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Kwame Brown Signals Income Tax Hike Fight Isn’t Over

Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown says that sometime in the near future some new ideas will be coming forward that will "hopefully take away" the income tax hike the council just passed—an indication that the seesaw struggled between Brown and the mayor over raising taxes isn't over.

Brown, who appeared on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt, reiterated his strong opposition to raising income taxes on residents making $350,000 or more a year, but offered few clues as to what these mysterious new ideas, which would presumably replace the revenues generated by the income tax hike, might be.

For his sake let's hope Brown's new ideas aren't as cute as his temporary plan to tax the interest earned on out-of-state municipal bonds, since that idea failed spectacularly.

  • Truth Hurts

    Here's a "new idea" that might help Kwame and crew in their quest to avoid tax hikes:

    Don't award contracts to objectively scored,and losing, "local" bidders that charge millions more than objectively scored winning bidders. Especially when the losing bidders and/or their lobbyists make financial contributions to the mayor and/or council members.

    Political favoritism re the grass cutting and lottery contracts alone cost the city an extra 10 to 15 million. And I'm quite sure there are a lot more wasteful contract awards out there.

  • DCCommish

    Here's an idea! Let's get rid of all the councilmebers who want to lower taxes on the rich! Give me a break they need to pay more! END OF STORY!

  • truth hurts

    I don't oppose raising taxes on people who make a over a million bucks per year. In fact, I support it on the federal level. But at the state/local level (DC in particular) elected officials need to clean up the wasteful political over spending or any additional revenue from tax increases will end up being steered to connected entities rather than benefitting taxpayers.

  • Southeast Ken

    Kwame Brown is an idiot.

  • SaimaBaig

    its a good post. want to as ken that why you said "kwame brown is an idiot." How you can say it?

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