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Waiting For Sekou

A few weeks ago LL got an email from former Councilmember Sekou Biddle saying he was quitting his job at an education non-profit to "pursue new challenges." LL called Biddle, who likely holds the title as the District's shortest serving councilmember, to see if that meant he was going to take another shot at the crown. Biddle didn't say anything either way, but LL came away with the distinct impression that Biddle wasn't interested in running again.

Wrong! Biddle has been chatting with supporters and other political types in the last few weeks trying to decide whether to try again. Biddle says those chats have been "encouraging," and says he'll be making his decision public very soon (like in the next week, soon). One person Biddle's met with, former competitor Bryan Weaver, says he thinks Biddle's likely to run.

Biddle narrowly defeated Vincent Orange to win the D.C. Democratic State Committee's appointment to the council at the beginning of this year. Orange then came back to beat Biddle four months later during a special election, in which Biddle came in third. It's probably a fair argument to make that Biddle got a raw deal in that race, because the endorsements of Mayor Vince Gray and Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown rapidly went from being beneficial to being huge burdens because of Sulaimon and Navigators. But Biddle also ran a pretty lousy campaign, and will have to step up his game in a big way if he wants to have a chance against what is likely to be a well-financed Orange campaign.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Joseph Martin

    It will be nice if the City Paper treats this forward-thinking leader fairly if he does run again. The City Paper's past coverage of Sekou was shallow, cynical and lazy. The CP did a disservice to the voters. Sekou Biddle is a very decent, very bright and capable man with much to offer.

  • SkinsFan83

    Sekou is weak and he proved that riding on the coat tails of Brown and Gray. He might as well run for Ward 4 council member, he will not win At-Large

  • NE John

    Most importantly, who is he trying to displace! I want blood. Seriously, I want to spill blood. No, wait, make that figuratively.

    Is Michael Brown up for kicking out on his naked ugly ass? Than Biddle will be our man! Let us know

  • NE John

    I don't like my neighbor Orange either, by the way

  • Ward 4

    Without the endorsement of Sulaimon Brown...Mr. Biddle won't stand a chance. Orange got his endorsement and won.I think Brown was sending a message to Gray and his group..don't screw Brown because Brown will screw you.Lol

  • Drez

    Mr Martin is right.
    Progressives- and good government folks- should give Sekou serious consideration.
    DC has and can do much worse.

  • Isn’t It Obvious

    I say get rid of all of the DC politicians with colors for last names: Brown, Orange, Gray. Then go from there to the others that need to be fired: Alexander, Barry, Wells, Evans, Graham, etc.

  • DC 4

    Really? Please run in ward 4, we need a choice. Bowser is a gas bag than does nothing. She is always working on a bill, and ward 4 looks like crap. But she got 10 ethics bills cooking, wtf, really? How about the ward?

    Remember us? "Downtown" Bowser has got go!

    Can the CP run a poll on Ward 4 and see where people are on Bowser, I will bet you her approval is below 40%, probably closer to 30%.

  • DC 4

    On second thought, while Bowser is terrible, Biddle would not be any better.

    Ward 4 is desparate for leadership, please , we need a real candidate.... come on ward 4 !

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  • Really?

    I'm not an VO fan but hell no to Benedict Biddle!

  • SkinsFan83

    Orange is the reason there will be a hearing about Term Limits and councilmembers being full time employees.

    Say what you want but Biddle has a better chance of dressing up as Gadaffi for Halloween and getting into the White House than getting the majority of votes in 5,7, and 8. With that being said he will never win against Orange.

  • Southeast Ken

    What the hell is progressive? Is this a code term for another liberal that will support any and everything? We need some moderate and conservative Democrats on the DC council. At present, this city is govern by liberals that support illegal immigration, gay marriage, dogs marrying cats, etc.

    I will not vote for this guy. According to my relatives in Ward 4, Biddle is married to a white woman and during his former campaign, he shut blacks out and surrounded himself by whites to attract the white vote.

