Loose Lips

Gray, Evans, Graham Forced to Testify

A judge has ordered Mayor Vince Gray and Councilmembers Jack Evans and Jim Graham to sit for a deposition related to the messy way the council awarded the city's lucrative lottery contract.

Former CFO contracting officer Eric Payne is suing the city, saying he was wrongfully fired after raising questions about political interference in the lotto process. According to Payne, a judge just ruled this afternoon that Gray, Graham and Evans will have to testify about what went down with the lottery contract.

Payne, you'll recall, secretly taped a conversation with a superior who said that Graham was on a "personal vendetta" and the awarding of the lotto contract for Graham and Gray was "all personal."

  • Truth hurts

    Anyone interested in starting a pool on how many " I can't recall" answers the three of them will give during depositions? I'm betting the total will exceed 100.

  • Isn’t It Obvious

    @ Truth Hurts, I want the over/under on that bet. I'm thinking it will exceed 100 as well, but don't think it will hit 175. What do you think?

  • Truth hurts

    That's a tough one. Depends on how long the depos go. If they average more than 3 hours each, I'd go for the over.

  • Isn’t It Obvious

    @ Truth Hurts, I think you are correct! Isn't it a shame that we can predict, even before the depos, how these morons are going to answer. Same stuff, different day - with these clowns.

  • Just Curious

    The bigger question is how many lies will Mr, Payne catch them in? Surely Mr. Payne has additional corroborating information (audio tapes? Documents? Etc.) that Gandhi, Gray, Graham and Evans can't afford to run afoul of. Will these collective abusers of the public trust finally tell the truth? Just Curious...

  • Truth hurts

    Mayor "character integrity leadership", aka ' transparent Vinny', wasted no time deliberating on this one. Already said he's gonna appeal. He really doesn't wanna testify about how he steered the lotto contract to one city cronies. Too bad the judge who'll rule on the appeal came up through the public integrity section in the dept of justice.

  • OllieSeymore

    All three of them will be liar liar pants on fire!

    Mr. Payne is telling the truth and he paid the price for
    not lying.

    Mr. Payne....the truth will prevail no matter what comes or goes! Thanks for being a real man! Keep hope alive!

  • Blevins


    Character. Integrity. Leaderhship.


    Legal Fees.Fifth Amendment.Cronyism.

    Gotta love One-Term Vince. Moving the city backwards, one day at a time. Graham should already be locked up.