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Marion Barry’s Opponents Fighting Each Other, Not Him


The Ward 8 council race has its official first dust-up, and it doesn't even include Councilmember Marion Barry.

Jacque Patterson, former head of the Ward 8 Democrats and almost at-large council candidate, tells LL he's going to make a run at Barry's seat: "I've got my wife's approval, I'm gonna run."

An official kickoff is scheduled for later this month. Patterson says he informed Barry, who is expected to seek re-election, of his plans last week. Patterson stressed that he doesn't plan on attacking the Grand Poobah of District politics in any way shape or form.

"You don't run against Barry," says Patterson. "You speak to what is really hurting and happening in the ward."

But that doesn't mean Patterson himself won't be on the receiving end of some political fisticuffs. ANC Commissioner Darrell Gaston, who is also seeking to dethrone Barry, has scheduled a news conference tomorrow where he says he will present evidence that Patterson is a no good signature forger.

A few months ago Patterson sought Gaston's support for a new charter school, D.C. Scholars, in Ward 8. Gaston says that when that support wasn't forthcoming, Patterson forged Gaston's signature on a letter in support of the school's application.

Patterson cops to signing Gaston's name, but says it was at Gaston's request. Patterson says he called Gaston on the day the letter was due, and "he said, 'just go ahead and sign it.' So I signed it, my mistake."

Gaston retorts:  "Never, never, never one thousand percent, did I give him permission to forge my signature ... that's just the weakest excuse."

Gaston says he filed a police report on the forged matter. Patterson says he met with an MPD officer who told him that nothing was going to come of the whole mess.

But that's not all. Patterson alleges that Team Gaston tried to scare him out of the race with an email last month threatening to expose the forged-signature brouhaha. "Run if you Dare!" the email says. "Trust me, is this worth it to your family, your children, to disgrace them for committing a crime. Is it worth going to jail over. in case you play dumb, i have called an hand writer expert. ... We can make this go away."

Gaston says he's never heard of the email and says he's going public with the forged signature because Patterson is a board member of the DC Housing Finance Agency and ought to know better. Gaston says the fact that Patterson is running for council has nothing to do with tomorrow's presser.

"He's a non-relevant factor," says Gaston.

Phew boy. Not that Barry probably needs to worry about his re-election chances, but he probably doesn't mind seeing his challengers beat up on each other.

The letter with Gaston/Patterson's signature is below. And here's the email that was sent to Patterson:


Running for Ward 8 City Council is a big step, today we found out that you may be considering a run for city council. Run if you Dare! Remember when you forge Darrell Gaston signature for DC Scholars, running will have me expose the truth. Ppl in Ward 8 dont like you nor do they trust you. They know you are sneaky and not trustworthy. I may not like Darrell but the next CM needs to be ethically correct, and you are not ethically correct.

If case you dont remember, we will FIOA Darrell Gaston cell phone records to show that you owed up to forging the signature and telling him he should not sue DC Scholars but rather be mad and sue you. Trust me, is this worth it to your family, your children, to disgrace them for committing a crime. Is it worth going to jail over. in case you play dumb, i have called an hand writer expert.

As a resdient of Oxon Creek Townhomes you did nothing when you were anc, you got greed from the the arc town construction.

Do you want your co workers, your friends, your supporters know that you forge ppl signatures. Really! We can make this go away.

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  • Skipper


  • Jacque4DC

    Ward 8 faces a plethora of obstacles that stymies its forward progression. For those who think this is merely some bickering of some wanna-be public servants and make disparaging comments here, I would ask that you dig a little deeper. The circumstances that Ward 8 residents face each day are real and shouldn't be minimized because Mr. Gaston wants to act outlandish. I have worked in Ward 8 for nearly 20 years, volunteering hundreds of hours to boards and commission to improve the quality of life of the Ward where I reside. This election year, we need a councilmember who will actively serve the residents and not him/herself. And as a candidate in Ward 8, you may have to go through some foolishness as you strive to bring the issues to the forefront, but I for one believe Ward 8 residents are worth it and deserve better representation.