  • Southeast Ken

    Blacks worst enemies are white liberals. White liberals think they know what's best for blacks. The Democratic Party have pimped black voters for over 40 years. Now they don't give a shit about blacks. They focus is on Hispanics, legal and illegal. The Republican Party is no better, but at least I know where they are coming from. Both the Democratic and Republican parties aren't worth shit.

  • Southeast Ken

    Correction: Their (Democrats) focus is on Hispanics, legal and illegal. Wake up black people and smell the coffee. You aren't the number one minority in the U.S. Hispanics are now the number one minority and the chosen people. White gay males think they too are a minority, but they aren't a minority because white gay males belong to the 220 million white population in the United States.

  • Skipper

    It's entertaining to watch some of the folks who supported Weaver's idiotic run for at-large Council (thereby splitting enough votes to ensure Vinny Orange's win) now supporting Biddle. That, plus his past endorsements from Mr One City, Fifth Amendment and Kwame Bankrupt Brown, pretty much says it all.



  • SkinsFan83

    Biddle told Yvette Alexander that he did not need the black vote to win the At-Large race. He then said he doesnt care of Wards 7 supports him or not because they dont make a difference. Boy was he wrong!!

    He had flyers in wards 1,2,3,4,6 with his wife and kids on it but, did not have them on the flyers in 7 & 8.

    Proves to you who he really cares about

  • http://www.amamimus.com/solutions.html AMamiMus

    I hope the elitist slant that some of you all are portraying isn't true. If it is, I think seeing Vincent Orange warming his former seat on the DC Council will widen Sekou's embrace of DC.

    He probably needs to do what I did for awhile...make a circuit of as many ANC meetings (Wards 1-8) as he can, while Vincent Orange plays at being a lawmaker. His real occupation is politician.

  • SkinsFan83

    @AMamil its curtains for that guy. There is no way he will beat Orange. Biddle is not a valuable candidate in no way shape or form. He did not do a DAMN thing on the council while he was there. And his campaign was terrible. Those ANC meetings are a waste of time, those people have already made their minds up. Biddle will not raise nowhere near as much money as Orange.

    And Orange is not entrenched in scandals, so technically there is no reason for people not to vote for him.

    Sorry but Biddle is weak. No one on the council wants him and no one in the city wants him.

    He needs to stick to Ward 4, or the School Board.

  • Ward7Diva

    Not Biddle again! He needs to just chill out and keep
    his job in education. Biddle please do yourself and your
    family a favor.....DO NOT Run for office!

  • Ward 4 Voter

    Sekou Biddle would not win Ward 4. I saw him last week coming out his home on 13th Street, NW in Shepherd Park getting on his bike.

    Southeast Ken is right, Biddle was surrounding by whites in his previous campaign and he didn't have one black working in his campaign office. He distanced himself from black D.C. voters and made sure the white residents in upscale Ward 3 knew he was married to a white woman by showing her off during campaigning. I am sick of seeing black men as sellouts marrying white women. In their minds, they think being married to a white woman, they have arrived. I don't care for Muriel Bowser, but I would vote for her over Biddle.

  • Wayne

    Please Skinsfan83, he didn't tell Yvette anything of the sort. I'm not sure Yvette has the ability to recite anything unless it truly suits her, she's one of the many spineless councilmembers we have. And as far as not having his white wife on certain flyers, all I can say is what I've heard, that a senior black member of his advisory team, steeped in DC tradition, made asked him to do that after he initially did have her on the flyer. And after the racial politics VO (the consumate used car salesman, who flip flops more than Mitt Romney on steroids) played, I don't blame him.

  • Southeast Ken


  • SkinsFan83

    @Wayne flip flop? Fool that was Biddle's whole campaign was flip flops did you go to any of the debates? Check the footage and you will see what flip-flopping is.

