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No Chance Moten: Dems to Blame For Everything

"Is it just conceivable that Washington is on the verge of becoming a two-party town?"

That question was the final line of a Washington Post editorial from July 28, 1989, a day after former police chief Maurice Turner changed party affiliation at a White House ceremony with then-President George H.W. Bush.

Turner, who served as top cop under former Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry, made a late-in-life conversion to the Republican Party in advance of his 1990 mayoral run.

"The man has been a lifelong Democrat, but he made a principled decision based on what he feels is the best answer to helping solve the problems of urban America," Bush said of Turner.

Turner said he "got tired of being taken for granted . . . . I think that blacks in this town need to become part of the mainstream Republican Party."

Turns out D.C. didn't take Turner's advice. He lost to his Democratic rival Sharon Pratt by 75 points and D.C. is just a Democratic town today as it was 20 years ago.

Now comes Ron Moten, one of D.C.'s most colorful political fixtures, who says he, too, is making a principled stand against the Democratic Party. Moten, a lifelong Democrat, recently party swapped to the Republican Party in advance of his Ward 7 council run.

Moten kicked off his campaign Saturday at Woodlawn Cemetery. (Why the scary digs? The cemetery is the final resting place of Sen. Blanche Bruce, a Republican from Mississippi who was the first elected black senator to serve a full term, as well as John Mercer Langston, the first dean of Howard University Law School, who was also elected as a Republican to the House of Representatives. Moten, who passed out posters and T-shirts that read "Civil Rights Republicans," pointed to Bruce and Langston as model black Republicans, albeit ones who have been dead for more than a century.)

Moten gave a long, disjointed, and at times very loud sermon/speech Saturday. The thesis: the Democratic Party's control of local politics over the last 40 years is responsible for pretty much every problem affecting black residents, from the dearth of successful locally owned black-owned businesses to the dysfunction in the school system.  "They ain't accountable to anyone," said Moten of local Dems.

Moten made similar points in his Sunday WaPo Op-ed: "The greed and corruption of legacy politics have become entrenched. We have allowed a privileged few to act as kingmakers, crowning as a result generations of lackluster politicians who seem not to have the District’s best interests at heart."

That may be, Ron, but good luck winning on that platform in this town, during a general election that coincides with President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. Also: LL doesn't seem to recall Moten complaining about "greed and corruption of legacy politics" when he was barnstorming the city last year trying to get an incumbent Democratic mayor elected...

  • SkinsFan83

    Ron Moten your a clown. No one is going to vote for you.

  • stinkinthinkin

    Ronnie Moten is a qualified underdog and hope he can be boss hog and shake up DC politics. Just to be less crooked than the current Council members would be an improvement and give Herman Cain and Ron Moten a chance or keep the hight unemployment,loss of black businesses,babies ot of delock ande drug dealing and welfare cheating.

  • SkinsFan83

    Cmon dude I know you dont believe the words your expressing right now. I applaud him for trying, but come on, nobody wants Moten to represent their ward. Let alone represent DC on a national scene.

  • ZOD, the almighty

    LOL, that cemetery picture is hilarious!

  • Blevins

    This gentleman has surely lost his mind. Best of luck, Ron. If nothing else, a Moten - Alexander race will provide entertainment as those two try and "out-stupid" each other.

  • NE John

    Ladies and Gents, I am dead serious, I mean I am drop dead serious, it's Halloween, and Republicans are coming, coming for your vote.

    Vote Moten, he'll fill the dead space like no one else

  • art17

    Alan, to compare supporting electing a mayor to a second term to supporting "legacy politics" demonstrates a basic misunderstanding of the phrase.

  • NE John

    Maybe he could win if he could get all those stiffs to vote for him.


    Laugh now, but there are more dead than alive people.

  • Wendy Washington

    Perfect setting to kick-off a campaign that is already dead in the water. Too bad, Moten is so intellectually challenged that he failed to realize -- all the publicity stunts in the world will not get him elected in this town.

  • Honest Abe

    What has Ron Moten accomplished in life? Other than Peacaholics, what other credentials does he possess that seem to make him think he is the man to represent the citizens of ward 7. I live in Ward 5, but if I lived in Ward 7, I would love to show up at one of those candidate forums and ask him the tough questions regarding the peacaholics spending and accounting practices. As you will know they did not keep proper accounting and our tax dollars were spent frivolously. If I were consulting him, I would tell him to partner up with a English teacher for interview and grammar training.

  • noodlez




  • AvaBlu

    If you listen to what his message is, that the city paper restated in this article, then you will find issues that can be debated and discussed. What is important is the issues that Ward 7 faces, and how we as a city can work together to address those issues.

    The real issue is Ward 7's high unemployment rate, and the way alot of black, small businesses can't get the support they need to survive the gentrification and urban renewal. The issue isn't Ron Moten. He is one of a few people who will speak loud enough, (as the city paper noted) about the pressing issues that continue to leave the African-American community left behind in the dust.

