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Eric Holder Did Not Vote for John Kerry (Or Anyone)

Eric Holder

LL's forthcoming column takes a look at whether there's anything slightly stinky about Attorney General Eric Holder and his relationship to District officials who are currently under federal investigation.

One factoid LL's editors thought interesting: The attorney general for the United States of America has a less than stellar voting record, at least if records from the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics are accurate.

BOEE records show that Holder did not vote in this year's special election, which Vincent Orange won. Nor did Holder vote in the 2004 presidential election. Besides not joining the 202,027 Washingtonians who voted for John Kerry's losing presidential bid that year, Holder also missed out on voting on the races for delegate, at-large councilmember, and the all important ANCs.

The Ward 3 resident did, however, donate $250 each to the re-election campaigns of then-Ward 4 Councilmember Adrian Fenty and Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, neither of whom he was eligible to vote for.

LL has reached out to Holder's flack for comment, and will update as needed.

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  • Drez

    I don't see any angle here.
    I do wonder if his office's report will come out before any recall effort can officially begin. But just because I'm curious.

  • Truth Hurts

    Is there something newsworthy here? Who cares if he voted in the 2004 presidential election. You think one more DC vote for Kerry would've turned the tide?

  • NE John

    Neither did I!

  • Rob

    This non-story is a waste of space that Dave McKenna could have put to better use. I guess next you'll be writing about Holder leaving less than a 20% tip at the last restaurant he patronized.

  • deborah

    This story is ridiculous!

  • Conservemoral

    This story exhibits how Eric Holder,scrooge-pacifist, really cares about the District of Columbia and I am happy it was written. Do not expect any indictments of D.C. elected officials especially Black crooked ones.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    LL's editors might also want to check the title of this blog post:

    Eric Holder Did Note Vote for John Kerry (Or Anyone)

  • http://letschange.org Respected Citizens

    Mr. Eric Holder needs to be the Mayor of DC. And change the political structure of DC, with ugly pale face Gray, KKK Evans until voting time when he reaches out to Shaw, Dum Ass for real Kwame, and bi-sexual Michael Brown.