    Sorry to break it to you, but the statements you make wont stop Orange from whooping Biddle's ass at the polls. Also Orange had a diverse group of people attend his events even during the Ward 7 & 8 debates.

    You can say what you want, but Biddle broke the law as well because you cannot be on the school board and run for an elected official position WHICH HE DID WHEN HE FIRST GOT IN OFFICE. Check the laws!

  • Southeast Ken

    Get him straight, SkinsFan83. LOL Wayne is probably Biddle himself. LOL

  • Southeast Ken

    I would vote for Herman Munster before voting for Sekou Biddle. However, they do look alike.

  • John Rambo

    No politician should go out of his way to kowtow to any demographic intolerant of interracial marriage.

  • SkinsFan83

    @Rambo thats why Ward 7 & 8 didnt go out of their way to help him win. Kudos to your logic dummy!

  • EveryOne Matters

    Southeast Ken It sounds like you've been drinking to many of those VO's again or is it to much that wicked KoolAid!

  • Southeast Ken

    @EveryOneMatters; I don't drink alcohol, smoke, or use drugs. How racist of you to think all blacks drink alcohol. I haven't drank Kool Aid since I was a kid many years ago. I am sick of black men sellout by marrying white woman, thinking they have arrived or they will be accepted by whites in America.

  • Truth Hurts

    Biddle has to overcome the presumption of unfitness for office he earned by cozying up to Gray, Brown, and Thomas before I'd even consider him as someone worth supporting.

  • Southeast Ken

    In my opinion, all 13 D.C. Councilmembers need to be replaced.

  • Foxy Lady

    sekou already made a deal with brian weaver and pat mara. they will support and endorse him. it is the smart thing to do. sekou also has spoken to dcgop bob kabel and paul craney. josh lopez also supporting. we hear lindenfeld is out of this one. good for sekou since last time he lost.

  • Noodlez


  • Willy Ce


  • seDCdude

    @ #11southeastKEN


    this 2 party system has the common man in a trick bag, especially black folk and middle class whites as well (they just can't see the forest thru the trees yet as it relates to white priviledge)

    Biddle is cut from the same tried ass UncleTom Coon cloth as Fenty....I wemt Deal with both these clowns, NEXT!

  • UGH

    Is Sekou a boxer? In any case, we don't need anymore Uncle Toms, Clarence Thomases, Bigger Thomases or the like. Sekou and his eugenics scheming azz.

    Sekou, judging by your aesthetic, go get in the ring with Pacquiao so he can knock the Tom out of you (hopefully).

  • shutup

    Let's be REAL.

    Anyone whom opposes Vincent Orange should go and actually look at the legislation that has been passed.

    I don't want to hear anything about how you feel about his personality. You don't elect people because of their personality. You elect people to get things done.

    Just because Biddle isn't savvy enough to engage in REAL politics and win REAL elections, don't mean that Vincent Orange is the worst public official in the world.

    The only councilmember to ever create his OWN summer youth employment program, when the city ran out of jobs for our youth.
    The only councilmember to ever create educational policies for our children that ensures that they can read, write, multiply and divide before exiting 8th grade.
    The only councilmember that brought the first economic development project to dc in 20 years.
    The only councilmember, whom so many say they dislike, but so many continue to elect.

    He has never been voted out of office, like Biddle.
    He has never tried, over zealously to attain the endorsement of anyone, but those he serves.

    Sometimes, some people should think before they write, speak and action.
    Know what you're talking about before you begin to talk.

    So many people do so much talking, luckily we live in America, where anyone can run for office if they so choose to change things they don't like.

    I dont think anyone on this page can raise as much money as i can, and, i am putting my support and resources behind Vincent Orange. Therefore, even if you wanted to run, even if Sekou Biddle, whom is a friend, runs again, they will not win.

  • Laughing

    Ok shutup who are you?

  • Laughing

    I like VO's political swagger too after all he represents me too in his at-large capacity.