    Jacque D. Patteson, Sr.

  • http://DefGlam.com VonniMediaMogul

    Did I mention Gaston hung up on me multiple times over this? I am just a humble blogger caught in the middle here. smh

  • Southeast Ken

    Once Marion Barry is dead and bury, whom will the white media discuss 24/7? In my opinion, the white media enjoys discussing Marion Barry and his past. Once the Angel of Death comes for the man, the white media will be mindless.

  • Southeast Ken

    Correction: buried

  • StrangeFruit

    Attention, Attention Bravo, we got a winner here for your next reality show featuring the "Real Dummies of DC"!

    This is too hilarious to make up!

  • Conservemoral

    WARD 8 is always late and has no date except tuff fate by the innate inmate.

  • Honest Abe

    I have and always will like the Mayor for life, but I do feel that it is time for a change in representation on the Ward 8 Council seat. I hope whoever emerges as the winner do not forget the principles of what made Marion Barry a great man in the first place; not forgetting the poor and senior citizens. Speaking on behalf of those who often don't feel like they have a voice. Mr Patterson, I hope you read this and listen wholeheartedly to the citizens of Ward 8. If you're elected, I hope you do not become a Adrian Fenty type of representative. Good Luck!

  • Yep

    Lol ward 8...

  • Basketball Wives DC

    Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! You all sound like the girls from Basketball Wives. You are a non factor.

  • Truth hurts

    Only ward 8 residents who actually vote will determine who speaks for them in DC.

  • NE John

    I hear Barry is cloning himself in the form of his criminal son, Chris Barry, and will install Chris after only two years after being reelected. I hope this actually happens because Ward 8 would become the most politically dysfunctional area in the United States of America. We are making history here folks!

  • NE John

    Not that Ward 5 doesn't get an honorable mention in the criminally insane politico contest, thanks to Harry Thomas Jr.

  • Honest Abe

    NE John

    I second that. Harry Thomas Jr. has embarrassed us big time. Hopefully we can sign a recall soon!

  • Conservemoral

    Suspend voting in WARDS 5 & 8 for 10 years to allow time for 'proper' gentrification of whites and educated Black elites. The poor can keep moving to Pee Gee County where the apartment owners need to fill empty and ghetto units.
    Thank you Marion Barry for what you did 3o years ago and cannot think of anything you did 'for me lately' in the humble words of Janet Jackson. ** Do not hire Dr. Conrad Murray.

  • Tom

    Ward 8 is so screwed. I know other Wards have problems (especially my home Ward, 5). But it truly looks as if Wrd 8 has zero leadership and vision. Its sad but I think a truly dynamic leader could turn things around in Ward 8, but if this is the future...then they have real problems.

  • Frustrated

    What's even more discouraging is that if we don't do something this time around in Ward 7, we will have the same problem in our ward. A complete mess that will continue for years and years. This BS in Ward 7&8 must end with the next election! If not, we can give it up.

    That's the problem in the first place. What Barry and Alexander are doing is very smart. They know that anyone with an ounce of intelligence will not vote for them, so they do everything they can to keep the wards filled with the ignorant, subsidized, low income, illiterate section 8 flunkies they can. They clearly DON'T want the ward to improve because they know they'll be out on their butts.

  • Ward 8 Resident

    Question of the Day? Is it right to forge a signature, admit to it, and still think its ok?

  • http://DefGlam.com VonniMediaMogul

    That last comment was clearly Darrell.

  • SEis4ME

    @Tom, Ward 8 is screwed by what or whom? I'm a resident and I don't share that opinion at all.

    Both Gatson and Patterson, while well intentioned, certainly won't win the Ward 8 seat. At least not in this current cycle..and likely not the next.

    @Frustrated, so a politician "actively" recruits ignorant, subsidized, low income, illiterate section 8 flunkies so that they can win an election? How exactly do the pull that one off. Do they contact the agency responsible for issuing vouchers and give some sort of mandate?

