Loose Lips

Jack Evans Raises Money, Hires Lindenfeld, Gets Smack Talked

Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans' latest financial disclosure report shows his re-election campaign pulling down $90,000 in the last two months, bringing his total haul so far to about $230,000. Some donor highlights: Caps/'Zards owner Ted Leonsis and family donated $1,000. Taxi magnate Jerry Schaeffer—the biggest proponent of a taxi medallion system—gave at least $1,000. And the recent fundraiser by former Mayor Adrian Fenty netted $20,000, DCist reports. (Fenty didn't write any checks himself, according to the financial report.)

The report also shows that Evans has hired political consultant Tom Lindenfeld to help guide the campaign. Lindenfeld says he'll be doing "strategic planning" for Evans. He adds that he worked for Evans' last re-election bid too, at the request of Fenty. (He also worked for both of Fenty's mayoral campaigns.)

Evans doesn't yet have any declared competition, but consultant Fiona Greig has given strong indications that she'll throw her hat in the ring. Greig says she's neither surprised nor concerned about Evans' big haul, and notes that it's "going to take more than money to win this race."

Greig and Evans recently had coffee together to talk public policy. Greig says she felt like Evans was trying to convince her not to run, but she came away undeterred.

"I came away feeling like he might be pretty nervous," she says.

Game on.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Southeast Ken

    Ward 2 D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans is a redneck. I wouldn't vote for this guy because he's no different than voting for the Grand Wizzard. Evans is an elitist bigot.

  • Southeast Ken

    Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans attempted to redistrict all the black areas out of Ward 2. He prefers Ward 2 to be all white and affluent. He should return back to his native Pa. with the rest of his redneck natives.

  • Downtowner

    Wow @ Southeast Ken, tell us how you really feel.

    I for one am glad that Evans reunited my neighborhood - I'm in Penn Quarter. The reality is Ward 2 and 7 had to change and Ward 6 was in between. Ward 2 needed to lose people and Shaw was the border.

    Added bonus was getting rid of the loons like Martin Moulton and Leroy Thorpe. Now there's a pair....

  • Southeast Ken

    Downtowner, so you agree with gerrymandering by Jack and his council colleagues? I guess you too want to see Ward 2 being an all white elitist Ward? For the record, Leroy Thorpe like Jack Evans. I think Jack Evans is a redneck racist from Pa. The same applies to Miss Catania. Catania is definitely a redneck Republican racist from Minnesota. I dislike both these racist DC councilmembers. However, I don't consider the other white DC councilmembers to be rednecks, but they have practice racism. Racism is embedded in this country and whites in America are from the same stock regardless of being gay, straight, Democrat, Independent, Republican, Jewish, conservative, or liberal.

  • Southeast Ken

    Yes, this is how I truly feel in my heart and I don't trust whites period.

  • Jes’ sayin’


    Thanks for sharing.

  • DC 4

    Evans is a crook. Look at every deal that he has had his hands on, it has turned out bad for the city. Baseball stadium, convention center, etc. He must go!

  • hah

    yeah right....this fiona chick talks a lot of smack but shes going to get smackedown by Evans! She's getting all of this free press because she is a white woman from Harvard, but how much money does she have? Why is she wasting her time? Evans is going to smack talk her on April 3rd, if she makes it that far.

  • Another political consultant

    I wouldn't say hiring Lindenfeld is a feather in his campaign. The last two campaigns Lindenfeld worked on (Fenty re-election and Sekou Biddle at-large) didn't exactly end in wins. But then again, Evans has a TON of money to spend so why not right?

  • DC Biz

    Jack is old; he needs to go. His old-fashioned politican has lead his council to be the most dysfunctional in modern history. No one gives a damn that he's been doing this for so long. He's inefficient and quite frankly, this town deserves better.

  • drez

    I wouldn't say hiring Lindenfeld is a feather in his campaign.
    I would. Lindenfeld's got a good record of delivering ward 2 votes. It's worth hiring him if only to keep any eventual opposition from doing so.





  • danmac

    @Ken it's many years ago that I read "An American Dilemma" by Gunnar Myrdhal One of the lines that stay in my mind is where he says that "racism is imbibed by whites with their mothers' milk".
    That said Evans is too much in bed with the developers and needs to be replaced not because of racism but failure as Chair of the Finance committee to provide oversight of Ghandi and OTR and his willingness to give tax breaks to businesses which don't need them at the expense of the general taxpayer.

  • NimbyQuimby

    @ danmac:

    You say that "Evans is too much in bed with the developers."

    To that, I say - thank the Lord! Someone on the Council has to make deals with developers. No deals = no developers = no $$$ for roads, schools, libraries, police. Pretty simply really!

    Perhaps you should look to the fine CMs of W7 and W8 to see how their Wards look. In other words, they don't know how to make deals and their Wards suffers as a result.

