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Ward 2’s Greig Drops Out, Takes Whack at Evans

Ward 2 D.C. Council candidate Fiona Greig has dropped her bid to unseat incumbent Jack Evans, citing a desire to avoid an "intimidation campaign" by the 20-year council veteran.

Greig, who recently had a minor slip-up when she accidentally filed a list of potential donors with the Office of Campaign Finance, says she wasn't expecting the kind of creepy treatment she says she got from the Evans campaign.

From her statement:

At home, I received muffled phone calls telling me about the “dirt” my opponent had on me. Someone wanting to hold a Meet and Greet for me received nasty emails from the opposing campaign. And I learned from a city agency that a well-known private investigator whose firm does “surveillance” and “domestic investigations” had requested my records. Maybe that explains the man who repeatedly walked past my house one night, looking in the windows.

Wait, what was that last one? Greig's campaign manager, Ken Archer, adds a little bit more to the story of the alleged Evans-paid window watcher. From his post at Greater Greater Washington:

Last week, I walked to Greig's house during all this drama, talking on my cell about the campaign to a colleague while I walked, and noticed a man walking close behind me smoking a cigar. When I stopped in front of Greig's house, he stopped. He then kept walking and then turned around to pace up and down her block about a dozen times. Greig's husband arrived later pushing Ella in a stroller, talking to friend on the phone. We told him about the investigator pacing the block and he came inside.

(Archer also indicates that the "dirt" had something to do with the timing of Greig's marriage and the divorce of her husband, which is now completely off limits and shall never be mentioned again.)

The investigator mentioned is Ken Cummins, the very first LL, who politicians use all the time to do investigations (he warned Mayor Vince Gray's transition team that Sulaimon Brown was a wee bit shady). Both he and Evans' campaign adviser, Tom Lindenfeld, deny that Cummins was pacing back and forth in front of Greig's home and staring into her windows. Further, Lindendfeld says there's no one on Evans' payroll whose job it was to stroll past the Greig residence.

So why try and pin the cigar man on Evans? Greig says "the timing was just too uncanny" not draw a link between her records being pulled and the cigar man showing up shortly thereafter.

That's pretty weak, and unfair to Evans. As for the other stuff that Greig alleges—which is essentially that the Evans campaign hired an investigator, pulled court and campaign records related to her, and got mad at one of her supporters for wanting to host a meet and greet—they just sound like regular campaign behavior. But add in cigar man and the whole package makes Evans looks like a creepy villain.

Archer concedes that there is no proof to tie cigar man to the Evans campaign, and says he and Greig may have "overshot the runway" on the alleged stalker bit. But, he says, the point of their statements wasn't to accuse Evans of specific wrongdoing, just to highlight the unsavory side of politics and show why good people don't want to get involved in such a nasty business.

Fair enough, but doesn't linking Evans, without any proof, to some cigar-smoking weirdo walking around Georgetown contribute to that nastiness?

Photo via Fiona2012.org

  • NE John

    We need term limits now. Additionally, Jack Evans is an fuking asshole.

  • nlupike

    hmm...doesn't your article on running for politics with a new born contribute to the nastiness? Yes it does. News today is not news. It is only crap that people write up for us to read. If you really cared about this race, you should have offered up a Q/A session with them...

  • Skipper

    So who will Charlie, Lissa & Dilbert get to run against Jack now?

  • RealDC


    Evans is a sleazebag though. He needs to be investigated by the Feds.

  • Drez

    I have trouble believing Evans would extend so much effort and/or be so clumsy about it. Evans is simply too savvy for that, and Greig was never much of a threat.
    This sort of stuff reminds me of Gray's insinuations and aspersions that Fenty people tried to break into his house and crashed his phone bank.

  • DCCommish

    Ok I need to start with the rules of politics---
    1. Be beyond reproach.
    2. Represent your constituents
    3. Be fair and equitable
    4. Be on the right side of every issue no matter how unpopular
    5. The re-election campaign start the day after the election
    6. When you have an opponent you get all the dirt you need on them, just in case you need it.

    Fiona Grieg is totally out of line. She’s lucky someone wasn’t looking in her trash! Does she live in Never Never Land? I think Tinkerbelle has a lot to teach her. In this, the society we live in, when you enter into public life all bets are off and anything is fair game including her marriage-divorce timing issue (whatever that was, I have no idea but it’s in play as it goes to character) all public records, etc. “..this intimidation campaign just isn’t right. We need to change the nature of the local DC politics” Fiona let me give you a little advice, it’s not just local!
    As to your statement, “Perhaps I was naïve, but I didn’t expect to face an intimidation campaign by a 20-year-incumbent and his supporters”; I believe naïve was too kind of a word to use, let me share a few that come closer to the truth…stupid, moron, unbaked, wet behind the ears, callow, ignorant, the list could go on, but let me quote Jack's recent response to Rob Halliagan's charges, "fucking idiot!" Allow me to further comment on the phone calls. It’s sound like bull again! You get a harassing phone call; then get the phone records of that and see who was really amking those statements and if they are actually on the payroll of a campaign. Proof darling, facts and truth…not conjecture that gets you some creditability.
    As for your unfair lobs about the Evans campaign, I think you owe it to apologize for your baseless comments. Further advice to you is stay out of politics; you are not ready for any of it if this is your statement! I suggest you spend your time in some non-profit where “warm and fuzzy” is the norm, or maybe Disney has a job in Never Never Land for you!

  • TheHermanCain

    Ken Archer is no Mark Block.