    You sound ridamndiculous. Even more ridiculous is your characterization of low-income people. That same descriptor can be used for those in middle/upper income classes who continue to vote for people not in their best interest

  • DC Voter

    I wonder what Ward 8 resident Phil Pannell has to say about the candidates running in Ward 8. If he chooses to talk, it will make the contest interesting.

  • Ward 8 Resident

    Ah good dose of gentrification will be the perfect panacea for Ward 8! Let's sing together....one, two, three, four Ward 8 will gentrificate!!!!! Yay!!!!

  • Ward 8 Resident

    I also think there should be term limits from the Executive Level on down to the Legislative Level of DC Government. With all the corruption that goes on in DC Government it's really sad. We need term limits at all levels of DC Government so that we can avoid having "career politician" who are so self serving and only want to draw a paycheck.

  • Frustrated

    @SEis4ME. Say what you want. The ignorant masses are responsible for allowing these idiots in office. The so called middle class who votes for people in their own interest, (which is what one is supposed to do) generally see their neighborhood improve once someone of a similar mentality is in office. The low income, subsidized, section 8 etc. are just fine keeping the neighborhood in dire straights because they know their behavior, such a a rack of kids, dirty yards, litter and foul language won't be tolerated if enough people who work and have an interest in their neighborhood move in. But you keep on pushing for them. Good luck seeing any improvement with them around.

    Have a nice day.

  • SEis4ME

    @Frustrated, clearly you are frustrated to the point where you can't find a point of contention and stick with it.

    Your recent post had absolutely, positively NOTHING to do with your initial tomfooleywang casting Alexander and Barry as people who actively recruit Sec. 8/low income residents to their Wards. You made that the issue and quite frankly, there aren't many places left for low-income residents to go in DC. But based on your tflywang, you would much prefer to live in a city of your like-minded class earners which is pretty much a fools errand if I've ever seen one.

    Attaching "foul language" as an indication of "class" is as silly as it reads.

    BTW, how's that bridge to shangri-la you're building, you know, the one where no low-income people (like the single, working mother of one who's also a part-time student) are allowed or even wanted.


  • Frustrated

    It's working great. Look around.

  • tony

    Patterson would be a terrible representative for Ward 8. He has absolutely no chance of winning. This is a man who could not get enough signatures to get on the ballot in the last special election, yet he boast about his vast community connections and achievements. Patterson, Fenty,and Kevin B. are all of the same political genre---puppets of big business. Each of these men supported Michelle Rhee. Each of these men supports bike lanes and streetcars. Each of these men support terminating social programs while protecting government handouts for big business. And, they all are friends. In fact, Fenty's former aide Lamont Harrell is now Kevin B.'s top paid political operative. It's the same ole game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cliff

    Integreity is not part of Patterson's vocabulary. All he does is talk but dig deeper here is a man with secrets. It's just a matter of time. The walls have started crumbling.

  • http://DefGlam.com VonniMediaMogul

    You want secrets? I have a phone full of them. So Gaston come on...

  • Don’t be fooled

    Poor grammar, and syntax errors, screams that Darrell is responsible for that email. Man get it together. Darrell, if you give permission for your name to be signed so be it.

    Jacque always sign your name, "for" the person. It's just as legally binding, especially with permission.

    Gaston should be worrying about other things, right about now. As well as when this article was published.

    Gaston is always threatening to sue somebody, stay clear of him.

    A hand writing expert??? Laughable. What ever became of that? Nothing, all lies, just like the lie that he works for DC Dept of Youth or whatever more like he looks forward to UI services.


    How about "we will FIOA Darrell Gaston"('s) campaign records...sounds like a plan to me.

    At least Patterson is gainfully employed. And doesn't have to lie about it.

    "He's a non-relevant factor," says Gaston.

    Really???? I think Darrell has been watching too much Basketball wives, where Evelyn refers to people as non-em-ffin factors...Because in the real world.....irrelevant is a word non-relevant is not. Unrelevant is also a world, and still non-relevant is not.... DG all day...NICE..