    It takes a fearless leader,who will speak up and represent for those who feel as though they have no voice, not only that how many people who are running for office, do you see go into all neighborhoods and really listen to what the people want. Mr. Moten has continued to provide a voice to the voiceless, in all wards throughout the city and surrounding areas. Never, ever, underestimate the grassroots organizers. That is how Barack came into office.

    I really appreciate how the city paper writer, educated people on who was buried in the cemetary. I also learned something new!

    Just allow the debates/community forums on the candidates speak towards the issues. Everything that is new or different isn't popular, and the masses do not jump on board initially.
    I say let the debates, comments, and questions begin, this is the only way we can all work together towards a legitimate, responsible, DC city council. I mean aren't we all working towards "one city"?

  • Pete The Lawyer

    what is this, a high school popularity contest?

  • Ward 7

    I'm interested...

  • InItToWinIt

    Chavous already has a jump on Yvette Alexander. I just believe she has been the most ineffecive Council representative. Ward 7 deserves a representative with a strong command of the English language instead of ebonics. That would be Yvette AND Moten. Gray has given Yvette the kiss of death endorsement. I'm looking forward to casting my vote for Chavous. Hoping for dear God that he doesn't turn out like Fenty.

  • Samantha

    This guy is a PSYCO! The Kabel-Craney Tea Party has their own UNCLE HERMAN and UNCLE CLARENCE all in one .This is the new " Rent A Tom , DC Style " ! As for Chavous , he is funded like his father by Dick Armey and AFP . The Koch Brothers own 2 window dressers in Ward 7 . Rick Perry and Rand Paul East of the River in 2012 .

  • SkinsFan83

    So Samantha are you saying your going to run for office?

  • candycane1

    Based on this picture, I guess talking to the dead knocks out all hecklers. Too funny!

  • EP Sato

    Doesn't it say something that the rest of the "Civil Rights Republicans" are all dead and in the grave...and have been there for more than a century?

    JC Watts claimed the GOP had legit credentials with the African American community during a segment with Chris Rock. Rock's response was pretty much the same thing I wrote. A connection to the community from 100 years ago makes the GOP as ready to focus on the needs of today's African American community as a Ford Model T is ready to focus on the needs of today's commuting family. Things have changed in 100 years!

    On the "civil rights GOPers", I wanted to also note that famous Black Republicans of the 1800s/early 20th century include guys like Frederick Douglas, George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington. Contrast that list with famous Black Republicans of the 20th and 21st centuries which includes such effective and well respected community activists like Don King, Charles Barkley, Alan Keyes and Ward Connerly.

  • Wilhelm Ogle

    As a DC Republican, I am ashamed that the party is so desperate to gain a seat on the City Council that it is willing to accept this pathetic excuse for a candidate as its standard bearer.

    Let us hope that this campaign dies a quick and quiet death.

  • Ward7Diva

    Ron Moten needs to get a life! Having a kick off at the cementery is ironic. He already decided his campaign fate.....dead as a doorknob!

  • More Bull

    Folks in 7 will not switch and vote Republican. Ron knows that, but it keeps him in the news. LL keeps talking about him every month, for what I am not sure. Do you owe him a favor? Talk about how the city is throwing the money away on medicaid non-oversight, Special Ed., or how jacked the mental health System of Care is joke.

  • Southeast Ken
  • Southeast Ken

    We are not one city! I wouldn't vote for Moten as dog catcher.

  • drpolisci

    Mr. Moten answered my question although I knew the answer the moment I read his editoral in the Washington Post. I immediately commented: He did not write this. Listening to this man speak you know he did not write it. I do agree the race will be interesting because of what may come out of his mouth. Oooh, I hope he does resort to calling CM Alexander what rhymes with witch like he did the woman in Ward 8. Smack right upside the head!

  • Lexus

    Ron Moten is intellectually incapable, politically naive and unsophisticated, educationally lacking, and cannot speak English worth a darn. Poor thing. He's trying, but he'll get no where. Take remedial reading and English Ron. Then 4 years from now, run.

  • Wendy Washington

    @InItToWinIt, your post #17 is on point. Ward 7 should take note that Kevin Chavous (the Sr.)was a staunch Fenty supporter and MENTOR. He also supported the MichelleRhee school of education Rheeform.

    So, all you Ward 7 residents who think Chavous would be an improvement over Alexander -- beware.

  • Southeast Ken

    Maybe Adrian Malik Fenty will vote for this guy?

  • http://none adam

    "they aint accountable to anyone?"
    ghetto niga

  • TypicalW7Ghetto

    We know Ron Moten is inept but Yvette Alexander is too with her non-speaking self mangling the English language. I heard her speaking the other day and she made more S/V errors than would be expected to hear in Barry Farms. Adding to this list is Kwame "Midget Raccoon" Brown. Kwame actally talks like that cartoon character who misplaces the "r" as in "I thought I saw Won Moten."

  • dc_voter

    I respect the fact that this candidate is vocal and campassionate enough to make an unpopular stand in order to shake up the minds and the groupthink that has caused DC govt to be filled with corruption and a lack of concernfor its citizens. Noone can really predict the outcome of this race this early. As African-Americans becomemore educated about political history, it will be interesting to see who remains connected to a party just bc everyone else is doing it.