Loose Lips

Tony and John

Tony Williams and John Boehner

Tony, Tony, Tony. Why does LL keep hearing whispers of a political comeback for former Mayor Anthony Williams? Is it a case of overblown nostalgia inspired by Mayor Vince Gray’s crummy first year? Or could the bowtied one really be entertaining notions of returning to District politics?

Williams ain’t sayin’ (or at least, he didn’t respond to a query from LL in time for deadline). But if he were to return, he’s got at least one friend in very high places.

A secret source tells LL that Williams and some friends were recently enjoying cigars on a patio at Morton’s Steakhouse downtown when Speaker of the House John Boehner stepped outside to have a cigarette.

The two pols paths have apparently crossed paths before, and they greeted each other warmly, the source says. Then Boehner declared: “This is the best mayor the city’s ever had.”

Had, or will have again?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Drez

    Ouch What's with the Boehner endorsement? Couldn't get Hitler's ghost on the phone?

  • John

    Not reality, Tony tried to stay out of DC as much as possible. Did the job for 2 years and then gave up and coasted to the end.

  • InItToWinIt

    If he were to decide to run. The moment he announced it, I'd go buy a new pair of gym shoes and sign up for his door to door campaign. I'd even help design an app for that. Boehner, on this, has it right. He IS the best Mayor this city has even had. He actually WON a write-in campaign.

  • FortTottenC

    Boehner and Williams know each other well. They are co-hosts of the Boehner-Lieberman-Williams fundraiser for the Catholic Academies.

  • http://mumfordjennifer@yahoo.com Jennifer

    One could only hope and pray that Tony Williams returns as Mayor. Please pass the recall forms to me for signature- Vince's approval rating is lower than Sharon Pratt Kelly!!

  • Tformation

    I would LOVE it if Tony Williams concidered a return!

  • Uptown for Life

    I would go to Walter Washington as our BEST mayor followed by Williams, or Barry Pre Crack days after his shooting downtown and summer youth program days, but thats my humble opinion!

  • Laughing

    No, Tony, No! We need to break the chain, people!

    I don't think anyone realizes the reality of DC politics, which is one BIG happy family comprised of temporary embroiling, a typical occurrence in families but then they make up. Each one is endorsed by the other. The only reason Adrian didn’t succeed to a second term is because he disrespected the elders! But they love him nonetheless, believe me. Adrian and Vincent are buddies, tight, okay! I know! Their spat was a front since not enough dough was being kicked Vincent’s way. Anytime you have Carlos Gray calling up Ron Moten you gotta know that the quarreling is for the media set alone. Now why would he be calling up his dad’s enemies during the time of war. No real enemies, just temporary bickering like all families do. Ron Moten and Yvette Alexander have partied together and probably still do, and the connections go on and on. Consider this: Vincent Gray had supporters and I mean out in your face supporters who helped Vincent Orange to creep up and grab that at-large seat, but this was done on a clandestine level of course. Even though these people supported Gray, they didn’t support his pick in Sekou Biddle so these very folk enabled an overwhelming win for Orange.

    Here is another snapshot of the bickering DC political brood: Barry had to let go as mayor because of his personal indiscretions that countered his typical lax running of the city, so Sharon ran on her “clean house” theme and she really cleaned house too by mismanaging barrels of dough, then naturally because of this Barry’s long-time supporters at all corners of the city (this was when blacks were living in all corners of the city) re-endorsed him because this city loves to pity those who overcome a drug problem (weird right?) and they thought that he would come back better than ever but instead he just came back as a sick old man (much like in his counsel role now…you must read “The Rake” story on him…hilarious), then Barry handed the reins to good old Tony boy, so Tony boy set the blueprint of gentrification and handing over government property and land to developers…Tony boy effected this well, then Tony boy handed the reins to AF who vowed to continue to carry out the whitening in the most chocolate areas of the city. But see, while Linda Cropp thought Tony boy endorsed her, she was dead wrong as Tony boy was backing Adrian the entire time. Adrian was the new look of Mayor for DC as the old heads discussed. However, AF disrespected the old heads so Vince, who helped to phuck up Kelly’s second set, came forth and said, I’m the one to upset Fenty primarily because Vince garnered a false trust with the public as council chair. Nonetheless, they are one BIG happy family with schisms here and there but they all party together. Don’t believe for one second that these ladies and gents are enemies.