Loose Lips

Sex in the Reeves Center (and in Car under Reeves Center)

D.C. Government Employees Had Sex in Reeves Center

Question No. 1: Where is the worst place to conduct an extramarital affair? Your office in the Reeves Center, or a city-owned car in the parking garage of the Reeves Center?

Answer: All of the above.

Question No. 2: What is the worst thing you can do after having an affair in both a Reeves Center office and the parking garage? Answer: Engage in dirty sex talk on your dc.gov email account.

A recent report by the Inspector General says two city officials misused city property by "engaging in sexual activity" in a Reeves Center office and a city-owned car in the building's parking garage. The employees, a female District Department of Transportation staffer and a male Office of Unified Communications worker, also used their government-issued email and smartphones to send "sexually explicit" messages to each other.

But that's not all. The husband of the DDOT worker, another city employee in a different agency, improperly accessed his wife's email account (wonder why) and made an "unauthorized entry" of her office where he removed items without her permission, the IG concludes. The IG report also says that the husband may have been "less than truthful" when talking to investigators (again, wonder why?).

The IG recommends that each of the employees' bosses address their subordinates' behavior with the "appropriate administrative action."

As it happens, way back in March, an anonymous source had sent LL a copy of these sexually explicit emails. So here they are. An unedited sampling:

From the UOC employee in October 2010: "Baby I wanna make love to u again doing it in ur office was crazy."

From the DDOT employee a few days later: "I would like to see you again, even if it were just at a quickie in my office."

From the DDOT employee a few days after that: "I would not have been able to make love with you in the bed my husband and I share, in my office, or in the work car, had I not been in love with you. ..."

From the UOC employee, ten minutes later: " ... can we enjoy the present, and think about the future later, and if u feel like that this is too much for you be honest and just walk away. Ur still married and I have other relationships...  I want to enjoy our time together, when I come to ur office I will pick u up and take u home, I won't try and get intimate in ur office anymore baby..."

Okay, that's enough of that. How about LL just lets you read the emails yourself!

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Photo by Lydia DePillis

  • Questions

    So just because youbscrew folks in your office, suck them in the garage, wear special easy access clothes to work, and put it all in emails, it doesn't really make you a slut. Does it ? Did you ever hit reply all by mistake? Do you validate parking before or after giving 'service with integrity'? Do you handle or provide valet service ?

  • Really?

    First can the fake really? use another name. Second AGAIN this crap happens all the time in the Federal govermenment and I don't see nay newstories about it nor press conferences. Folks are just moved to another division. Lastly, the same HR bullshit was happening under the last DDOT director. Lastly, lastly, the last DDOT had a large conflict of interest by owning not only a food truck, but an interest in Zip Cars which is now apart of DC Gov't fleet.

  • anthony carmen

    I must say DDOT and DCRA have bigger problems than sex. salaries for those close to the Directors and those close to him are bigger and bigger than anyone else in the departments. we have ranking file that have not gotten a raises in years but yet some people are getting promotions that exceed their capacity...sorry, sorry cases. why don't we worry about that instead of sex in cars and in office...freaks

  • elevatefait

    This so not cool anymore.


    Well, none of this mess surprises me, Mrs. DDOT and her husband may wanna go and get tested for HIV. Since she's so in love with a man that desire both sex. REAL TALK! He's actually one of the untouchables that was under the former Director Janice Quintana of the cities 911 Communications Center. There are a few left in OUC just like him, at the cities 911 call center 2720 MLK Ave. S.E. Mayor Gray need to rid the city of all of this mess. If the walls at the Office of Unified Communications could talk. Oh My! What would they say? It's not just the Reeves Center. OUC currently has two males managers, one female manager and an abundance of female employees that can't seem to keep there pants up. And most of them share just one male manager within the agency. (Guess woman love a man with a balled head.) The OUC is deffinately out of control as well. The daycare center that was never opened because of what ever reasons was used as a private hotel. Set up like home, laundry room,full kitchen, and a suite with private shower and access to OUC anytime. So they can get a quikie and shower and return to work as if nothing ever happened. Have the IG investigate that.(If the walls could talk at OUC.) Director Green will soon find out. What she's working with. Good luck taking on OUC.

  • http://washingtoncitypaper.com babynae

    Mr. Gray

    If you are reading this you really need to pay close attention to comments (37,64,86,87 and 92)these people represent you and they are your hires,you need to reevaluate and prosecute those involved with getting raises while the government is on a freeze under your leadership. Vincent i you through a mutual friend. I know will do a full thorough investigation starting at the Director's level on down remember you hired him. The city is counting on you so lead by example.