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  • Professor

    Another Greater Greater Washington candidate bites the dust. Methinks they are falling like flies. Baw Haw. Sister girl wasn't qualified for the gig, unfortunately. Maybe a couple of years when she gets a little bit more hardened DC govt experience. Hey, politics is a blood sport. It's not for the week of heart.

  • Professor

    I meant to say, "weak" of heart. But what a week it is turning out to be.



  • Ben

    "As for the other stuff that Greig alleges—which is essentially that the Evans campaign hired an investigator, pulled court and campaign records related to her, and got mad at one of her supporters for wanting to host a meet and greet—they just sound like regular campaign behavior."

    Sadly, this is correct. So much for campaigning on issues. We get precisely the government we deserve.

  • livening

    I'm no Evans fan, but Greig either sounds totally paranoid or amateurish or naive. Maybe all. evans needs some good competition.

  • Really?

    @ NE John...I don't always agree with you, but on this one you are right

    Drez said “I have trouble believing Evans would extend so much effort and/or be so clumsy about it. Evans is simply too savvy for that, and Greig was never much of a threat.”


    1.Evan’s got eat and them triplets ain’t cheap, especially with that private school tuition, so like most current and former single parents (in my Denzel training day voice) “you did what you have to do”.

    2.Who said it was Evans? He has too many groupie developers that don’t want their good thang messed up. So Evans might not have “per se” dispatched his minions, but I’m sure he didn’t tell them to stop either.

    3.In politics the rule is to stop out any possible opponent whether the threat is real or not. What you don’t want is for the “never much threat” to gain any traction. Politics plain and simple!

  • Blevins

    @Professor: "Sister girl wasn't qualified for the gig, unfortunately".

    Really? Take a gander at her background, and that at those of the nincompoops on the Council. Who is unqualified?

    With regard to the weak (not week) of heart comment, you may have a point.

  • Professor

    @Blevins, having an ivy league degree does not make you qualified for some of the jobs on the Council. She spent a short time working for DMPED on the BankOnDC project, which mind you, is from a national project, Bank On San Francisco. So, it's not really original. She did a good job but it's not hers. Where's her original deeds? Has she worked with the kids in public schools like a school volunteer? Was she a civic association president or member? Attended ANC meetings? Did she talk up at council hearings on issues she was passionate about? What is she passionate about?

    I'll tell you what this is, and let me school you. David Alpert and his group at GGW have been picking these "progressive" candidates, trying to re-create the structure of the council. He thinks he's coalition building the council, a body that's been around probably longer than he's been born. He's been eyeing weak members--Ward 7, Ward 8, Ward 2, Ward 5, Ward 4. For all these wards, there are some younger progressive-type people he has identified as competition. Please. You're picking wet-behind-the-ears greenbacks who are outcampaigned, outclassed, outranked, outgunned and just plain out. Being young is not the only qualification you need for some of these jobs; neither is having a fancy degree. I have many fancy degrees and you don't see me running. You need sense--intelligence and some street sense for crying out loud. I agree we need some new blood in some of the ward and at-large races but having GGW subtlely or more obviously try to run muckrack over the city is just plain wrong and dumb.

  • NE John

    Whether or not she is better qualified for the position than Evans or someone else does not excuse the behavior detailed above. Mr. Evans is clearly an asshole, and we should rise above the cynicism and be better people, better citizens. This is truly disgusting and I will not accept it as "normal" behavior. Fuck him.

    Thank you

    Native and Resident for 55 years

  • Martin

    I think she thought the combination of Harvard and Mckinsey & Co on the resume would be enough to propel her to victory. When she realized that wasn't the case, that getting elected would take actual work and practical knowledge, she dropped out.

  • Drez

    If you say so. I think it's at least as likely that she started calling those names on her fundraiser list and they were like "uh, yeah, lemme get back to you on that."
    Seriously. Running against Jack from Georgetown?!?! Ha!

  • DC Voter

    What is creepy is Greater Greater Washington getting behind this person to unseat Evans. They already have Saint Tommy "Tune" Wells on the City Council pushing their elitist agenda. One fool is enough. Evans may need to go, but lets elect an adult to replace him.

  • Anonymous

    Nice knowing you Fiona! Alpert - you have failed again and burned many bridges along the way! can't wait to see all the bike lanes removed from Ward 2 next year. punk!

  • Truth hurts

    Fiona, based on her public whining and know nothing campaign launch, was wise to quit early.

  • leeshato

    Maybe we do need term limits. The whole affair sounds creepy.If this is true and not made up we need to term limit the council just like we did mayors office

  • NE John

    As well as term limits, no spawn of a councilmember, mayor, or even Wilson Building janitor shall ever set foot into official public office.

  • Really?

    @Drez said "If you say so. I think it's at least as likely that she started calling those names on her fundraiser list and they were like "uh, yeah, lemme get back to you on that."
    rez said"

    Man...aint much we agree on, but I was LMAO with that comeback

    Look homegirl wasn't ready to be at the grown folks table.

    I'm pretty sure Jacky-poo was dancin aroung in his whitey tightys fist pumpin and singing "bump bump bump and another bits the dust"

  • Ward 2 since birth

    I would have voted for her, even if she had no money, no campaign, nothing at all but another name on the ballot, so I could vote for anyone but Jack.

  • Anonymous1984

    "Look homegirl wasn't ready to be at the grown folks table."

    LOLOL... none of those smart growth, yalie, harvard yard types want to get blood on their organic vegan dinners from a few rounds of fisticuffs with a bully like Evans.