist David Julyan.

Campaign records show that Alexander benefited received at least several thousand from parking-related interests during her last campaign. She didn't immediately return a call, nor did Brown. Julyan declined to comment.

The parking lobby isn't the only game in town, but can be rough to have them playing for the other team. Just ask former Councilmember Carol Schwartz, who was defeated in the Republican Primary after the parking lobby backed Pat Mara's upstart bid.

  • http://DefGlam.com VonniMediaMogul

    If this is the Leonard Doggett I am thinking of, his wife works at AFGE who has called him a crackhead... which explains his judgement in people he makes contributions to

  • WhoSaidWhat

    Hopefully this endorsement won't be the last one she loses. Eventually, she will lose the whole thing and good riddance!

  • Southeast Ken

    Miss Piggy will not get this Ward 7 voter vote.

  • Truth Hurts

    Registered Democrats in DC should exercise extreme caution regarding any candidate who parking lot owners/lobbyists are bankrolling. The overwhelming majority of these folks are not registered Democrats, don't live in DC, and also contribute heavily to Republicans, both nationally and locally.

    They propelled Gray to victory as council chair by turning, as a group, against Kathy Patterson because she wanted to slightly increase parking taxes (mainly paid by nonresidents/tourists) to help finance DC school modernization. They previously backed Alexander because she was Gray's hand-picked successor, and they expected her to act accordingly.

    I'm not an Alexander fan (in fact, I can't stand her), so this isn't a pitch to reelect her. But thoughtful voters should also reject her apparent parking lot alternative. These folks are here to pay and play, simple as that.

  • NE John

    @Vonnie: Leonard Doggett Sr. and Lennie Doggett Jr. are both dead. RIP Lennie old bud

  • http://iamdcdg.com David Gaines

    +1 @Truth Hurts

  • SEis4ME

    @TruthHurts, Registered dems do need to exercise caution. It's great that you believe that. I just wish this belief was consistent with last year's election cycle where outside interest groups and the entire media/political establishment indirectly supported the reelection of Fenty/Rhee. I don't recall you cautioning voters against backing candidates who had the support of so many outside interest groups AND Republicans.

    But oh well, a lil hypocrisy ain't never hurt nobody.

    Odds are though, Alexander will win by default because there are too many varied interests here to fully support ONE candidate.

    I'll donate to Alexander's campaign.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ David Gaines- Just stumbled upon your "I am David Gaines..." blog. Nice job, enjoyable reading, interesting site, attractive family.

  • Knowledge from NE

    Truth Hurts, that name must mean that it hurts for you to tell the truth so you don't. The issue behind the parking tax increase was the fact that parking cost in this city are just another reason that so many are deciding to move directly outside the city. The fact of the matter is that far too many groups have decided to locate in Roslyn, Ballston, Crystal City, Old Town, Bethesda, etc. Why you may ask, well I'll give you some truth, their locals are not as crazy as they are in DC and the cost is less. You can park all day in Ballston for around $7 - 9 while it would cost you at best case $12 - 15 in DC. For a person who has meetings and the likes it is more affordable. You can still be in in what many consider DC who don't live near the city and you can be downtown to the capital, white house and most government locations within 20 minutes which isn't much worse than being in a place like upper NW or Georgetown. Likewise the tax structure and the ability to run a business is much better. There is a reason that DC ranks 51st our of 51 places to run a business while VA is #2. Democrats can use caution all they want, but that caution will do nothing more but continue to get them shitty ass businesses such as Wal-Mart which do nothing to improve the city or the community.

    What folks should be worried about is how it was ok for Vince Gray and his campaign thugs and funders who mainly live outside the city were able to attack folks such as Fenty, Biddle and the others east of the river with racial advertising created by folks such as Andi Pringle (yeah the lady who lied about living in DC who was fired). As SEis4Me stated it is funny that now you have an issue but when Team Dumass ( I mean Team Thomas), Michael "I still owe the Verizon Center Money) and their crew were attacking folks for being dishonest were making false claims which the report stated were not true you didn't say a damn word. Now that Team Thomas has had their bikes and their tonka trucks taken you still aint saying shit, but you wanna warn against some donations.

    Please be clear, I'm not a fan of Tom Brown and I think he needs to go sit his but down and I could care less about the parking folks but your attack is just baseless. By the way it doesn't matter who is elected from Ward 7, much like Wards 5 & 8, the people will get what they deserve not a damn thing because they will continue to support crooks, idiots and folks who pimp them for votes.