  • drez

    Jack has been good for ward 2- even for the Eastern portion, Shaw, which suffers from an historic and largely unreasonable victim complex.
    Note to Shaw: At least you didn't end up in Ward 5!

  • Really?

    @Drez...must be hot underneath that hood

    See kiddies its ok. It’s ooookkkk! It’s ooooooooook if you’re a crook who happens to represent the more affluent. You can play both sides and get PAID! Yes Sir…and you too can make sure you can pay your triplets school bill which is $90 per year. Don't hate the player hate the game.

    You know why kiddies? Why Really? Why?

    Because ya’ll haven’t gotten the lesson that there are rules for ya’ll and rules for us.

    See folks like Drezy-poo believe that providing million dollar subsidy’s (aka cooperate welfare) is ok for big ass companies, but not ya’ll sniveling folks of color who just want handouts.

    Then you have people like NimbyQuimby who would make you think you should “THANK THE LORD” YES Jesus! (two hands in the air) Cause Mr. Developer sir provided des here roads, and libraries (for our sniveling children of color) to reads and police mens too!

    PLEASE! Don’t forget people we all pay the same freakin tax rate if you make over $40K and last I check none of these subsidies have parleyed into the nipping into the unemployment rate nor hiring %51 percent of D.C. workers.


  • drez

    LOL @ Really
    That explains why Jack's numbers in Shaw are so bad. Oh, wait, they're not.
    Man, you don't even know what you don't know.

  • Jabbo

    "Added bonus was getting rid of the loons like Martin Moulton and Leroy Thorpe. Now there's a pair...."

    Right on!!! Martin Moulton has already began to kiss Tommy Wells a$$. He is one psychotic fellow.
    Leroy need love, he wants to in charge of something all the time. Jack Evans is a politician, never to be trusted.
    Really sad.

  • Really?

    Should be $90K per year

  • Jethro

    Jack is a great guy we all love him. he has done a fine job. South East Ken probably lives on the other side of the river. So who cares, what his opinion may be.

    Shaw would be better off without people like Martin Moulton and other cartoon personas.

  • http://letschange.org Respected Citizens

    Thia is an ugly ass KKK that is bi-sexual, who knew that Blacks in Shaw were not going to endorse him any more. Therefore, this jerk was excited to ensure that they were moved onto ward 6 for his candidacy.

    A caucian who valued all people, just to get in, and only cares for those that HAVE.

    His ass needs to go, and Jethro we all do not love him. When did your ass move into DC, Mr. or Ms New community person.

  • Ward 2 since birth

    I've wished Jack were At-Large instead of Ward 2. He does things that are good for the city, but he is unresponsive to most problems in Ward 2.

  • Ward 2 since birth

    Now I wish we had someone to run against him who A. would be good for the ward and B. could win.

  • mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Southeast Ken

    Not only did I support Jack Evans then I support him now. Jack has not only financilly aided low income and middle income African-American famlies in Ward 2 out of his own pocket - he has also hired African-Amereican's in high positions in his council office. The majority of African-American's in Ward 2 for years voted for Jack. You have a few ungrateful Black voters in Shaw that have bad mouthed jack because they could not bully him to support their issues which for the most part was not popular with the majority of Black ward 2 voters.

  • mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.


    You don't even know me - I never had a conversation with you, you have never dined at my home or me at yours. I do not care to dine with such an ignorant individual who lives a distance from me but judges me without facts and calls me names. It's people like you that makes Southeast Ken make statements that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Stop putting your feet in in mouth and have an intelligent dialogue.

  • mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.


    I am in charge of the Red Hats patrol I founded in 1988 which have changed the landscape of Shaw for all people to live and keep you and your friends safe at night while you are in bed a sleep. I am also in charge of the ECCA -East Central Civic Association and is loved by my wife and family - Who loves you and what are you in charge of besides gossiping?


    @Southeast Ken; I share your sentiments in regards to Ward 2 D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans. I watched some of the redistricting on Cable 13. Jack to appear to gerrymander his Ward by making it mostly white and wealthy.

    @Jethro, it's whites like you that have moved into my native D.C. and helped to divide this city by race and class. I am a native and I have never seen such racism or a racial divide in the District of Columbia. I live in North Portal Estates in upper Ward 4 in Rock Creek Park. Legislation introduced by Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans affects me and every resident living in the District of Columbia regardless of what Ward they live in.

    @mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.; Frat. maybe your having a personal relationship with Jack and getting to know him is different to other black D.C. residents perception of him. I bet surly At-Large D.C. Couniclmember David Catania will not disrespect you again. I saw the hearing live several years ago where you told David Catania off in a hearing. It's time for Jack Evans to go work at the Law firm full time and leave the Council of the District of Columbia. It was Jack Evans that introduced legislation several years ago to overturn term limits. Jack knew his time would be up on the D.C. council.