  • http://washingtoncitypaper.com.com babynae

    MR. GRAY

    I missed two major comments out in my last posting. which are comments(38,77)they high light your major staff by names. That is not a good look on your behalf your voter's is probably saying DDOT HEAD STAFF is setting you up and really making you look bad right now you don't need two scandal going on!!!!!! Vincent please take heed that your Director was originally from Fenty's administration.

  • tooshort

    well this is what we need to say they don't only need to look at upper management,They need to look at L.H.hired alot of TCO's and they are getting over paid to the ones that started the program from DPW> Now how does that look? Maybe if we was a close friend, or relative, and even a church member of First Baptist of Who.People would get hire pays to. Vincent Gray u need to do a very deep investigation. PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Enough!!!

    A clever person turns great problems into little ones and little ones into none at all.

  • Enoughallready

    Enough with the spill the beans B$%#sh&%, If any of you had the oportunity to be promoted for knowing someone(the hookup) you would have jumped at the chance , but you don't an I know why" you run your damn mouthes" white people have been doing this practice forever but as soon as a blk person get the straps an able to uplift her folks...problem...I thought this article was about sex in the reeves center not all this snitching bullshit....If the organization is so messy why don't you quit "TERRIBLE" with your hating ass...i must say you do your job well...Black people stop snitching and shut the FCUK UP.

  • Enough!!!

    Be not overcome by evil but repay evil with good.

  • Booshieone

    This is just a shame. Who ever this female worker is, she is absolutely stuuuuuupid, and I pray her husban divorces her trifiling tail. I can see from here that this guy is only looking for a good time, why can't she. Cheating on your husband while he is out of town. You might as well sleep with this man in your husbands bed and home, but I guess you are trying to keep yourself classy. Tooo late, cause dude is playing you, when he's not busy with his other "relationship(s) with an s at the end, meaning numerous. He basically treated you like a slut!

  • tiger

    i think they need 2 check dpw and ddot 2 c hoo had sex 2 get 2 the top and hoo is somebody friend or cuzo or sister or brother peaple like my self just got 2 work hard 2 get 2 the top sorry

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  • T

    "Wow! Wow and wow! First as other posters have pointed out this shit happens all the time in the Federal gov't"

    This should end with "and int he private sector"

    Were these people taking illegal time off from their jobs? If they weren't then I expect them to be reprimanded but not fired.

    How were these circulating? Did the husband print them out and pass them around? Do they regularly scan all government e-mails for words hinting at sex or any other personal topics? If not, how was this supposed to be caught by officials?

  • Who cares

    @T not sure what private sector you work in, but even Seinfeld knows that sex in the office is frowned upon. Poor George C was fired for doing it with the cleanng lady in his office. The news report on WJLA clearly stated that per their own thousand of emails, these events took place during work hours, in government offices, government vehicles, government parking garages, and on government time. I guess by your logic there should be no question and that they should be fired. The various news accounts clearly state that the fools are being reprimanded not for having sex or for being sleazy or scummy people but rather for their stupidity of when they had the sex, where they did the nasty and then going as far as documenting their sex-exploits on work email. Sadly if the lover-boy is to be believed, the sex wasn't even good since he said he couldn't remember having done it in her office, luckily the Inspector General had on hand their own emails to remind him. I bet he'll never forget it now. As the Robert Blake classic show intro goes, don't do the crime if you can't do the time. If they do this when they're suppose to be working, what more sleazy things do they when they off work hours? Players will be players, sluts will be sluts, and stupid will be stupid! Hopefully all involved learned their lessons. Now let's get back to real news.

  • Read-it

    I read the report and the bimbo admitted to everything, almost sounds like she was proud of her actions. Poor lover-boy tried to play the I don't remember card but too bad for him they left a paper trail. From all the posts seems like they weren't discreet about their hook-ups,and aren't the brightest of bulbs. May they reap what they sow. Is it too much to ask people to put their hormones in check when they should be working and use their other more important organ, the brain. Clearly these morons don't use theirs, haven't they ever heard of yahoo, hotmail or gmail. There free email services.

  • Jasper

    I just read this story and I'm surprised. I know both of these charaters (Tierney and Curtis). If you had met Tierney you would have never thought this was possible since she has a little one at home. Now Curtis is a different story. He does have a player side to him.

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  • SandrP

    just heard that C tried to get his job back and was laughed out apparently karaoke singing doesn't pay well and being able to screw in the office doesn't qualify you for jobs outside toe OUC

  • rosebud

    Heard that she now goes by her maiden name Tierney Stowe, guess she wants to hide her adventures from the public. Lover boy and lover girl were fired. Hope the fun was worth the rewards (loss of job and reputation) for the two fools.