  • Truth hurts

    You obviously haven't read even a few of my hundreds of posts. I've been calling out Gray on his one city race baiting for years, calling Thomas on his Team Thomas thievery for over a year, and calling DC pols, lobbyists, and the city contractors on pay to play games for a long time now. And I have owned DC based businesses for decades. So I know about the cost of parking downtown.

  • SEis4ME

    @Knowledge, so are you suggesting that the Fenty campaign didn't make use of "outside" help to attempt throwing a monkey wrench in Gray's election efforts? Surely you can't.

    Not when both Fenty and Rhee had the national stage with support from the current Education Secretary, NJ governor, Florida current governor, NBC, and the anti-union crowd. Surely you jest.

    And I must defend Truth Hurts here, he has equally gone after all black DC politicians---save Fenty.

  • SaveWard7

    I am so glad stupid girl did not get the parking lobby donations. But, Tom Brown is still a question mark! Where does he live now??? When he ran at Large in the last election in lived in Ward 8. Did he move into Ward 7 within the last 5 - 7 months? Will he still be here if he doesn't win the council seat? It's like a bad date, if I let you in, but don't give in, will you still call me????!!!!!

  • Will

    It's funny and sad because there are basically no paid parking lots within Ward 7, they're primarily in Wards 2, 6 and 1. The parking lobby gives generously to the councilmembers who can be swayed by cash without the counterweight of constituents pushing back against the parking lobby's interests.

    I can't believe I'm typing this, but the fact that parking lobby has turned on Alexander means that she's shown some independence on those issues. That should be commended.

  • SaveWard7

    Independence on "those issues" - I think not. Most likely they don't see stupid girl as a major impact and could possible not win re-election.

  • Truth Hurts

    Some commenters, such the cyber stalker who posted #7 and #11 above, see race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and the like in most every issue. And a subgroup of those commenters (including the same person) project their narrow minded thinking on to people who see things differently. In my view, they're usually wrong to do so.

    Contrary to #11's snarky insinuation, I, on the other hand, criticize people and/or their actions without regard race. So, for example, I've called for Graham (white) to step down. I've criticized ALL CM'S (and the mayor) who enable Thomas' theivery by not publicly calling for his resignation (including Wells, Graham, Evans, and Mendo - white). I've criticized all CM's, including whites, who don't support ethics reforms that would ban lobbyists and govt contractors from giving money to CM's. I've been highly critical of disbarred, convicted felon Bereano (Gray's frat bro and also white) raising money for Gray, and Cheh (white), while lobbying both. The list goes on.

    SEis4ME, I asked you many times to cease the potty mouthed name calling if you expected to be taken seriously by me. You didn't. So stop the stalking, asshole. I'm not responding more to your obsessive TH related comments.

  • Truth hurts

    Agree with the comment above

  • Real Ward 7 Dude

    @SaveWard7 while I'm not totally in Tom Brown's corner I know the incumbent is not the one we need. As for the young man I just think he needs more time to grow.

    As for where Tom lives I recall hearing him say during the special election he lived in ward 7. Back in Oct. I attended a meeting of the Ward 7 Concerned Citizens Coalition and that question came up. I think he answered it well. He basically said that he moved back to his house in River Terrace after a security matter at his other home.

    Does it really matter how long he's lived in the ward? I am strongly considering him because of his background. He has been a community organizer with experience in teaching and workforce development. I think we need someone on the council with that kind of record of service. What record of real community service to people does YA have and for that fact any of those folks down there.

    I encourage people to attend the community meetings; all the candidates are visiting them and making their pitch. Study before you speak. We surely need a change from the cast of clowns down there now. they all have been a disappointment and self-serving.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I think that Tom Brown will be a good alternative for Ward 7. I hear that the parking lobby is not the only substantial lobby that will be backing his campaign.

  • SaveWard7

    Again, I question just how committed Tom Brown is to Ward 7?? I never heard of this person until now. If he is so committed, where has he been and what has he done for Ward 7? As far as his address is concerned, if you can't be upfront and honest about where you reside, unless someone confronts you, there is a problem. He should be proud of where he lives! As I stated before, if he doesn't win the primary, will he still call???!!

  • InItToWinIt

    Anyone but Yvette Alexander.