Loose Lips

Gray Expected To Tap Norton Aide for Deputy Position

Anyone remember Andi Pringle? Tapped by Mayor Vince Gray to help turn around his communications team, she lasted all of ten days as deputy chief of staff after bring tripped up for voting in a District election while living in Maryland.

Pringle's position has been open since early September. Now comes word from multiple Wilson Building sources that the mayor has settled on replacement for Pringle. Drumroll please: It's Sheila Bunn, the current chief of staff to Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton. (At least, if LL's sources are correct.)

Bunn, whose online resume shows that she attended Benjamin Banneker High School and American University, did not return calls seeking comment or confirmation.

No word yet on when the official announcement is coming. It's probably a safe bet that the Gray administration is giving new meaning to the word "thorough" while vetting Bunn's background, as the mayor can ill-afford another embarrassing episode related to his hiring abilities.

  • TheHermanCain

    I learned the hard way, tapping women is not part of the hiring process.

  • Brahmin

    The freakin!!! smartest hire ever!!!!

    She is talented, judicious, plugged in at the national and local level. She has amazing political good sense and can read the legislative tea leaves.

    A lot of people who did not want to work for Gray will be very happy with this and trust that the administration can move in a good direction. I don't know what took him this long.

  • Southeast Ken

    Why would this woman leave loud mouth Eleanor Holmes-Norton's office to come work for Vince Gray? I would think being a Chief of Staff for a Congresswoman or Delegate would be more prestigeous.

  • sinclair skinner

    she too good for the job. i hope she ways her options. those gray folks will throw her to the wolves.

  • sinclair skinner

    she's too good for the job i hope she weighs her options. those gray folks will throw her to the wolvers

  • EnoughAlready

    Bunn is leaving her prestigious job on the Hill because Eleanor is crazy. If she were any good at her job she would be picked up by another Congressional office in a heartbeat. Eleanor's office is mismanaged and dysfunctional. Bunn will fit right in with the "One City" crew. For those of you that had high hopes, you should know better. Manage your expectations and you will never be disappointed.

  • EnoughBitternessAlready

    She would have been picked up by another Congressional office? She should leave her own Member to work on behalf of the some other District she has never lived in and has no vested interest in? That makes sense? Eleanor's office may not be flawless but you wont find too many political or PRIVATE firms that run a tighter ship. Check your facts against other Members before you make personal comments that make you look bitter.



  • EnoughAlready

    @EBA You must be high. You obviously have never worked on the Hill or have any personal experience with Eleanor's office. It's not bitterness I speak, it's truth. Get your head out of your ass. The District deserves better.

  • EnoughBitternessAlready

    @EA- You obviously have your head stuck up your ass since you missed that "crazy" Eleanor is Ranked the 16th most powerful Member of Congress with NO VOTE! I know Eleanor, have read her book and can't wait for the movie. Check her history of fighting for everybody's rights including her enemies (the KKK) and then come back with your pitiful undernourished judgement. Thank goodness for crazy because mundane sanity creates bitter, self righteous doers of no good for anyone but their own ego. The District has THE BEST in Eleanor! The District has THE BEST with Sheila Bunn! Hater. LOL!!!

  • Brahmin

    There more than 500 members on the hill and you are an authority?

    Let me guess, you had one internship year ago.

    The hill is like a river it is never the seem place.. What is taboo four years ago is fine now and vice versa. And people don't really go from being one person's chief of staff to another member's cheif of staff without a break in between, unless a member retired.

  • DBrighthaupt

    One quality of hers that can't be disputed is loyalty and tact. I wish Ms. Sheila much success simply for the good of The City.