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Loose Lips Daily: Sweet Vindication Edition

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Good morning sweet readers! Lesson learned: putting a bowl of unattended candy on the front porch is good way to wind up without any leftover candy. News time:

Sweet Vindication: Yes, it's November and we're still talking about Sulaimon Brown. Fox5 nabbed Mayor Vince Gray at a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday to ask him about the House Oversight Committee's report that essentially cleared him of any wrongdoing save for overseeing an administration that put Brown in a $110,000-a-year auditing job. "It makes us feel vindicated. It has been a long ordeal and we've been pretty consistent in what we have said all along the way,” said Gray, who apparently won't be sending Brown a Christmas card this year. “There is just no credibility to this man. He said a lot of things, alleged a lot of things, and there has just been nothing to corroborate it." Well, except those text messages and money orders. The Post notes that Gray's vindication came just a few hours before Rep. Darrell Issa introduced a bill that would make it federal law that D.C. government political appointees undergo a criminal background check prior to being hired, a provision D.C.'s local pols have already thought of.

AFTER THE JUMP: Audit Thyself; Catania Big Foot; Crime News...

Audit Thyself: D.C. Watch's Dorothy Brizill notes that Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown's pick to be the D.C. Auditor doesn't meet the qualifications of his selection committee. . Those qualifications "call for someone who is a CIA (certified internal auditor) or a CGAP (certified government auditing professional) and who has “a minimum of five years of experience in governmental accounting and/or auditing.” However, [Yolanda] Branche has worked for only three years at the DC Auditor’s office as a senior analyst, not as an accountant or auditor, and she is neither CIA nor CGAP certified.

Catania Bigfoots On Jobs: Councilmember David Catania is trying to muscle in on what should be Gray's territory by proposing two jobs-related bills. "The proposals, which come as attempts by Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) to combat unemployment have been slow to take hold, are designed to entice local employers to quickly hire more District residents," reports the Post.

Crime News: T'was a violent Halloween night, with six shootings around town, including one in Georgetown (gasp!). Speaking of crime, the Post appears to have only interviewed four residents about their thoughts about All Hands on Deck. Some like it, some don't. The end.

In Other News:

  • District seizes home of the guy at the top of their delinquent taxpayer list.
  • Wilson High too crowded, says Jaffe.
  • Let's reform contracting, says the Post.

Gray sked: 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.: Saint Elizabeths Redevelopment Initiative Advisory Board Meeting; 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.: Latino Leaders Luncheon Series Honoring Julie Stav

Council sked: Legislative meeting at 10 a.m.

  • Blevins

    Just a thought, but maybe Kwame should hire a CPA to do a budget for himself prior to trying to hire an auditor for DC...and find one with some quals while he's at it.

    Of course, qualifications don't seem to be a priority for this council (or administration).


  • DT

    I think now is the time for all those who gave any credibility to a wako like Suilamon Brown over Mayor Gray to apologize. Mayor Gray is a man of integrity who won with a 55% landslide.

    It is a travesty that so many people believe(d) S. Brown, essentially a crazy person, and many in the media gave him credibility (mainly because of bias, the author of this articule exemptemted, he probably did it for sensationalism) and mainly focused on him rather than the progress the Mayor has made in his calm, collective and responsive to the community manner.

    Where is the apology? No one has the guts to stand up and admit they were wrong. Specially not the Post editorial board.

  • DT

    I hope they run even a small percent of stories on clearing the Mayor's name as they have tainting it.

  • Typical DC BS

    @DT: you're joking, right? Didn't Sillymon get a job IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ELECTION? And, what were his qualifications for that job (which paid six figures, by the way), other than as a payoff by the Gray administration.

    Just because the "investigation" by fellow idiots "cleared" him doesn't mean that Gray isn't just another political hack in the fine tradition of Marion Barry.


  • Truth Hurts

    Sweet vindication? Read the report, Mr. Mayor. Nobody vindicated you of anything, although the committee did note that you declined to be "interviewed"?

    Smooth move, though, getting the committee to report your various "denials" of wrongdoing. The committee staffers would have been more accurate had they written "while the mayor declined to speak with us, his lawyers deny he did anything wrong".

    You're still hiding behind your lawyers, and many of us see your shadow.

  • John

    This report and Cheh's report did not do a complete investigation. Those who chose, like the Mayor, not to be interviewed were given a pass. All the facts did not come out but the superficial facts look bad for the Mayor. Let us see what the atty. general, who has done a complete investigation, has to say.

  • DT

    Wow, I cant wait for the US attorney to finish his imvestigation and clear the Mayor's. Doesnt the US House and Council (2/3s of the investigaors) count for anything? Once the last investigator clears the Mayor will u have the abilty to apologize?

    U do not know the Mayor, and barely try understand his unifying vision. have some freaking RESPECT for the leader of the District.

    Seriouly u all, take off the freaking blinders for one second and this idea that he Mayor is just like Barry. this shit borders in racism.